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Avatar f tn Now I am scheduled for cataract surgery, and in the presurgical packet I received this weekend, there is an rx for Vigamox, even though I requested that a note about the Cipro/Vigamox problem be placed in my file. I know the fluoroquinolones are appealing to docs because they are so tremendously effective, but for people who cannot tolerate them, are there acceptable substitutes?
Avatar f tn Yarrow, I wanted you to know that I had cataract surgery on my left eye on Jan. 11. And I used the Vigamox drops pre and post-op as directed. Three days after surgery, I woke up with a problem with my left shoulder. I'm not sure it was tendinitis, and maybe it was a coincidence that I had it. But I can tell you that it took about a month for it to finally get better! I stopped the Vigamox drops around Jan. 26. Just posting this as an FYI.
Avatar f tn Why did my doctor prescribe Vigamox and Nevanac drops before my surgery? And is cataract surgery painful?
Avatar n tn i am going to have cataract surgery next week my doctor gave prescrystion for vigamox and prednisolone is there a substitute for them floyd
Avatar f tn I just had cataract surgery yesterday and am uaing one drop of Vigamox 6 times per day also using Madidex 5 minuets after the VIgamox.I used the Vigamox 4 times a day for 3 days prior to surgery. I know a small amount of the A/B can seep into the body, would this affect my ability to build up immunity to the flu. Would you recommrend I wait or is it okay to go ahead and get the shot.I am having the second eye done Nov.2 nd. so that means Vigamox again.
1932338 tn?1349223998 with inflammation so meanwhile doing my Cataract Surgeon homework. Now have 3+ Cataract in surgery eye with Right eye only Trace Cataract so will leave alone as long as possible. Right eye (good & dominant eye) a +1 diopter. Cataract Specialist #1: Recommends target Plano. Does NOT do intracameral antibiotic injection at end of Cataract Surgery because "No studies have proven it to be effective".
Avatar n tn There are many factors to consider such as your condition, your medical history, and indication for these medicines (cataract surgery). Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I had cataract removal surgery in my left eye yesterday. Today, the pupil is very unresponsive. It remains constricted even in low light. Is this a result of the medications I take - Vigamox, Nevanac and Pred Forte? If not, will it correct itself?
Avatar f tn On this post, keep in mind i just had vitrectomies in both eyes and prior to this cataract surgery, had zero floaters. In other words, i underwent numerous exams to rule out detachment or other issues. Prior to cataract surgery, I required around a -7 correction for both eyes. I stopped taking any aspirin or related drugs at least a month before cataract surgery. Also stopped FLOMAX as well. Also, my BP is great and general health is great.
1649137 tn?1301448224 I am shortly scheduled for surgery to remove a subcapsular posterior cataract in my right eye. The surgeon (who is highly respected) has prescribed 4 various ophthalmic solutions to prep the eye prior to the procedure, including Cyclogyl, Nevanac,Vigamox, and Phenylephrine Hcl, as well as Durazol postoperatively. I am extremely senstive to drugs of any kind - especially epinephrine - and generally avoid them. Are these all necessary for surgery?
Avatar f tn Since I was nearsighted and able to read without glasses with my right eye my doctor decided to put in a mono focal lense set for distance. Another reason for for the mono focal is they were only going to be doing cataract surgery on one eye as my left eye is fine and also multi focal iol tend not to do well with uveitis. I am currently on methotrexate 7.
Avatar n tn I waited almost four years for this surgery because I wanted to lose complete vision in the cataract eye before the surgery. All the doctors told me that I could wait until I was ready. I am a little high strung about these things because I read A LOT for a living. I was going to go to Jules Stein in LA but decided to stay here in Chicago. I was implanted with a diopter 16.0 D 13 mm 6mm Advanced Medical Optics Intraocular Lens. They did an immersion technique to measure the implant.
Avatar n tn I was operated on August 31st 2009 for cataract surgery in my right eye.I am still having blurried vision in that eye. Band aid contact lens was put on the third day post surgery but was removed next day due to acute pain in the eye.After couple days scratch reopened ,causing acute pain , redness & an sensation of foreign object inside the eye. Blurried vision continued. Band aid contact lens was put for another five days & removed . Three Opthamologists each M.
Avatar f tn I had cataracts before all this in both eyes and I knew I would likely need cataract surgery within a year. The cataracts progressed faster than I guessed. I had the cataract removed in the left eye on 5/22/2012 (3 days ago). Before cataract surgery, I had 0 floaters due to the vitrectomy, now I have what looks like very small black spots. One larger one has a transparent center. They move, but not like my previous floaters.
