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5946521 tn?1377153547 When I went to UCLA last year I had insurance that covered the visit. Now I am on Kaiser, so any visit to UCLA is off insurance. My Kaiser docs have lost interest and have no further plans to assist me. I am thinking of going off insurance to get another MRI, wondering if there are possibly now MS lesions that did not show up last year. In either case, I have to carefully think about spending that kind of money.
Avatar m tn UCLA docs are typically top notch. Google "UCLA Physicians". Try the Pfleger Liver Institute, if that is close to you. You might want to seek a gastro with knowledge of Hep C, if there isn't a big choice in Hepatologists. Best to you!
Avatar f tn Insurance weirdly denied my request for a second opinion ns at UCLA but instead approved a ns at USC. Let's just say they are rivals. When I called because I thought it was requesting nl instead of ns they told me that the reason for the USC doctor was because no UCLA doctor would come to bakersfield. Yahoo I get to see my ns where I live. I'm guessing it happened because of the hospital is in Bakersfield that the insurance covers.
Avatar m tn If this is a potential genetic issue, then cardiac screening tests should be covered by your insurance. Your son would not be negatively impacted from an insurance perspective just by having cardiac testing; if all is normal, then he would not be penalized.
Avatar f tn I had a tumor that had a stroke and had instant pain and vision loss. I live in a state that does not have a great neurosurgeon/ hospital for this type of surgery. I looked up pituitary centers and a list of 5 of the top pituitary centers in the world popped up. I called them all. UCLA got me in immediately for a appointment and that day they operated on me because it was a medical emergency.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had decompression surgery at either UCLA or UCSF? I would love to hear about experiences. I'm trying to decide between the two. UCSF is much closer to me but I really liked my exsperience at UCLA.
1318483 tn?1318347182 We talked about UCLA. He said due to my insurance, he is pretty confident my referral will be denied. He has tried repeatedly to get patients in there and runs into brick walls every time. He agrees that it is time for me to get a complete work up again. He says we can do it, but wherever I end up going to they will want to do it themselves, too. So why go through it twice? He would like to wait and see if he can get referral through.
1719886 tn?1311614031 Hi binx, Currently I am going to the county hospital that is run by UCLA. Now UCLA and USC both have private hospitals and I don't know if in fact they accept Medi-Cal or not. They most likely do but my problem lies here... I make too much money! Even working part time I make too much money for no cost Medi-Cal. So I have a SOC (share of cost) that goes according to my income. My SOC is $847.00/month. That means that whatever medical bills I incur, I'm responsible for $847.00 of it.
Avatar m tn I recently (2 mos) underwent a vitrectomy and cataract removal in hopes of regaining some vision in my left eye that was lost during a retinal detachment caused by Coats disease (diagnosis at age 8, I'm 37/female now). Unfortunately, it looks like no vision will be returning (currently only have roughly 1/4 of LL peripheral). I had a scleral buckle procedure done when I was 17 which has is now surrounded by extensive scar tissue.
Avatar m tn I was on the the steroid for 2 weeks and one day I started to have hazy, blurry vision. I was told that I was a steroid responder and that I had an increase IOP. The doctor was able to stabilize my eye pressure in my eye with proper medication. The startbursts, glare, and halos persisted but my blurry vision improved. I have seen several doctors including a neuro-opthamologist and cornea specialist. All 5 doctors I seen say everything is normal and there is absolutely no damage in my eyes.
Avatar n tn His right arm is underdeveloped, fingers deformed, and he s missing chest muscle. He is now 3 years old, and we have completed 2 surgeries at UCLA, for his fingers. I m concerned about him adjusting and making friends, being in relationships, etc, and i want to find the best solution anywhere in the U.S. We have good insurance that covers his recontructive surgeries, and the money situation is not a problem. What do i do, how do i proceed to find the best?
1326991 tn?1274929397 After waking up to sudden blurred vision in my left eye I went to see my Ophthalmologist, who then referred me to a Specialist ......who THEN referred me to Anthony Arnold, Chief Neuro-Ophthalmology at Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA. He diagnosed me as having Optic Neuropathy, with risk factors of hyperlipidemia and prominent crowded optic disc appearance. He had me get an MRI and blood work done to rule out causes. All have come back "ok".
