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Avatar f tn 6 weeks is not really long enough for you to experience an actual "withdrawal" from the Ativan, typically a "short term" course of treatment is considered 3 months or less. Those people who are on Ativan short-term won't typically experience a withdrawal, but there IS a possibility of some rebound anxiety, which is probably what you're dealing with. The increase in anxiety will evebntually subside, but it may take a few weeks. Same with the sleep symptoms.
Avatar f tn Yes! Finally over with. The withdrawal of the Ativan finally over with the other day. I've slowed down, almost completely off the vicodin. I had some 7.5 left and cut them in half. I am taking half of one a day. Last one to take tomorrow and then I'm done. Hardly any withdrawal at all from the vicodin. Once I got away from the Ativan I was able to eat, sleep and do all the other little things I used to take for granted. Hopefully this is the end of vicodins in my life.
Avatar f tn Good for you for getting off the Vicodin. The fact that you've been on Ativan for "a few months" and are experiencing horrible anxiety with panic attacks tells me the Ativan is no longer working for you. You need to get back with your doctor and discuss these issues. I'm afraid I know nothing about this 5htp stuff, but what I DO know is that sometimes the result of mixing these things can be disasterous.
Avatar n tn Thanks everyone for listening. I was just in contact with someone who deals with people who have been taken off prescription medication. He told me it looks like a chemical imbalance that is causing her to hallucinate. We are looking to get checked out tommorrow....
Avatar n tn I also am taking a regular routine of Ativan. So I can tell you with the Tramadol and ativan I have felt pretty good. I did find out that if you just go cold turkey on Tramadol you can have withdrawls as well and I'm terrified because that will happen with me tomorrow when I run out. Tramadol also does "cover" The Vicodin addiction and withdrawls but I personally believe that you you are on Tramadol long enough without Vicodin, this will get the vicodin out of your system.
Avatar f tn This is the first I posted on this forum. I have suffered with anxiety for 4 years now, after my first panic attack, it always sits in the back of my mind. I recently came clean off of Vicoden, I abused back and forth with it for several months. While I feel good that I am clean i have this overwhelming feeling of anxiety alot of the time. The tightness is almost unbearable. After I cant take it any more I take a Ativan .5mg somethimes twice a day. Just cant seem to shake it.
Avatar f tn I have been on Vicodin for spine probs for a year and also Tramadol. I finally got so sick of the vicodin rollercoaster I flushed them three weeks ago. Now I'm only on Tramadol and daily Ativan. Tomorrow I will run out of Tramadol. I read online that although it is considered non-narcotic that you can still have severe withdrawls. I did black out and got a concussion 2 weeks ago unsure if it was a seizure due to the tramadol as I was alone. Its scary stuff.
Avatar f tn When I went through Vicodin withdrawal this time I had access to Xanax but stayed away for the reasons given by nursegirl above. I'm an addict and Benzo is SO addictive it's scary! 2 Vicodin withdrawals and 2 years ago ago I had Ambien to help with sleep. I ended up hooked on that next. Took me a long time to kick that stuff. No fun at all. Keep it simple Roni.
Avatar n tn Hope someone can help me. Two & 1/2 weeks ago had tooth abcess. Dentist gave Vicodin 5/500. A few days later he did root canal & said root of tooth was cracked & would have to pull it. Gave amoxcillin and more Vicodin so inflamation would go down & he could pull tooth. At first I was taking 6-8 Vicodin/day for about a week. Then got down to 4-6/day for several days. Yesterday, very little pain & only took 1 Vicodin. Today, 1/2 Vicodin.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Ativan for a chronic pain condition and it works very well except of course it is necessary to continually increase the dosage. I am now at 4.5mgs/day. I was thinking of trying methadone for pain but I was wondering if that is just going from bad to worse Any thoughts?.
4753943 tn?1359934569 Oh boy, well no doub that will be rough, hon. I commend you for taking the initative to admit that there's a problem with the Vicodin. It would be a lot better if the Effexor taper was much slower, what your doctor advised is awfully fast, and coming off the two meds at once is going to cause some unpleasant symptoms. Most of the symptoms will likely be from the Vicodin, although the Effexor symptoms will exacerbate the emotional aspect of the w/d for sure.
Avatar f tn I am 24 hours into ending my love affair with vicodin. I have been addicted for approx. 8 mo.s and taking between 60-80mg daily. I am starting to experience some minor withdraw effects and know it will get worse. Any advice on helping to cope with and live thru this. How many days do you think it will be before I'm human again? I can get suboxion(sp) on Monday if I'm clean 3 days. I'm not sure I want it but I suppose I'll know more on Monday right?
