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Avatar n tn s such a hassle here in tn to get the proper care you need whether it be insurance or food stamps. Etc. I feel you girl. But don't let then bully you. Put your foot down d make sure they stay on top of your case. I had to be ugly to them to get anything done.
359574 tn?1328360424 I took my MRA/MRI films to my annual appointment. She did another vision field test, which I passed with flying colors again, despite my little blind-ish spot. Absolutely nothing is changed from a year ago, except that my pain is worse. She gave me a little anatomy lesson sketch and explained why the suspected aneurysm on my internal carotid is unlikely to be the cause of my TN, as the 1st branch of the trigeminal nerve is pretty far away from that artery.
645800 tn?1466860955 Shortly after getting back from the store I got hit with some really bad virtigo, TN, and blurred vision. As suuch I'll have to postpone making the Chocolate Cheesecake Eclair for today. I guess that trip to the store wore me out a little too much. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow and will be able to try making them. I haven my pain meds, vertigo meds, and drops in the eyes and am now heading to bed.
429700 tn?1308007823 black dot in field of vision, loud ringing sound when moving my eyes, blurry vision when overheated, etc. Now I'm having trouble with the left eye, I think. Lately I've noticed some washing out of reds in the left eye. I notice this more when I'm in the sunlight. Maybe this is past damage????? Or maybe this is normal when in the sunlight to have a little bit of washing out of colors . . .
Avatar m tn i am from east tn.
Avatar n tn TN does not cause double vision. TN is a neuropathic pain caused by irritation of the Trigeminal nerve which is responsible for the sensation of the face, lips, gums and part of the tongue. The Trigeminal nerve is a Cranial Nerve (number 5) that comes off the brainstem. Double vision is caused by a lesion involving one of the three Cranial nerves that deal with eye motion (III, IV, or VI). I believe that at that time you should have seen an Ophthalmologist.
4929681 tn?1361162480 I see your in TN...if you don't have insurance you can possibly go to a free medical clinic and see a doctor. Here's a couple close to Lebanon: Hartsville Family Health Center - Hartsville Hartsville, TN - 37074 615-374-2107 Location: 15.63 miles from Lebanon Matthew Walker Comprhensive Health Center - Smyrna - Smyrna Smyrna, TN - 37167 615-984-4290 Location: 20.51 miles from Lebanon Smith County Health Department - Carthage Carthage, TN - 37030 615-735-0242 Location: 21.
279234 tn?1363105249 I called the insurance company to see if there was any way around it, so I could have a few extras in case of TN, and was told that I can get a refill when 75% of my RX has been used; I will always get a refill as early as possible and build up a few extras. My insurance will only cover 14 Ambien a month; how weird is that? I find that I can get by with 5 mg., so I do fine. I also get that filled early, so I can have an extra incase I need 10 mg. some night.
7459830 tn?1393896967 Call and ask. I got BcBs of Iowa even thou I live in TN. They told me to order from a medical supplier with a prescription and they'd cover a manual 100% and electric 80% it depends on ur plan. Brand didnt matter for me.
Avatar f tn I've had a huge worsening of the trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia (zaps and pain in the back of my head and scalp). At times it's just been a continuous series of zaps, they don't last too long, but there will be one after another for 10-15 minutes (or maybe it just seems that long). Then there's the pain in my teeth and jaw, behind my eye, and *ohhh* did I mention the back of my head??? Each "zap" feels like I fell and cracked my head on the cement!
Avatar f tn Simple things like brushing my teeth,smiling,sneezing,chewing and sometimes talking will trieger these shocks.I dont have health insurance at this time and dont know what to do this pains is getting worse!
2047903 tn?1330187549 That lasted around two days before the vision loss set in but I recovered fairly quickly (within a month or so) The vision in that eye isn't so bad but it fogs right over all the time and I can no longer distinguish colours; It's different for everybody but I think the pain usually disappears once the vision loss starts and I understand most people recover well. Hope this helps! Oh one other point is that eyeball pain can be a symptom of MS in itself, according to my neuro.
