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Avatar m tn I think the worse of my symptoms have passed, but still feeling pretty melancholy and having trouble sleeping. I was wondering if I should refill my ambien prescription to help with the insomnia. Ultimately I would like to be completely drug free, but I feel like taking ambien would help. I guess I should be asking my doctor this but I'm broke any advice?
Avatar f tn I want to feel the cool morning walk I take with the dogs, the hikes we take with the kids that end up at a lake. Vicodin has now taken that away from me. It used to help me keep going, now I just want to get it overwith. Instead of being so concerned that there is another prescription out there for me, I will be calling my docotor and telling her to cancel that next one, I would have to go through w/d anyway before I could pick it up.
1070971 tn?1299614110 t want to get addicted to that), I am sooooooo irritable.....etc. I have no desire to take another Vicodin so no worries with me. I just want to be back to normal and enjoy life agin. I have two young children that need my attention all the time which makes it hard. I called my doctors office to talk to him today about alternative things for pain and my bought of insomnia and I got the worst news. The nurse practioner quit and they are finding a replacement for my Dr. He must be very ill.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure how long you've been using ambien. I used it for 9 months while on pain management with vicodin. I'm now off of both, but much to my surprise, the vicodin was much easier than the ambien for me to kick. I kicked vicodin cold turkey in February and started an ambien taper mid-march. I just finished with the ambien taper. Ambien can't be stopped suddenly; depending on for how long and how much ambien you've used.
Avatar f tn While detoxing from opiates I tried to cheat the system and sleep thro w/d with ambien. Taking several a day (for me) caused rebound headaches that were awful and severe anxiety. I say if you are lucky snuff to have gone 3 weeks, STAY AWAY! Can you go to some na meeting maybe for support?
Avatar f tn I did not take any Vicodin ... I took an ambien and a zanaflex ( short acting Muscle relaxer) last night to sleep. I just thought in 24 hours I would see something... and like I said ... I am in pain ... but its the exact pain I always have. So you think that my w/d is just going to take longer to start ... why ? can you explain...
Avatar f tn m on the verge to a substance abuse problem because I am always altering my moods. I will take a vicodin and notice I need to take a zanax with it because I feel irritable (or anxious). I take another vicodin in about 6 hours with my zanax. The zanax is normal dosage, 2 x's daily 1mg, but I'm noticing that I've increased to probably 3 a day. I take the Wellbutrin & Ambien at night and sleep really well.
1218318 tn?1266808601 God bless the NA/AA programs. But the Ambien I was on to help me sleep with my back pain and opiate brain is MUCH harder to get off of. The stuff is unbelievable. I never really gave the Ambien much thought as I quickly got hooked on it. The instruction sheet that comes with my script said I would get a few days of "rebound sleeplessness" when I stopped. I was always concentrating on the Vicodin use. The little Ambies snuck up and bit me in the A-s!
Avatar f tn Well it's day for everything has seemed to stop the chills have stopped I'm still a little unmotivated an my strength doesn't seem to be at its normal otherwise i feel 10x better than the last few days. I did get my hands on some ambien an that got me the best nights sleep I've had in the last 2 weeks....
Avatar m tn Hi Blue Dress. For now, Melatonin. It's natural, my husband swears by it. Also, could try Tylonol PM. Later could get Dr prescribe sleeping pills Ambien. It's addictive so be careful.
491910 tn?1209366193 Hi everyone, my name is Jessica and I'm 22 years old living in the Tmapa Bay Area in Florida. Well I just got off of a 9 pill a day habit, but I've only been doing it a month or two and the thing is that it didn't start off 9 a day (as I'm sure it never does), but at first I started with a half, and of course the tolerance built up until I was taking 3 at a time 3 times a day. I have severe headaches which is why I started taking them...
501205 tn?1227345442 During ambien I fell asleep with food in my mouth. I once fell out at a stoplight while waiting for it to change. My wife and Son have even better stories, but I dont recall them...isnt that stuff wonderful??
