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1712969 tn?1308488626 Congrats on dropping the percs. Diarrhea is water like bowels. Most people think loose stools is diarrhea. I agree that you should consult your PCP. You might want to add a probity to your diet to regulate your system. The high you were getting is called a paradoxical effect. or opposite. I too got that from opiates. Makes them very inviting for addictive behavior when that is what you are craving. Might ask PCP to check your iron, b12 and Vit D levels for fatigue reasons.
Avatar m tn I've been taking Soma (carisoprodol) and Vicodin NORCOS for the last year. Some days i would take up to 9 Somas in three pill intervals and other days i would take up to 14 Vicodin. This is all due to a fusion in my back. Every time I kick the pills i get diarrhea really bad and stomach pains. I was off for two weeks but still had that diarrhea. Has anyone took this combination and if they have or just took SOMAS can you help me or tell my if it gets better.
Avatar f tn The predicted average timeline for Vicodin withdrawal symptoms to end, or significantly dissipate, is 7-10 days. That being said, in some cases, certain symptoms can last for weeks or months, especially psychological symptoms. Like many drug addictions, cravings for Vicodin may suddenly occur years after the individual has stopped taking the drug. Vicodin’s half-life is about four hours, so the drug leaves the body completely after about eight hours.
Avatar m tn I've been taking Soma (carisoprodol) and Vicodin NORCOS for the last year. Some days i would take up to 9 Somas in three pill intervals and other days i would take up to 14 Vicodin. This is all due to a fusion in my back. Every time I kick the pills i get diarrhea really bad and stomach pains. I was off for two weeks but still had that diarrhea. Has anyone took this combination and if they have or just took SOMAS can you help me or tell my if it gets better.
Avatar m tn Hi i am 28 year old male, ive been taking vicodin for about 6 months, i take about 15 to 20 pills a day, im scared and want to stop, but feel very control by them, i want to quit cold turkey woukd exercise help with the withdrawls and how long will the withdrawls last and is it safe for cold turkey, thank you for your time and god bless!!!!
Avatar m tn In most cases withdrawal symptom feels like a flu. Muscle ache, diarrhea, nausea, sweat and etc.. How sever they will be or how lengthy is really different from one patients to the other. Maybe your will not be so bad. Some patients have minimum side effects. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn I had surgery a couple weeks ago to have a pelvic mass removed. The gave me instant release oxycontin 15mg every 3 hours. I came home a week ago & they gave me a prescription for the oxys. I decided to stop taking the oxys because I didn't have pain anymore. I started having terrible withdrawal from the oxy pills. Shakes, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, can't sleep, can't eat. This went on for about 2 days. Well, I gave in and took 1 oxy pill.
532258 tn?1213194086 after asking a million docs about withdrawal symptoms of vicodin es, none seem to know. after a fatal accident, yup, fatal, 14 yrs ago, I was put on vicodin es for massive pain after craineotomy. last 2 yrs, when I run out, (once in a while while taking it, not often) I have massive diarrhea and nausea. My Gastro doc has done every test under the sun, and believe it or not, the vicodin is the only thing that will STOP the diarrhea.
Avatar f tn As for symptoms of withdrawal, they will be less if you taper slowly, but will include chills, diarrhea, sweating, body aches, cramps, depression... The intensity will depend to some extent on the level of tolerance you have established. But if we are talking just about pain pills, seizures are rare, and the withdrawal is not generally life threatening.
Avatar n tn I've been on Vicodin for about two years now on and off. I take about 4 pills a day do you think the Thomas recipe is safe for withdrawels?
675923 tn?1296238011 Even though your dose of vicodin is relatively low, your long period of use has likely resulted in some withdrawal. There are also different aspects to withdrawal, including physical withdrawal which would mainly consist of diarrhea, body aches, insomnia, and intense fatigue; psychological withdrawal which would be primarily agitation and depression; and finally something called 'PAWS' or 'post acute withdrawal syndrome'.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm new to this board and hoping someone(s) might be able to help me here. Here goes. (Get comfortable, this might take a couple minutes.): I've been taking Vicodin for about 13 years now to treat a chronic back condition. My dose has varied over the years, from 5 10/325 Vicodins a day to what I'm prescribed now: 6 5/500's. My doctor recently advised I consider tapering off this medicine to try other, non-narcotic pain management techniques.
