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Avatar n tn For the past three months my 2 year old dog has been getting these tiny pink spots on her lips or on the skin between her lips and nose. They seem not to bother her and I can touch them and she seems like they are painless. They come and go in different spots. Does anyone know what this is?
Avatar f tn i have got pink spots on my tounge .it occured 3 months back .I got hiv tested for that But the result was negative.then i again got hiv tested after but the result was negative.but the pink spots are still thr.what are they abt is thr any thing to worry ?
Avatar m tn Does anybody know what causes big pink spots (2 or 3 inches) it has a white circle around and normaly are 3 or 4 spots mainly at waist area. It seems that are caused by stress and using clobetasol dissapear after 2 weeks. This is cronic disease since almost 20 years, but not sure the name of the disease and what really causes the problem. Last time was a year ago and before that 2 years.
638773 tn?1223056653 its light pink, with like little speaks of what seems like tissue... its like bright red little spots. is that a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar m tn My doctor advised me to apply 10% glycolic acid on the spots .I applied for 1 week and was left with black spots .I was quite depressed then i went to another doctor he told me that i got dermal pih as my skin is sensitive by using glycolic acid .he gave me depiwhite containing 2% hydroquinone and kojic acid for application at night time and triobloc containing alpha arbutin for application 2 times during day time.
Avatar f tn We have an eyecare forum with folks may be able to answer your question, put it is there and Good Luck
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies, question I am 12 weeks an 2 days should I have pink spots when I urine? Is it normal or should I go to the er? I am not cramping I feel fine, besides the spots are worrying me. Someone help please.
Avatar f tn my sister is 22 years old. I am worried because she has pink spots on both of her breasts. she does not have any kids. I don't know what this could be..... they don't hurt, they are not bumpy either. they are just pink spots. if anyone can please help me. I would be very grateful.
Avatar m tn Have 4 flat pink spots, not raised. messed around with one of them and put hydrogen peroxide in turned brown and a little raised and kind of looks like a nasty mole. I have no itching or burning. There is no discharge. The pink flat spots have been there for 5 days and are located on the bottom middle of my scrotum only. I am very concerned that it is herpes.
Avatar f tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Autoimmune-Disorders-/black-n-pink-spots-on-legs-and-thighs/show/1762950">black n pink spots on legs and thighs</a> was started.
Avatar m tn 1- do the pink spots ever regain natural pigmentation? do they stay pink or become depigmented spots later? 2- can you give me an estimate of how long it takes for skin to regain its original color, if it ever does? 3- is there is a creme i can apply to these areas to help reduce scars and discoloration? thank you in advance for your reply. side note: i dont have a tendency to scar unless the cuts are deep. if the cut is skin deep it turns pink then regains natural pigmentation over time.
Avatar n tn The day I was due for my period I spotted a couple of light pink spots just when I wiped that was the 5th. Today the 8th I spotted again a few light pink spots. I have been cramping like I was going to start my period but other than the spots nothing else has happened. I took a test on the sixth (one of the little cheap 88ยข ones from wal mart) and to me it looked like there was a pink spot for positive but my husband swears he didn't see two lines.
Avatar f tn Two months ago, I developed two pink spots, approximately 1 inch in diameter each that will not go away. very mild to no sensation. If you rub the spots or place warm water or warm air on them, they get darker, or reddish..but then back to pink. I went to Minute Clinic and they advised me that it appears to be atopic dermatitis and they prescribed triamcinolone Acetonide. It has been 5 days and spots still there. Any opinions?
Avatar n tn I have never had sex. I have these spots that are between the base of the penis and the base of the but. Between the legs. They are pink in color and itch when they are dry. They have been there for about a week.
Avatar f tn problem, too, along with redness every morning. I had a thorough eye exam and was diagnosed with strabismus secondary to a probable Ehler Danlos Syndrome diagnosis. I couldn't see a thing close up due to double vision so now I have glasses with prisms in them and, eureka!!! I can see close up now without double vision. I was also given "Blink thera tears" to use for the dry eye dx. Are you dealing with EDS as well?
Avatar n tn When i go to the bathroom and i wipe myself i get light pink spots on my towel what does that mean? I have a merana (sp) in and i havent gotten my period. Ive takin alot of medicines for the past month because i was sick. does this mean im pregnant?
Avatar m tn The skin is rough and red/pink. Some spots seem somewhat brown and purplish but more so red/pink. The skin seems dried out and shiny. It circles around the penis head and it seems more irritated where the head meets the shaft. The upper shaft has a bunch of pink dots. But the top of my penis head looks normal and so does the bottom part of the shaft. I'm extremely worried and it's been going on for about 5 months.
Avatar n tn For approximately one year..I have been having red/pink spots when scratched, dry v toskin flakes off. It's been happening more frequently not just one random spot, it's numerous smaller spots. Doesn't itch, looks like a raised pink mosquito bite, but no bugs have biten.
Avatar f tn I usually have sore breast and cramps before i get it and as of right now, nothing. My discharge is white again, with darker pink spots in it. Im Confused! lol i guess wait and see!!
Avatar n tn i have brown spots all over my body and my upper lip lost it's color from brown to pink in the middle only. Brown spots come with it itching and the feeling of discomfort. i have been to multiple of doctors but they gave me different answers and diagnosis. brown spots come with itching especially when i go out of the house. moreover, in my face my nose get darker. alaso when i go out side i have small pimples before it get brown and then darker.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have a few tiny, slight redish pink discolored spots on my penis that I have not had since birth; however, they have been present for a few years. There is no explanation for the marks appearing. They are not on the surface of the skin, but under the skin. They do not cause itching or discomfort in any form. I aquired these spots before I became sexually active.
Avatar f tn it could be vicodin they are shooting, vicodin can be melted down. . is this your friend or roommate?
Avatar m tn HI welcome to the forum....the pink cloud effect is what some people get when they first come off the pills....suddenly they feel like a million bucks everything is great the world has became a perfect place bacicly over night...the reality is your still an addict and still think like an addict when the ''pink cloud'' wheres off you suddenly find your self overwhelmed with emotions and your new found sobriety is now hard to deal with without a pill...
18546916 tn?1465750964 Ok i wilk take another test but my mom said i must wait untill friday becouse of the spots of light pink on the pad and then it stoped