Avatar n tn My problem with Zoloft was having to take Ambien to sleep. My psycharist did not have a problem with the long term ambien use, but my general MD did. He stated that Ambien was not tested for long term use.
Avatar f tn I do see mental health for depression and am relying on them for help with depression, but not the vicodin issue. Just want this to be over and done with. I have lost 40 lbs with depression, and lost 6 in the last 3 days. When I get anxiety, my mind races, heart pounds and I feel sick, then diarrhea. So, between not taking vicodin and having severe depression, I'm frightened. Don't know from one day to the next what I will feel or think. Only thing that keeps me here is my cat.
Avatar m tn m back on my Vics and beginning to plan a taper, however, the last time I went through detox I know that Xanax helped with my anxiety and Ambien did help with my sleep. I have heard all the Thomas Recipes suggestions but I just felt that after being a heavy opiate user and going c/t they just did nothing to help me. I wish they did. Obviously I would try the Thomas recipe suggestions first, as you don't want to get hooked on Xanax or Ambien and just basically swap addictions.
Avatar f tn I had been on Ambien for less than a year. Mostly 7.5mg a night max. When I went through vicodin withdrawal I upped the dosage to 10mg, which was my script max. I have had withdrawal symptoms galore. I got body jerks, metallic taste, no memory, disorientation, depression, anxiety, difficulty swallowing, breathing difficulty, panic attacks, vertigo, high to low BP... on and on. My dreams were vivid. The very slow taper and OTC drugs helped with the insomnia. Are you back on Lunesta?
Avatar n tn How long and intense will withdrawal be if I stop 4-5 vicodin a day that I have taken regularly for months?
Avatar n tn I was under the impression that Ambien was something that was used to help with withdrawal symptoms. I have been using Ambien for over 4 years almost daily, Xanax only 2, I've had sleep issues my whole life and probably will the rest of my life but if I can sleep I feel like I can heal from anything. My pain doctor had put me on Gabapentin at one time for the pain, I don't know if they'll want to try that again or not. At this point, I'm scared to try anything.
725350 tn?1318680468 My sponsor and I discussed it, and I went on Vicodin pain management. I had no choice. I also started Ambien to help me sleep through the pain. BAD MISTAKE! Now, 18 months later, I'm left with only the S1 injury as the last of the pain. I'm dealing with it through PT and I'm now off opiates for almost 60 days. I'm on a slow taper, getting the hell off Ambian. NA is saving my life.
Avatar f tn I'm working on Day 9 of no Tramadol and Day 5 of no Vicodin. My problem is I'm having bad anxiety right before I go to bed cause I feel that I will never get a good nights rest. I seriously have slept 4 hrs each night since I've been detoxing. I have small children at home to care for and I can't be this sleep deprived, so I caved in and went to the DR yesterday and told him the TRUTH about what was going and why I started having insomnia.
Avatar n tn When I was told recently that the Tylenol on the Lortab was starting to affect my liver, I decided to stop taking all pain medications, a little over 10 days ago. The first 6 days, I replaced the liquid lortab with 2 Vicodin pills a day, the next two days with one pill a day, and then I stopped cold turkey two days ago. All of my side effects remain the same since the first day. Nothing has changed much; except I cannot sleep due to the restlessness on my legs, arms and hands.
Avatar n tn Im surprised this person is still walking and talking.........That is a whole lot of meds to be taking in a month.
Avatar n tn t think it has anything to do with the vicodin or quitting it cold turkey, but you really should talk to your doctor about it if it is a concern.
1058304 tn?1257042315 I am on i dont even remember maybe day 6-7 of being off vicodin. The wd's are over with the exceptioin of the sleep. I AM GOING CRAZY. 72 hours and 6 1/2 hours of sleep during that time I NEED HELP. I cant take this much longer have tried everything that people have had to offer. Walking, excercise, melotonin, v?????? root klonopin. I dont know what to do. I am on the border of going back to the drugs just to sleep normal.