Avatar f tn I live in north Ga & the closest birthing center is a 2hour drive to Tn. Anyone ever do something similar? Which state should I apply for insurance?
Avatar f tn I do have occasional blurred vision, that seems to have nothing to do with my contacts. I find if I'm having eye problems (double vision, blurred vision) I have better luck with the glasses - I guess my eyes aren't having to work so hard.
Avatar f tn I live in TN and its $100 here
485259 tn?1519047026 t been there since the TN started, delayed appointments but now I must. Just a cleaning but still I am worried about it sending me into TN orbit and not being able to come back down for some time. And then, I am supposed to get my invisalign braces on that were made for me about a month before the TN started. I have delayed that too, but can't wait any longer or the molds won't fit. Any advice, what to do/not do for my visit today?
Avatar f tn The farm midwives are also in tn and rent their cabins by the week or month. I can't really advise you on your situation but your birth is something you'll remember your whole life.
Avatar m tn t work. My dentist sent me to a neurologist, who diagnosed me with TN. I had no insurance at the time, and only a year later was I able to get coverage. Thank goodness. I'm taking 800 mg of Tegretol a day, 1800 of Neurontin a day - and half the time I end up a mewling mess on my couch. I can handle it for a few days and then it just eats at my ability to take the pain, and eventually I crack.
359574 tn?1328360424 I am finishing my week of no medication for my TN after tapering off the Trileptal, and my neuro-opthalmalogist wants to start me on Lyrica. I am very concerned about gaining weight on it (if my insurance company even approves it.) I have been very carefully following WW and have lost 35 pounds since August. The Lyrica site says something like 10-16% of people do gain, so I wonder if board members have been experiencing this.
15442 tn?1316518389 It sounds more like Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) to me. I have both ON and TN. My ON starts with 2-3 days of "ice pick" stabbing pain behind the eye and then moves to loss of visual acuity and changes in color perception. Reds tend to become brown and the ability to detect changes in red color saturation is pretty non-existent. The vision changes tend to last from weeks to months. ON can be confirmed by MRI and VEP.
Avatar f tn I just moved back from TN to MI I'm living in Lincoln park MI I need to find a good doctor I ripped my ACL in hafe I've been on 60 generic opanas and 120-15mg oxycodone pills a month the 60-generic opanas I took 2 times a day and 4-oxycodone a day for break threw pain I've been on them for 7 years because I need major knew surgery which would put me down for 14 to 16 months would have to learn how to walk all over again and can't do that I would have my family homeless so if anyo
Avatar f tn Gamma Knife is not new to TN. I had 2 rounds of Gamma Knife and 2 rounds of MVD. I still have TN and now I have Phantom pain from all of the treatments. The docs are going to try to restore the nerve and start all over again. Gamma knife runs about 150K per round. Insurance companies are hesitate to approve its use for TN now, since it only helps one-half of the TN patients. It is the least invasive of all treatments, the best of all worlds, ONLY if it works.
4619045 tn?1361132610 I am so sorry you are dealing with TN and no insurance. That is doubly painful. I'm not sure where you found the information on this drug, but I am pretty sure if it was deadly for one in 6 people, it wouldn't still be on the market. has a pretty good listing of the side effects of this drug. Goodluck with the doctor this week- I hope it goes better and you get some help.
413836 tn?1206465112 Sounds like TN to me too. ON I dont know though. My ON was extremely painful then my vision went AFTER the pain was over 3 days later. MD told me ON doesnt come and go like that either. I do however get an aura before a migraine and during for a while that is exactly like looking up from under water. Perfect description. Migraines are related to nerves as well so???? But Trigeminal Neuralgia is what the rest sounds like it. Good luck!
Avatar n tn There have been studies about TN and Botox. But like a lot of studies regarding TN they are small groups of patients and no long term follow-up. Definitely check with your doctor and do research. As for doctors who perform Botox injections for TN, you may want to try the Facial Pain Association. You can call them and ask if they have any doctors on their list. Their website is: http://***-******* I have heard that Accupuncture can help. I've seen a viseo where Dr.