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Avatar n tn I also do not have insurance and was recently rejected by a major insurance provider because of my BMI. Thus I am in the process of trying to find the site I ordered it from the last time to get a refill.
352007 tn?1372857881 Prior MRI from XXXXX Imaging dated 06/04.2008 is now available for comparison. This study consists of sagittal, and axial FLAIR, axial and sagittal T1 weighted, axial T2 and diffusion weighted sequences. This study reflects scattered punctate foci of abnormal signal in the periventricular white matter bilaterally.
Avatar n tn I definitely plan to have an eye exam in a few months- but I'm curious- why do the reading glasses help me see up close if I don't actually need them at my age ? When I got the reading glasses 2 months ago I was only having trouble seeing close up- I didn't have any problem seeing at a distance until a week ago.
Avatar f tn I found a breast pump that is covered by my insurance. Now what? How do i get it? Do i contact my insurance? Its a medela shows i can get it at a variety of places one being Babies R Us. I guess im not sure how i order and pay for it. Do i pay for it and my insurance will reimburse me? I hope this makes sense! Just eant opinions before i call my insurance.. this way is easier!
Avatar m tn They ended up asking their in house radiologist to do an independent comparison (latest MRI was done at a different facilty). Good thing as they found a number of lesions on my old MRI that were never identified at the while there weren't as many changes as I thought on the latest MRI, there were many on the previous one. Not sure why the neuro himself didn't do the comparison himself. Frankly, a bit of a $hltshow, but at least it's finally sorted out.
Avatar n tn My biggest concern is lack of distance vision in comparison to my right eye which has the AcrySof (SA60AT) implanted. I am im my mid 30's and I have a active outdoor lifestyle so crisp distance vision is important. I can deal with the reading glasses.
Avatar n tn Objects appear smaller in comparison of left eye. Straight line appears little deformed. Vision of left eye is sharp but from right eye vision is little dim.
Avatar m tn Cataract surgery with an IOL with an Abbe number greater than that of the natural lens (47) can improve CA, so that our cataract patients could actually experience better vision quality than they did as young adults. " There are some IOLs that claim to have a larger depth of focus than other monofocal IOLs (i.e. providing better intermediate&near than a standard monofocal), but I haven't investigated the claims in depth since there unfortunately doesn't seem to be much data.
177275 tn?1511755244 Many jump at the chance to get insurance coverage to removed even a small cataract and go to a mono-vision or insert a multifocal IOL or accommodating IOL. Other patients have made peace with their glasses, may not put as much value on seeing perfectly and have not had their eyes operated on. Thus I think a serious problem with this and other studies looking at it is that the patient populations are very dissimilar. I double that LASIK and Surface PRK are very cataractogenic.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with myopic degeneration and receive the intraocular injection which is very effective. My insurance carrier will not cover the cost of the injection (medicine and surgery). If I had a diagnosis of macular degeneration it would be fully covered. I am looking for suggestions as to how to make my case with the insurance carrier that this is not a one time event but a chronic condition that if not treated would result in a loss of vision.
Avatar n tn Not too many people know about this but I have been using it for years and in comparison actually like it better than insurance. There are many different plans but you should go to a nationwide comparison site to find out what is best for you. The one I found with the best deals and options is Good luck!
233488 tn?1310693103 Lucentis, Avastin equivalent Second year results from the Comparison of AMD Treatments Trials (CATT) are consistent with first-year data. At two years, the head-to-head comparison of ranibizumab with bevacizumab shows visual acuity with monthly treatment was slightly better than with as-needed dosing, regardless of the drug. Monthly treatment resulted in a mean improvement of about half a line better than as-needed dosing.
Avatar f tn I'm 22. I have myopia and am -3.75 and -4.00. At a recent eye exam the optometrist explained I had a tigroid pattern on my eyes. This has never been mentioned to me especially since my last eye exam was only a month prior due to having vision problems. Is this something to worry about as I'm geniunely scared I'm losing my sight and I swear the pattern is new as I swear it's never looked like that before.
Avatar n tn My husband (40 y/o,healthy)and I (40 y/o, healthy) are looking to get our health insurance coverage from next present. Right now we are on cobra GHI( extension from my previous work place) but they are asking me to change to EMPIRE PPO or EPO since they will not have GHI. I did not have dental and vision coverage previously but even if I want it they are saying they cannot add it. They are also asking for a one year committment.
572651 tn?1530999357 I would like to go online to see if I can get apple to apple comparison. I'll wait until the websites are working better.. Until then, I can keep my plan and it much higher out of pocket cost. OUCH....
Avatar m tn IOL (like ReStor) and laser vision correction are generally not covered by insurance/Medicare, and they can be profitable for the surgeon. So if your cost is your primary concern, then get aspheric monofocal IOLs, which are fully covered by your Medicare. (Some people, including me, believe that they provide the best vision.
Avatar f tn Also, see if there is a birth center near you. I know our local BC has options for families with no insurance. The total out of pocket to deliver there and be seen throughout the pregnancy is about $4500 compared to 3x that amount about the hospital.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, I am a 52 yr old male from Europe(The Netherlands)and enjoy excellent Health-Care controlled by the Government and obligatory by law accesible for everybody without prior medical examination(and affordable insurance-rates).
233488 tn?1310693103 Source: Br J Ophthalmol | Posted 2 weeks ago Clinical evaluation of a multifocal aspheric diffractive intraocular lens; Schmickler S, Bautista C, Goes F, Shah S, Wolffsohn J; British Journal of Ophthalmology (BJO) 97 (12), 1560-4 (Dec 2013) Tags: Cataract AIM To evaluate the performance of an aspheric diffractive multifocal acrylic intraocular lens (IOL), ZMB00 1-Piece Tecnis. SETTING Five sites across Europe. METHODS Fifty-two patients with cataracts (average age 68.5±10.
Avatar n tn s father insurance he has really good insurance...
4097344 tn?1349754756 im in need of some help. i need health insurance but i just lost my job. now that i have palpitations im scared to drive or do anything. i went to the er and they did a ct scan with contrast and said they didnt find anything wrong. i just feel like crap. out of energy. all blood test came back good. i got a ct scan with contrast for my head last week but i havent heard back from them with the results so im guessing they didnt find anything.