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Avatar m tn My pain was so bad that they put me on fentanynil patches for 30 days and I am wondering how they will go trhu with taku=ing my off these patches. I have taken btween 600-700 vicodin and percocets before the patches and want to know the process of ending this.
Avatar f tn The predicted average timeline for Vicodin withdrawal symptoms to end, or significantly dissipate, is 7-10 days. That being said, in some cases, certain symptoms can last for weeks or months, especially psychological symptoms. Like many drug addictions, cravings for Vicodin may suddenly occur years after the individual has stopped taking the drug. Vicodin’s half-life is about four hours, so the drug leaves the body completely after about eight hours.
Avatar f tn There are medications given to you to help withdrawal, but usually based in your symptoms, age, health and lifestyle. Some medication can make you sleepy by lowering your blood pressure, what can be dangerous if you are driving and etc… Please discuss with your doctor , when you decide to start the withdrawal process. He knows you and your history and can give you the appropriate medication that will be safe for you.
Avatar f tn Because Vicodin is a prescribed medication and you are most likely seeing a doctor for your prenatal care I would assume your doctor would know the risks and how to help you wean off the Vicodin. If your doctor is not aware of this situation you need to make them aware. They will be the ones to help you with withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I've been taking 0.25mg of Ativan four times a day for about 6 weeks for anxiety. I haven't taken any for 4 days and feels really anxious and am having trouble sleeping. I also take Vicodin 5/500 1/2 tab 2-4 times a day. I was also taking that for anxiety. I'm still taking the Vicodin hoping that it will help me get off Ativan. I'm really scared by all the stuff I've read about Ativan and wish I'd never started it.I guess my question is: Will I feel better soon?
4753943 tn?1359934569 I'm so afraid to tell my doctor that I'm addicted to Vicodin, because I know she'll stop prescribing it and I feel like she will judge me. I'm really anxious about the withdrawal symptoms because I'm hypersensitive to medication and side effects. It feels like I have just been hit by a bus when I stop taking hydrocodone for a couple days. How long do these withdrawals last? I have only been on this medication for a year or less, by the way. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed 2 Vicodin every night for the past two years , is this to much and too long. They still work fine for me and continue to help me be pain free at night so I can sleep and I dont anythig else but celexa.?
Avatar m tn Hi Mac and welcome also! You don't really need a medication to safely withdrawal from Vicoden! Tons of people do it all the time without any other medication! Free, gave you some great advice! Check out the Thomas Recipe at the bottom of the page! There are vitamins and supplements that will help with the withdrawal symptoms! It typically lasts about a week! You've already gone through some of this each time you run out of your prescription early!
Avatar m tn m currently going through Zoloft withdrawals and have many of the typical Zoloft withdrawal symptoms. I was just wondering if taking a Vicodin will interfere with the recovery of my Zoloft withdrawal? Could I have done any permanent brain damage from taking a Vicodin since my brain is in recovery mode? This is the first Vicodin I have taken since I stopped taking the Zoloft.
Avatar n tn The reason you're not feeling any better pain-wise is because tramadol is weak as pain medications go. It's not as strong as Vicodin. The reason you're not having any withdrawal symptoms from the Vicodin though is because the tramadol is still stimulating your MU receptors, which are the same receptors that the Vicodin attaches to, therefore as far as your body is concerned, you are still taking a narcotic. That's the problem with tramadol.
Avatar f tn Darn doctors.... BuTrans, like Suboxone, will precipitate withdrawal if care is not taken when starting the medication to match up the person's tolerances. There is a ceiling to the effects of buprenorphine; you would get to that maximum effect at a dose of around 2 mg per day (you are now getting about 0.5 mg per day). At the maximum effect-- i.e. at 2 mg per day-- butrans is ABOUT as potent as 60 mg of oxycodone per day.
Avatar m tn Like sub and methadone, also synthetic, the withdrawal is long and arduous. Vicodin is the weaker of the narcotic pain meds and detox, although not fun, is over relatively quick. 1 to 2 weeks tops. Tram w/d lasts for months.
Avatar m tn m reading I will still feel the withdrawal .. will it be a mild WD? and can I take a 5mg vicodin to ease some of the WD. I know I will not go back on them. I have 5 left over from a dentist visit a few months back I just don't want to have WD symptoms be off all pills and live my life like a normal person.
Avatar f tn I recently ran out of Vicodin and started to go through withdrawls which really scared me. My doctor refilled my vicodin rx, but then when I told him I was afraid my body was getting used to having this medicine in my system and felt bad when I wasnt taking it, he said I need to get off Vicodin. He told me to take Ultram, which he gave me. I tried to quit taking the vicodin but I was in too much Im almost out. I want to stop taking the vicodin. What do I do? will I have withdrawls?
