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Avatar f tn Go to your local department of human services.. They will help you figure it out and tell you what forms to fill out.. I'm fairly positive every state has some form of state funded health care, for instance I live in Oregon so we have the 'oregon health plan' being jobless and pregnant will most likely garuntee you'll be covered..
11294269 tn?1422402907 I agree with rambler. And totally understand not having insurance. I live in Oregon and since I'm pregnant I can get on the Oregon health plan but it is taking forever!!! I'm almost 10 wks and so far have not been able to get or schedule an ultrasound because its expensive and I need insurance first. If possible can u go to a free woman's health clinic? They either r free or income based....
Avatar f tn Hey are any of you on state health insurance? Do you know if they cover brest pumps?
Avatar f tn I am desperate to regain functional vision in my left eye and would be devastated if I lost anymore vision in my right eye. Please give me your opinion as to which surgery is more effective and please consider my request. Thanks again!!
Avatar f tn I live in Oregon and make more than that for a family of 3. I am on the Oregon health plan. I believe its mandatory since I'm pregnant. I thought there would b a prob too due to how much I make but it wasn't. It did take almost 2 months to get thru the system and actually covered tho. I hope u get some ins soon! I know how frustrating it can b. Good luck!
Avatar n tn If u can find a women's clinic in ur area that would b ideal. They will still take u but u will pay out of pocket. I also have no insurance and have my first apt next week at 8 wks along. I'm going to a free women's clinic.
1191960 tn?1280074080 I live in Oregon and have Providence health insurance. They pay 50% of everything except IVF. I also have Healthcomp-they dont cover infertility but they do cover ultrasounds and office visits. For sure shop around.
Avatar f tn Just get an Oregon ID. Oregon has better healthcare plans than Texas (Oregon was a smart state and expanded their Healthy Oregon medicaid plan). Call and talk to them about your options -ALL of the plans cover maternity - they have to by law. I had BCBS PPO from IL and live in CA, all my pregnancy stuff was covered. But my job ended, i worked with the CA insurance exchange and got new insurance no problem. Both Eugene and Portland have really fantastic hospitals.
Avatar n tn Can you get on the Oregon insurance plan? My heart goes out to you we just had to refinance our house and we have medical insurance because of all my medical from my cervical issues. I am in Oregon too. Makes phone calls right away there has to be some help for you.
Avatar f tn In Oregon doctors have no problem with lying to you and saying your insurance will not pay and so I won't give you a prescription. I often wonder why no one sues. If you have enough money to sue, then more than likely you have enough to have good insurance. It's the people on Medicaid who are lied to and they can't afford to sue.
315996 tn?1429054229 I live in Oregon and have cirrhosis and three separate doctors refused to write scripts for me by saying my insurance would not pay. A NP finally helped me and insurance did pay. I have Medicare with Oregon Health Plan as secondary. The Health Authority here does not want anyone on OHP/Medicaid to treat even if they do have cirrhosis. The mystery for me is why the doctors go along with it.
Avatar f tn I meant to add that Oregon has a program, the Oregon Health Plan, for the working poor who just cannot afford insurance but with the decline in the economy those who apply for it are put into a lottery. Twice a year some lucky people are chosen and get coverage. The others suffer on and hope their number comes up in the next lottery drawing. What a cruel joke!!
694916 tn?1227728483 Ok, I pretty much did a self diagnosis with Hep C by looking at my bloodwork 2 yrs. ago, so I was re tested and the asl? was normal but hep c was pos+. Was supposed to get a call from a "caseworker" that never happened. So I went again... NO Insurance, to a free clinic, basically they said dont drink and get tested again in a year? now i have what seems like symptons, 43yrs old, of course Im tired all the time isnt everyone that works an 8 hr. day...
Avatar f tn In Oregon if you work or go to school full time and are a breast milk only mom they will give you one, if your health insurance won't. If your health insurance will pay or you use formula half the time they won't.
Avatar n tn I think it is something to do with chiari malformation or a similar problem. Is there any place in Oregon he could get help? We have no insurance and limited resources.
Avatar n tn Hi -- 18 years ago had possible exposure to HIV thru unprotected sex. Been married & monogamous15 years -- husband recently tested negative for HIV thru life insurance policy testing, but I got 2 ambiguous results (was still granted huge life insurance policy). I have never felt any type of symptom except about 4 yeast infections a year. We have had five children together, the last in 2000, and somehow neither I nor my children were ever tested.
Avatar f tn The mayor of Portland Oregon wants city employees to be able to have a sex change and insurance cover it.
Avatar f tn You should be able to get insurance thru your state. In oregon its OHP and you shouldnt be able to claim his money because you are not married. You would file as a single parent. But correct insurance will not take domestic partners only married. And they will allow the baby because its his child. But I would look into a state program because the chances of them denying you are pretty slim. My husband made just a few dollars over the allowed limit and I was accepted but he was not.
Avatar f tn I live in Oregon and I have my work insurance and the states insurance which we call ohp whatever my primary doesn't pay for the secondary picks up everything turns out to be paid for 100%
Avatar f tn Since you have online access go to and type in Medicaid for Oregon.! That way you can get insurance! good luck.
165078 tn?1255606407 I have health insurance through my husband but our insurance tells you ahead of time if they will cover something. some times you can request a list of what they do and do not cover. but i live in oregon, so it could be really different. good luke to you.
Avatar f tn Depending on the state 20,000 and up.
1696793 tn?1306620198 I have state health care coverage in Portland, Oregon with only One Ortho Surgeon on the plan at OHSU. I have a bicep tear and a superspinatus retraction of 2 inches. My MRI also showed bone spurs on the underside of the clavical and they are bone on bone with my femur head. I am a bodybuilder wanting to do my first competition before I'm 50 (that's less than 2 years away). I am in good physical condition otherwise.
Avatar f tn I'm researching places in Oregon to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. They seem to be running around $25,000. But I found one that only costs $5,500. That would be great because my insurance doesn't cover this. I will pay out of pocket. Does anyone know if it's possible to have a 30 day treatment only cost $5,500? Will it be scary/ghetto? Can anyone tell me how much their rehab cost. And does anyone have suggestions for places in Oregon?
Avatar f tn I agree, contact your insurance provider and if it's covered it will be under your dme coverage (durable medical equipment). Plus under the new Obama care act by law your insurance is suppose to pay for a rental or supply you with a new pump. I reside in PA and have blue cross and my insurance covers me to have a medela or amenda pump. And I can use what they'll cover towards a better pump and only have to pay $ 98 for a pump that retails at $ 285.
Avatar m tn I had cataract surgery on one eye on March 4th. After two weeks, my vision is still 20/100 which is worse than before surgery. A little background. I was very Myopic (20/300). I wore hard contact lenses for 20+ years and then had LASIK surgery in 1998. For the last two years, my vision declined rapidly, requiring a new prescription every few months to compensate. I went to two opthamologists that agreed that the problem was worsening cataracts.