127005 tn?1205019495 How long does it take to become dependent enough on Vicodin to suffer withdrawl? I was only on them for 3 weeks tops, anywhere from 2-8/day and the 8/day was only twice. Last Vicodin was last night and today I feel depressed, achey, have diarrhea and am sneezing a lot. Is it possible to have become dependent in only 3 weeks of sporadic use? Sporadic meaning usually just in am and pm but sometimes for breakthru pain in afternoon. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have been taking 6-7 Vicodin a day (5/500) for 4 years. It was prescribed to me from an accident I had resulting in a major back injury. My question is.... what am I going to feel like sobber? It's been so long since I've been sober I am scared how I will feel. And yes I'm dreading the withdrawal which will be starting tomorrow night. (my Doctor recently cut me off). I went through withdrawal about 3 years ago but shortly after began taking it again.
Avatar m tn m not at work have caused me to slip back into drugs. started with vicodin for a month, then percocets for about 1week, then all i could find were dilaudid in pill form. i have been using very small doses to taper down bc i could see the end coming. but as i remember last time tapering IV drugs does not work. so here is what happening. yesterday i had a fever of 101.3 i was really weak, had a horrible headache. my bones were extremely painful.
Avatar n tn He keeps claiming that he is getting off of it,but I truly doubt it. He suffers from chronic nausea and diarrhea,are these usual symptoms? I desperately want to help my friend but he keeps saying he can do it himself. Trouble is, it has been two years and he is still on it.What can I fo?
Avatar f tn I have taken about 50mg of Percocet per day for 2 years but I ran out on Sunday July 15th and didn't get a new script. From the 15th to the 21st I was taking 5mg Vicodin and I only took 1 on the 21st. On the 21st around 3:00 I put on my first 5mcg Butran patch and I am curious if taking it off after 48 hours will put me into withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I think you have been taking it long enough to experience withdrawal but the worry about the withdrawal may prove worse than the actual withdrawal. I would taper down if possible, just do not drag it out too long...
1687072 tn?1307043528 I have just fought so hard for 30 days to get to this point, and just want a second opinion. What are the differences between methadone w/d and vicodin w/d? How would vicodin be more "appropriate" to taper off of than methadone?
Avatar f tn If you are having blurred vision and confusion I would encourage you to seek medical care asap - I highly doubt that is still from vicodin withdrawal and you may have other issues going on. Usually the worst of the withdrawals is the first 5 days then you would just feel weak for a couple weeks. What you are experiencing is not normal. Call your doctor or go to ER.
Avatar f tn s instead. From a drippy nose, to diarrhea, to body ache, to mood swings, to feeling nausea, to feeling like there are bugs in my body, to just feeling like I'm going crazy, to wanting to find it on the street and buy some to make these symptoms disappear just for an hour, to feeling anxiety, to feeling I'm helpless. How long is this going to last and why is it getting worse as I go?
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has any idea as to about how long certain w/d symptoms from Tramadol last? I have not had any Tramadol in 11 days and I am having severe GI upset (abdominal cramping and diarrhea) and the restless legs at night are terrible. can't sleep to save my life right now. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I am tapering down from at least 4 - 7.5 mg Vicodin and several 12.8 codiene phosphate to about 4 Vicodin per day. I am waking with terrible shahes and nausea as wall as other problems. O am trying the therapy of medicines recommended on this site. This is about my 3rd day of tapering. Should I take a Vicodin first thing to help out. I can't stand this feeling.
Avatar f tn I just want people struggling with the debilitating side effects of vicodin withdrawal know that they don't have to suffer. Ask your doctor for neurontin or gabbbapentin. I am a 3 year severe (20-30) norco addict and I decided to stop the maddness but was afraid of the muscle pain i've felt before. With neurontin I have none of those spasms cramps or depression and mood swings. It also gives me no "high" feeling at all so its not a temptation for abuse or addiction.
Avatar m tn My pain was so bad that they put me on fentanynil patches for 30 days and I am wondering how they will go trhu with taku=ing my off these patches. I have taken btween 600-700 vicodin and percocets before the patches and want to know the process of ending this.
Avatar f tn After reading all these postings, I do feel better. Have taken Vicodin for 12+ years following many jaw surgeries. Now have chronic pain with migraines. Everything I do (eat, talk, sing, laugh, sneeze) causes pain and migraines sometimes ensue. Was taking 3-5 vicodin a day, 500 mg, didn't think was addicted. Doc stopped my prescription because I refilled too soon. That was a shock. Decided ok, time to stop. So, last Wednesday at 2 pm, took last one. Went cold turkey.