Avatar m tn So the medications provide added protection against the most common cause of blindness after cataract surgery (endophthalmitis) and the most common cause of slow recovery (cystoid macular edema). Physicians have also been successfully sued for not using these when they use generics. You can almost hear the trial lawyer, "Doctor you mean you could have prevented my client from going blind if you didn't use "cheap" eyedrops?
Avatar n tn hello there my mom had cataract surgery in both eyes about a half year ago. she is 60 years old. ever since the surgery, she has had numerous problems and i really would appreciate someone's help in figuring out a solution to the problem as she is suffering quite a bit on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn I had cataract surgery four days ago I have an astigmatism in the left eye. Before surgery I had cloudy vision with sensitivity to light.I had a toric IOL . The cloudiness is worse as is the sensitivity to light,I see ghost images.My far sight vision is not as good as the right eye with glasses My Doctor says my astigmatism is now .50 and before it was1.50. Do I need laser surgery?My surgeon says I might .
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, We had cataract surgery on 30-03-2010. And yesterday on detailed examination our doctor diagnosed Corneal Edema status post cataract surgery. The scan result of the operated eye are " Crnea showed stromal edema with DM folds and scleral wound.
Avatar n tn after cataract surgery with the RESTOR lens four days ago... and stigmatism remoal-I am using Nevanac, Vigamox and Durezol 4 times there anything else I can use to help this clear up-just started last night.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr.: I had surgery done on one eye for a cataract, and that worked out very well. However, two weeks later, the same surgeon did the other eye and there was severe pain immediately following the second surgery. This pain was not at all present with the first surgery. In the follow-up visit for the second surgery, the doctor told me that I had severe abrasions of the cornea, and that I had to have rubbed the eye over and over again for that to have happened.
Avatar m tn I had a cataract in one eye only but I chose to have cataract surgery in both my eyes. My post-surgery distance vision in the eye without the cataract is at least as good as my best-correct vision was before surgery. I've never had a problem with my IOLs.
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery on my left eye 4 days ago, using phacoemulsification and a toric IOL. I noticed today that my pupil is now off-center. If you use a compass diagram, the pupil sort of goes to the NNE area of the iris. I've also noticed that my vision actually seems a bit blurrier than it was 2 days ago. I am using Vigamox and Nevanac drops every 4 hours. Note that I had high myopia in that eye, with a diopter of -8.0.
Avatar n tn I had cataract surgery yesterday on my right eye. It was not an easy experience as I was nauseous/vomited post-op which continued into the next day. My eye patch was removed this morning. This evening I discovered that my vision in my right eye cloudy to the point that I cannot see in the dark. My color perception is MORE yellow/brown in my right eye as well, as compared to my left eye that has not been operated on, but does have a small cataract.
Avatar n tn My mother has to have cataract surgery and is unsure of whether to go with a monofocal or multifocal IOL. She doesn't care for the fact that with the monofocal she would still have to wear glasses for near vision but she's not totally comfortable going with the multifocal since they are fairly new and there is a greater chance of halos. After doing some research it seems most people are happy with the ReZoom multifocal and that the risk of halos is very small.
Avatar n tn I have had cataract surgery and IOL implant 1 day ago. Today I am experiencing very cloudy vision in the affected eye. My ophthalmologist says that I have corneal edema that should improve soon. The post-op examination was normal, and that I am to continue with Nevanac, Omnipred, and Vigamox drops 3 times daily.
Avatar n tn Last month, my left eye's cataract got worst and started affecting my vision, and visit a Eye MD I was suggested to undergo cataract surgery immediately. I was full of hope to either get a multi-focal or accommodating IOL. Alas, the Eye MD believed that just one eye is not suitable for such an implant, and the end result wouldn't be satisfactory, especially if I were to compare the vision quality between both eyes later on.
Avatar n tn This type of surgery often leaves the eye red and irritated for months and months. It's not "happy" surgery like cataract/IOL. You can get a second opinon from another eye MD cornea specialist. It sounds like your Eye MD has tried all the standard options. Most get much better over time and most all eyes are quiet 6-12 months post op.
Avatar f tn I am in the middle of having cataract surgery (one eye is done and the other will be done tomorrow). The doctor gave me small samples of Nevanac & Vigamox to use before and after the surgeries. He also gave me a prescription for both. In checking with my health insurance plan, I see that each prescription will cost me $75 to fill. I saw in a previous question that Tobramycin might be substituted for Vigamox (which is MUCH cheaper). Can you suggest a cheaper substitute for Nevanac?
Avatar f tn Also, the same for cataract surgery. Ocuflox or Ciprofloxin are both 3rd generation compared to Zymar or Vigamox which are 4th generation drugs. You should explain your situation to your doctor and see if you can get some sample or a prescription for a less expensive drug. Dr. O.