382594 tn?1266610613 It is better to stick with Ativan only to prevent seizures. Ativan 2mgs a day will prevent detox seizures, Lithium is unnecessary and too risky. Yes, I have had a lot of experience.
Avatar m tn ve gone with no types of opiate in the house, and the cravings were fairly intense. I ended up settling them down with Ativan, lots and lots of Ativan. Basically half a mg for every hour I still felt a craving, ended up having about 5.5mg or so of Ativan, and I also had a glass or possibly two of wine, since my memory of last night is a bit fuzzy. So I woke up this morning after blacking out at some point from all that **** and had some slight cravings, which i took about 2mg ativan for.
Avatar f tn It helped me so much for the restless legs. And aleve, or motrin, will help with pain. Hot showers and baths with epsom salts can do wonders for you pain as well. And I agree with vicki595 please be careful with the drugs you are now taking. Most are very potent drugs and can be very dangerous. Hang in there - what is your final goal here? To stop all of the drugs, perhaps one at a time? You'll find with time the pain subsides and OTC pain meds work really well.
Avatar f tn XANAX is the King Dog in the benzo world..with Ativan and klonopin with a close 2nd..the fast onset and short duration of action is what makes xanax so addicting... The health pages r full of great info....a plan is often the first step to recovery..
Avatar f tn So I'm getting off the ativan properly, I gave them to my husband to give to me on schedule...hey, even tho it is not my DOC-you never know...the addict in me might say I need a little bit never know. Anyway, I never noticed the effects of ativan when I was taking it with vicodin...I don't like it. I'm so uunmotivated and blah...could that still be from coming off opiates 12 days ago? Maybe I'm confusing the feeling of ativan to after effects of vic detox. Anyone?
Avatar f tn If your Dr. said its fine to take your ativan with it, then it is. I used to mix ativan with stuff, but only after calling and asking a Dr. if it was okay, or a pharmacist. Nothing ever happened to me. However, I would recommend taking the ativan ONLY when needed. Those benzos can cause dependence in little to 2 weeks of straight use. Happened to me.
Avatar n tn A drug test looks for more than narcotics, too. They tyopically look for benzos (Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Valium), cocaine, opiates (Vicodin, Percocet), and others. There are different kinds of drug tests. There's really no way to know until you take it. Want to discuss a situation you've found yourself in? Let me also giver you a stern warning that if you THINK you can beat a drug test, you'll likely lose. Not a gamble worth taking,.
Avatar f tn i am going thru the worst withdrawals cold turkey after taking percocet, vicodin, ultram and ativan for over two years. No one will help me thru this and I am all alone. I have not slept, or eaten in three days. I am about to give up. I am looking at a full bottle of muscle relaxers and they are looking pretty good right now. I I just cannot do this. Help???
1277672 tn?1271114986 Took my last 10/650 vicodin yesterday around noon and already feeling bad. I have clonodine and getting ativan in the morning will these help?
Avatar f tn That god I know what an attack feels like or I would think that I was dying. I get so dizzy. I do take ativan. 1mg to help, but but it seems like that hardly works. Just wondering if anyone has good suggestions. I am clean off the vics again only for a couple of days, but doing ok, I want to be totally clean. Wish it would go quicker. I can't wait to feel great!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn s vicodin. I try to control it, I take 3 or 4 a day of 7.5 mg. This has been for years I have taken up to 6 to 8 a day.
Avatar m tn That this is causing the breathing problems and the pain.He prescribed me Vicodin es tabs / Naproxen 500 mg 2 daily / and Ativan 2 mg twice daily.After about a week of taking this the pain was gone but the breathing problem was worse do to the Ativan. So I stopped taken the Ativan.I got very,very,very depressed. Yesterday I went to the doctor and told him everything and he gave me a prescription for klonopin 0.25(3 times a day) Now here I sit.I'm afraid to take it.
284208 tn?1292855519 and not able to let on anything to the personal choice. They have already been through so much with me with the Breast Cancer and the reconstruction (2x). I just want my life back. I am afraid this injury to my back may have caused permanent issues, and I don't look forward to fighting with Social Security for Disability. That will be another subject to discuss with my orthopedist on Jan 6th.
Avatar f tn I've been on Vicodin and ativan for over 2 years. I want to get off but cant handle the withdrawal part of it. I want to tell my doctors but i'm afraid they'll just tell me to suck it up and stop taking the pills. I've tried getting off them CT and it never works. Has anyone ever gone to the doctors to get help and had them tell you to just stop? If a doctor does tell me to just quit CT and I find another doctor is that considered doctor shopping?