Avatar f tn t think anything of it so i went to bed the next morning my whole right-side was numb an i had double-vision so i went to the E.R. were i had an ct an MRI were it showed blood in-between skull an brain ,since they have told me the diagnose is stroke ishemic an i now have cavernus hermangioma .i have been in E.R. four times since that with chest pain ,back pain an my eyes feeling heavy an a cooling sensation through chest an head slight tinging in head,last e.R.
Avatar f tn 23 yr female. Problem started 3 yrs ago, vision getting blurry. Went to opthamalogist, recommended glasses with 1.25 strength. Didn't help, blurry vision continued, get bad headaches. Saw to another opthamalogist, same diagnosis - glasses should help. Went to PCP, and asked for MRI to rule out tumors,etc. MRI done and results were negative. I have to turn my head to side and move my head to help get things focused.
Avatar f tn You may only gain count fingers to 20/400 vision at best after all you have been through. Your retina and basically all the systems of the eye seem to have taken a hit from the severe problems you have been through. Please post again if you have more questions. Basically this rpe granularity issue is probable one of about 10 issues your eye has going on. Sorry for all your suffering.
Avatar m tn Get aspheric monofocal lenses and have them set for blended vision (distance vision in dominant eye, intermediate in non-dominant). If all goes as planned, you would only need glasses for prolonged reading or seeing small print.
Avatar f tn As far as I can tell he is the only doctor at UCSF who is qualified to do decompression surgeries but it seems he has little experience with them as chiari is not a specialty for him. I have done my own research and UCLA seems to be a good option for me as I have blue shield instance and the have a spine center there with several NS listed as being chiari specialists. Am I correct. Is UCLA a good place for me to go for a second opinion after UCSF?
Avatar n tn No there is so much regional differnces, country differences and several different forms of orbital decompression surgery. Talk with your surgeon's business office or your insurance company.
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise opinion here without being able to examine you & seeing your MRI reports, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. A classic brain tumor headache can be characterized by early morning pain, dull and aching, nausea, vomiting, and headache can wake you up in night.
1318483 tn?1318347182 He just told me I have Dry Eye and put me on Restasis and OTC drops. This is not helping. I have double vision, blurred vision, pain when moving eyeballs and pressure behind eyes. I also have a stabbing pain in my cheekbone area and had an instance of nystagmus. He gave me the referral. I got a referral for Speech Therapy last month and went for that already. She says the flap in my throat is weak, most likely to neuro problems. She gave me ways to help in choking on food and water.
1546631 tn?1321643204 -( His office is in the middle of UCLA hosp. I think, so I'm hoping he will be a good one. I'll let everyone know after the appt. So far I couldn't find any online reviews..
1318483 tn?1318347182 My hearing issue is the same as far at the plugged feeling. It once lasted for months straight. Now it comes and goes. My neuro referred me to an ENT which I canceled due to having like 7 appts and steroid treatment all in the same month. Plus my ear stopped bugging me completely for a week before so I just canceled. In hind sight, maybe they would have found SS back in Jan (if they say I have that too) had I kept the appt. My eyes sound just like yours.
1836987 tn?1319116216 UCLA is ranked 5th in the world thats exactly why I went to UCLA. My neurosurgeon performed over 4,000 of these procedures and everyone at UCLA knows who he is. I had so far a successful outcome. I'm on thyroid and steroid medication for precautionary reasons. I go back Tuesday to get updated on if I can come off the medicine are if I have to stay on the medicine for life. I tell you this because if your daughter has this go to the Best. Better outcome that way.
Avatar m tn I have Myopic degeneration for the last ten years and have been treated by three retina doctors I don't feel as though there giving me the best treatment available my current vision is only getting worse under there care,I am only 52 and need to work for a living.Please heilp me find the best retina specialist in southern califorina!
Avatar f tn I recently went on a limb and changed insurances to PPO and decided to do my own research and find a doctor that would consider orbital decompression surgery with coverage through my insurance. I found a doctor out of UCLA that was creditable and had extensive knowledge of the best avenues in performing the surgery. My first consult was in late May and here it is August and both eyes have been operated on.
Avatar n tn Finally, after 6 more months with that dr., I insisted on being referred to UCLA (I live in So Cal) for surgery to remove it regardless what that A-Hole (sorry) Dr had to say. I had another MRI done at UCLA and it was determined that the reason I was in so much pain was because my tumor (although small) was sitting against my nerves. My whole face and head hurt everyday. 2 weeks later I had it removed and have not felt one bit of pain since I woke from surgery.