Avatar f tn Hi Marilyn, I was on Tramadol for 4 years before being switched to stronger medicines. How long have you been taking the Tramadol? My doctor replaced 1/2 of my daily Tramadol dose with Vicodin and I continued that for a year. I did get very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms from the Tramadol when that switch was made. However...
Avatar m tn Benzodiazepine withdrawal — like opioid withdrawal — depends on the amount of the medication taken, the length of time a person has been taking the medication, and which benzodiazepine the person is taking. People taking short-acting benzodiazepines will have withdrawal symptoms sooner than people taking the longer acting ones. The best way to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms is to reduce the amount of medication you are taking or how often you are taking them before you run out.
Avatar f tn If you are having blurred vision and confusion I would encourage you to seek medical care asap - I highly doubt that is still from vicodin withdrawal and you may have other issues going on. Usually the worst of the withdrawals is the first 5 days then you would just feel weak for a couple weeks. What you are experiencing is not normal. Call your doctor or go to ER.
438868 tn?1207700684 The problem is that I cannot take drugs for three weeks without withdrawal. For many years I took Vicodin for three weeks and then made myself withdraw for one week. It is like kind of a hell, One day after a failed pain block procedure- (they dope you fpr these) as I was coming to my doctor and husband were discussing medication. I was taking jiust Vicodin which was really not that affective for the pain.
1689696 tn?1305819097 I am currently taking 6/ 5-500 vicodin 2/ 150mg lyrica and a 5% lidocaine 12 hr patch a day.I want to stop taking the vicodin but I have severe sleep and restless leg problems when doing this!? I have 20 left will the patch and lyrica help with these problems and if so how should I do this? I am under a docs care and have an apt to see a pain management doc. I have very bad proven back problem.
Avatar m tn I am tapering down from at least 4 - 7.5 mg Vicodin and several 12.8 codiene phosphate to about 4 Vicodin per day. I am waking with terrible shahes and nausea as wall as other problems. O am trying the therapy of medicines recommended on this site. This is about my 3rd day of tapering. Should I take a Vicodin first thing to help out. I can't stand this feeling.
Avatar f tn that i just want to do it on my own. will i be ok if i just stop taking vicodin, i have been taking 1-2 pills a day for almost 2 years it seems that if i dont take one my heart pumps reallly fast, is that a withdrawlor what. do people die from stopping the med.
Avatar f tn Read up on the difference between physical dependence and addiction. Physical dependence to vicodin is best handled by tapering off the medication at some slow rate-- take a period of about two months and and reduce the dose according to a pre-planned schedule. Once you start to taper off, you will want to stick to the schedule without any variation. If you start to make exceptions for avoiding a dose reduction you will never get there.
1102290 tn?1278499953 As for taking this medication along with tylenol you have to be very careful. If the medication says to take every 6 hours as needed you would need to wait 6 hours before taking any tylenol and then another 6 hours after you take the tylnol before taking the prescription med again. From what I read this medication is very easy to overdose on. It is an opiod derivative. any narcotic pain medication can potentially cause a fetus to become addicted and suffer withdrawals after birth.
Avatar f tn Hi~ I think you could just stop. I say this because I took Vicodin in Sept. for two months. I had broken my leg; a mess. After two months I just didn't want to take it anymore and I stopped. Nothing. I didn't even think about it at the time. It was not my DOC. You actually may feel a lot better!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with MS about 4 years ago and when I started to experience "significant pain" I was prescribed first with Vicodin 5/500 then Norco 10/325. I have been taking the Norco (about 8 a day) for 1 1/2 years. I have gone through the hidjooos withdrawal symptoms several times but was always saved by a refill within 3 days. I would really love to be free of this addiction. It is a dark cloud in an otherwise happy life.
Avatar m tn Ok what about Vicodin? Would taking Vicodin slow or halt the recovery process from quitting Zoloft? You know since my brain is in a weak state since I'm recovering from stopping Zoloft, I think. I ask because I was addicted to Vicodin for a month and a half AFTER quitting Zoloft. I was taking 60-80mg of hydrocodone a day during that month and a half period. Would taking Vicodin weaken my body and prolong the withdrawal process from Zoloft?
Avatar n tn yes, percocet is a class 2 narcotic and vicodin is a class 3. Percocet is an oxycodone with tylenol, and vicodin is a hydrocodone with tylenol. If ever you need a refill you can't have a doctor call in a class 2. Both are addictive equally...
1295973 tn?1279756268 Your lack of sleep on top of the other symptoms tells me you're experiencing withdrawal. Increased pain over the entire body is part of withdrawal. Unfortunately, you also seem to have fallen into the trap that can happen with short-acting meds like vicodin and percocet. It becomes less effective so we take it more and more often in an effort to chase the pain. Next thing you know we have a huge tolerance and discover we're in withdrawal when the meds run out.