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Avatar m tn Two yrs of antibiotics, lol, is everything two yrs with you? My fear is that all these UTIs are damaging the kidneys and I will end on dialisys in my old age, many, many, MANY yrs from now! email me if you want, cuteusbelleusat yahoo.
Avatar m tn Vicodin can be even more dangerous because they typically consist of 5mg Hydrocodone (vicodin) and anywhere from 500-750mg Acetominophen (Tylenol). You mentioned 750mg Vicodin, but all you're referring to is how much Tylenol was in that pill, and I'm assuming they were big pills... Now Norcos are typically 10mg Hydrocodone and 325 Acetominophen. Thats twice as much opiate, and half as much Acetominophen. Thats's why Norcs are more popularly abused.
Avatar m tn i was like 2 weeks pregnant when i took Vicodin. and didnt know i was... well i told my OB/GYN and he said id be now 9 weeks and everything is fine. besides at that earily of a time i dont think it would affect the baby yet....
1862785 tn?1325706016 But I promise you this, I have no intention of EVER getting back on Vicodin. I hate it with a passion. Now my only worry, is what if I truly have pain one day? Dental work? Broken bone? Then what? I've been thinking about it a lot these last few days and it's almost giving me an anxiety. Am I alone in this??
Avatar f tn With that we are both looking for a dentist that will pull the tooth with just numbing my mouth. Has anyone else taken vicodin? I am nervous as all the Internet says is not the best things. Please, I stress, if you have ill willed reply, please keep it to yourself. I have seen a lot of them on searches for this topic and I don't need it.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have vicodin withdrawals after a week? I took my prescription as directed for a week and then when I stopped I felt kind of sick and had restless legs one night. That was 5 days ago and I still feel sick.
Avatar m tn My wife has been on 80 to 100 mg 10-325 dosage vicodin for close to 10 years now. Blood tests say her liver is fine (so the doctor says) and she has hep C. She also started taking oxycodone 10 mg 5 times a day about 1 1/2 years ago. We feel she needs to end the vicodin usage asap and up the dosage of the oxycodone. She has been bringing this up to her pain management phys-assistant for 6 to 8 months and she tells her just keep doing what your doing!
Avatar f tn Rush Limbaugh was diagnosed with an autoimmune issue BEFORE the truth came out, regarding his "hobby." (By the way, Vicodin was his drug of choice) It is like blaming herpes on a toilet seat, and then the wife finds a message from the mistress on the cell phone.... It doesn't take a rocket sceintist to put two and two together. I have "heard" of Vicodin being ototoxic along with many other drugs.... benign drugs as asprin can harm you.
Avatar f tn Im going back and forth in my mind kicking myself cuz I didnt take the rx but called my sponsor and we had a good talk. WTF? this weeks been F'n with me BAD. I ALMOST said ok to the script but then I told him no, Im in recovery. Man this is hard.
Avatar n tn Hi, My daughter, 19, had her wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. She was given vicodin 50, 1-2 every 4-6 as needed for pain. She found 1 was not enough and was taking 2 every 6 hours. She ended up with complications and an extended recovery and pain, so the Dr. gave her a new script. We asked for 75 as 50 wasn't working and 2 x 50 (100) was too much, making her really high and sleepy.
1962211 tn?1325377772 Cold turkey is unpleasant but so is weaning and with CT you get it over with. You should go to your doc and get a full work-up done on your blood to see how everything is functioning. The opiates are hard on your body. I was anemic and Vitamin C deficient prior to detox but I have been doing an intensive vitamin regime, healthy diet, and exercise. It's scary...I know.
1827057 tn?1397523877 You did great with going with your initial gut feeling. If you have the pills laying around once the pain is gone...then what? If you wouldn't have saved the $$ then that would be extra out of your pocket. I'm proud even if you're not.
Avatar m tn Usually painkillers make me sick ao I try to avoid them but I dont do well with pain so I have stuck with it. I am still experiances pain in my mouth, head and even ears from the surgery but had hoped to be off the Vicodin by now. But instead I feel thayt it is impossible to go without it now. If i go without it for more than 6 hours, not only does the pain in my mouth, head and ears return, but I become agitated, exeperiance anxiety to the point of crying and become very restless.
1325672 tn?1290087814 For example, some antibiotics shouldn't be taken with milk products as it interferes with gastric absorption. I'm not aware of any contraindications like that with oxycontin, but your pharmacist can tell you for certain. If taking it with food still doesn't help, call your doctor and ask about an anti-emetic medication like phenergan or compazine. The nausea may also be something that might go away with time as your body gets used to the medication.
Avatar f tn I quit norco about 6 months ago, my husband was very supportive. My immune system must have gotten the best of me and I ended up with a kidney infection and was given norco for the pain, so I relapsed (secretly.) About three weeks ago I came clean to my husband and I quit again, and ended up with another painful infection. This time I have not relapsed, and my infection is clearning but my back is still hurting very bad.
Avatar m tn May 15 I developed an abscess. They can't get me in to get the 2 teeth pulled until June 25th. The next day, my cheek was the size of a baseball and the meds weren't helping. I went to th ER. Dr numbed it, cut a slit in it, gave me dilaudid &zophran, &sent me home with vicodin. RELIEF! June 3 it was back. I went to the dentist June 5. He couldn't see me. They called in 825mg amoxicillin 2x a day &the weakest dose of vicodin.
