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Avatar f tn I came across pills that my friend says are vicodin, but the pill is yellow and says "Watson" on it. Is this vicodin???
Avatar m tn im confused mmm well i normally took the yellow vicodin they were small yellow ones they have the letter v on the pill but dont remmember a number on it. and the guy i got it from said those are 1000mg vic i took about 3 and a half of those everynight so im guessing about 3500 in total?
Avatar n tn I have been taking this crap for ten years . . .8 - 10 Norco a day for a year . . .VIcodin, about the same amount, for ten years. This is Day One of me deciding Not To Go Pick Up That Goddamned Prescription. The pharmacy opened at 9:30 . . it is now 10:12. God give me strength . . . My shoulder, on fire five minutes ago . . seems to be better . . it comes in waives and then the pain leaves again. What the hell??? Is the pain more psychological in nature now than real? What the ****?
Avatar m tn ive taken 3500 a day of tylenol for 2 years but only ones a day and the time of the day is at night allways
1503794 tn?1289543525 Hello & thank you in advance for any help you could offer. I am 37, f. I have had a yellow/white "pimple-like" lump on Right-eye skin/white of eye for about 1yr with irritation, pain, tenderness, dishcharge (a stringy substance, sometimes clear, white or yellow to greenish-both eyes), feeling of hair or foreign body in eyes, seeing lines like hairs w/nothing in them, dry eyes, excesive blinking. Told Dr. & she wasn't woried but I am.
Avatar f tn And here I am following my yellow brick road on the internet which leads me to this forum to speak to all of you Wizards to give me the answers. Follow the, Follow the, Follow the, Follow the, Follow the MedHelp.Org. And as a man, I cant click my New Balance Shoes and make this all go away. I quit a year and a half long addiction last November of 100 milligrams percocet CT. The last 5 months of that was at that amount. The previous time 40 to50 milligrams a day. The Drs.
Avatar m tn So i had been using vicodin of all different doses randomly for about 2 years. I know the max daily dose was 4,000mg of acetaminophen and i made sure i never went past that. However, i would take sometimes up to 2,500 mg at one time. I've read about liver damage due to acetaminophen and a lot of the symptoms like jaundice "yellowing of the eyes and skin" ive never had. I don't think i have any symptoms of liver damage when i look into it.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Vicodin for about one year and at first only when I needed it (I have chronic lower back pain and sciatica) but now I have to take it everyday. I am trying to switch jobs and know I have a drug test coming up and even though they are prescribed I don't want the company I am going to be working for to know I take them.
Avatar n tn Vicodin gave me energy. That's why I got addicted to it. I also have a gastro disease and it made the diarrhea stop. I didn't have to deal with that aspect any more. But it turned into full blown addiction for me and trust me, you do not want to go down this path. Don't let the vicodin lure you in like it did me with the energy. It made me feel like superwoman. I just needed more and more and I even tried getting it illegally.
Avatar f tn The yellow tint to your eyes could be from the vicodin abuse, and might not have anything to do with your liver. Of course, get it checked to be sure! When I stopped using Vic's (my habit was 40 to 60 Norco a DAY! My liver is probably damaged big time!) the first thing people told me was my eyes looked bright again. I had a fog in my eyes that I didn't even notice. Plus, from what I understand, the effects from drug use might not happen right away.
Avatar n tn I normally take the yellow 10mg norco, but recently got some white one that seems to have had zero affect at all. normally I can feel them withing 10-15min. I'm not sure if i can take 5 or 2.5 of methadone to atleast soothe the "withdrawl" affect and easy the pain until i get my normal yellows? I tried looking through several forums, but no definite answers. Thank you in advance for any help.
Avatar f tn I have been on 750 Vicodin for 16 years….low dosage for lower back and sciatica. I now take 500s - 1 tablet a day (1/2 am and 1/2 pm). I also have been on various anti depressants since I can't remember.
Avatar n tn Six days after taking my last Vicodin, my Psychiatrist administered an initial dose of two sub pills at 9:30am. I fell into an unsettling sleep until 7:00 that night, when I woke up with severe withdrawal symptoms. I was dripping sweat, vomiting, and felt only half-way conscious. I went to the E/R, where a physician all but said the words, "what was your doctor thinking?!
Avatar m tn About 7 months ago i was in a horrible accident. I got shot in the head while an attempt to car jack me. Anyway. The bullet went thru my left cheek & came out my neck. No surgery, no therapy. No nothin all muscle. But in the mist of all that i also picked up a THC habbit. I Take the yellow narcs but also get 30 oxys to get high. Im writing this & its the first time in a long time. That im sober. I don't wanna take mymeds im jus starring at in while i type on my tablet.