Avatar f tn So you all know I'm almost done with day 2. Wasn't feeling alll that bad...but now...OMG, MY LEGS! I tried to lay down to sleep, no such thing. I'm sooo tired, but my legs won't stop moving. I bought some bananas...tried to eat one, kind of made me sick, but I kept it down. isn't there something over the counter for rls? I was thinking I saw it at Rite Aid once. Anyone with any advice, please please, I'm begging. I WANT TO WIN THIS!
Avatar n tn Hi I went in to the dentist a couple days ago to get a broken molar extracted. (I had a root canal done on it years ago and it has now got infected) It was extremely painful and tender to the touch but I had no visible swelling. Dentist sent me home with Vicodin & clindamycin to kill the infection before she could extract it in a few days. I know clindamycin is a top tier antibiotic. But I took it and the infection swelled and got more painful.
1243347 tn?1268427670 8 years ago I had kidney stones that I passed on my own. Recently I had a 4 mm stone with a 3 mm stone sitting on top of that. These were blocking my right kidney which had urine in it. In addition I had several other smaller stones (left & right sides). I was unable to pass any of them on my own so on Tue. I had a ureteroscopy with laser (outpatient). My Urologist said the ureter (not uretha) was perforated.
Avatar n tn My tooth has been killing me and got worse last night and today. They put me on antibiotics and, of course, vicodin. If I were already clean I would have stuck with the ibuprofin and toughed it out, but since I'm still tapering I figured I wasn't going to push myself to get clean right this instant with this pain going on. So I'm not sure what it will do to my 'plan'. He said he antibiotics should make things feel better within a couple of days so I guess I'll go from there.
1741766 tn?1311041360 How long have you been taking pain meds? I'm assuming you mean a narcotic, like Vicodin or Percocet? If you've been taking something like like regularly for a few months, you're going to experience withdrawal symptoms when cutting down, or trying to quit. One of those symptoms is anxiety. The first thing you really need to do is get the tooth fixed so your doctor (or dentist) can safely taper you off the pain meds.
Avatar n tn I dont think I have dry socket but my pain is getting worse, its now the 3rd day after and the vicodin is no longer helping as the pain has worsened. My whole mouth hurts. the bottom wisdom teeth were already out but leaning twards my other teeth causing them to be slightly impacted I suppose but I didnt need an oral surgeon apparently the dentist did the extraction. it took about an hour to do the one that was causing the pain and about 30 min to do the other one.
Avatar f tn He said my root was abnormally long and the roots were fused together. I started my antibiotics (he said I didn't yet have an infection) and Vicodin immediately. At about 36 hours my throat swelled and made it difficult to breathe and talk (all I can do is drool and spit- yuk). My dentist is unavailable to see me but, said this is normal. I still can't swallow with out a lot of pain but the swelling has gone down a bit.
Avatar m tn Said Antibiotic should work. Tuesday night just as bad even with Vicodin, and now my face is starting to feel numb on that side so know I'm a little worried So I go back to Dentist on Wednesday and they say that it is right on a major nerve and that is why they thing is causing the numbness and said the same thing to me about it should pass when the AntiBiotics kick and he shaved the tooth down so no other teeth will impact it and cause it more pain.
Avatar m tn For the past three years I have lived with this as it has gotten slightly worse from time to time. My most prominent symptoms have to do with controlling my heart/blood pressure, and severe abdominal pain. There have been other occasional symptoms but none that have been problematic enough to speak on. I am on a lot of preventative medications for stomach and heart related issues. With that said I again had strep throat a week ago.
1436228 tn?1328057560 cleaned out the medicine cabinet and found 2 bottles ultram with 90 in each that was for my husband. they are 2 years old and I thought they were muscle relaxants back then and never thought about them till today. all those days scramblilng to get drugs and had some right in my house. there was still one refill left. my doc is percs, oxys even methadone or what ever I could get if I only knew about them in the bathroom I keep wondering what they will feel like if I just try a few.
Avatar n tn Until recently I started with pills, I'm now 25 and it's always been one thing or another with me. I used to take Vicodin and Percocet for about a year and a half. I stopped about a month ago, COLD TURKEY. I just got tired of letting them control my life. Anyways, I also stopped smoking about two weeks ago, I also quit eating so much as I am overweight and weigh 330 pounds. I've had tests done on me and all were fine. I've had a CT of my brain, MRI of my neck and X-Rays of my chest.
1462810 tn?1327364049 four of these were no help with the 3am tooth abscess), but synthetic codeine (Vicodin and others) give me migraine headaches when they wear off. I'm finding this to be true of other synthetic medicines. The female homones that have caused such controversy... the only way the pharmaceutical companies could patent them was by coming up with a molecule that wasn't natural to the human body. So all those hormone prescriptions were based on pregnant female horse urine...
Avatar f tn Living with MS is difficult and lyme in early stages can be helped. With JCmcc in late stage lyme disease with ms he is coping with not one neurological disorder but two.Please give him a break,this question was about visual problems,thank you for answering.
Avatar f tn Today was the 4th day taking the antibiotics and I am still waiting to be normal again. My husband and I decided not to go down the next phase yet since I am still struggling with the urinary tract infection. We were afraid that it would be too much for me to handle, so we will wait till this coming Friday to wean off another 50mg. We consulted another doctor and he said that since I made 2 big jumps at the beginning, I should not push it especially while my resistance is low.