Avatar f tn So this is my story. I've been hooked on Norcos (the yellow ones) 10/325 for four years. Before that i was just taking normal vicidoin. Anyhow I've not gone longer than two weeks without these yellow devils. I went as far as to start on methadone. I actually walked into the clinic last week and had them draw blood. And then decided I could do this on my own. I don't want to be on methadone. It scares me how hard it seems to be for people to get off that.
229538 tn?1300377767 You can't live in fear.....what I had a procedure that required me to take meds for about a week& half. I requested that I get the lowest strength possible. I took them for almost a couple weeks and had no problem getting off them. No withdrawal, or even a thought......... You did the right thing. Pain meds. really are not meant for long-term use. It really pizzes me off that doc's continue to prescribe things like Vicodin, Percocet, etc. for extended periods of time.
Avatar n tn What are the contents if squeezed? What came out of mine was a pale yellow colour? Is this hsv 2 or unlikely to be? while they were mildly itchy there was no pain at all. Also, they do not ulcerate as per some of the pics I have seen on the web. I may be clutching at straws, but......
1670509 tn?1303700009 i take 16-20 v's a day and been doing this for 3yrs, i just want my life back! i do have klopins and clonidine for the with withdrawls, will that make the withdrawls easier? or will i still be in hell? are there things i can do to make this easier or go by faster?? im scared but i know i need to do this for me, pills have taking over my life and i feel like a shell, and i want "me" back.
457882 tn?1235377080 i am on day 4 of detox from vicodin about 45mg a day for 2 years and it seems like everyday i think im starting to feel better only to feel like **** again a few hours later...i slept for 3 hours last night woke up at 6 am and felt pretty good actually...i was excited and ate something which has been a problem...i fell back asleep for a couple hours around 9 and now im feeling awful again. i threw up some yellow stuff and had chills and brain shivers again..
Avatar f tn Basically, I was a junkie. I loved taking vicodin along with any other drug I could get my junkie hands on. Vicodin and lortab were my vices. I started my addiction in 2007 and it lasted 3 years until early 2010. All things considered I never really went overboard with them. I think the most I ever took on a given day never exceeded 7. It wasn't until around December of 2008 when I did the stupidest thig anyone could ever do.... I combined alcohol and acetaminophen. And I did it alot.
Avatar m tn I have cut my intake in half down to 3 yellow norcs at a time .I have cold turkeyed 2 times before but this time I been on them longer. Weaning down is possible right? Back to work Monday and need to be at top of my game. Need to hear the facts.....
Avatar f tn My husband has been taking Vicodin for 2 years now. Last night he tells me he wants to quit and he needs help but doesn't want to tell the Dr and doesn't want to talk to our families about it either. I am the only one he wants help from and I have no idea where to begin or even what to say to him. I want to help him so bad and I know that he is strong enough to get through this..
Avatar m tn i have been on vicodin es for a year now. i take two pills at one time everyday at 7 oclock at night. i want to quit and know i can do it but am i gonna have bad withdrawal?
Avatar f tn I believe my boyfriend of 4 years is secretly adicted to vicodin. I continuously see him taking one or I just find them randomly they are yellow watsons 1000mils. Everytime I ask him how often he takes them he brushes me off & says once in a while when "his back hurts", when I ask where he gets them from he comes up with a random person I don't know, so I can't investigate it any further. What should I do?
Avatar n tn I am 5 months pregnant and was very honest with my OBGYN about my Vicodin Addiction. We discussed a treatment plan and I am following a taper and counseling. My Dr. called me yesterday and said she was concerned about my Drug Test results. She said that it was positive for Hydrocodone and Dilaudid. I said, "what is dilaudid?" She said that it is a form of morphine. I said I have only taken vicodin and lexapro which she prescribed.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if a year and a half of using ALOT of vicodin have long term affects on my body? I know it also has acetaminophen but i'm not sure excactly how much each Norco 10 has and I was using about 15 pills including soma each time I used. I used sometimes 2 or 3 days straight and would lay off a day or two. I would sometimes have alcohol with. I know all that has to bruise your insides but I dont plan to use anymore and thats why i'm a member of this site now.
Avatar f tn , I thought those little yellow demons would control my life forever, I felt hopeless and lost and out of control. Now, now I feel clear, healthy, HAPPY and truely loved. Feeling in general is great again!! Everything even the stressful or sad feelings feel good, just actually FEELING is awesome. I'm proud to say that I'm still beating this monster, those lil yellow pills no longer control my life, I DO, and I love it!! I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying summertime!!
Avatar m tn Hi.. I noticed after I ejaculate, there is a yellow tint sperm and white sperm too.. I have an oral sex one week 6 days ago but it was Js less than 3 min oral.. So is Tis yellow tint sperm could be gono or chlyamdia or any other stds? Please help..