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Avatar n tn I recently found myself in a position where I have no Vs and am unable to obtain any. My doc had given my Adderol for depression and for focusing so I can work. I find that when I'm going through the w/d, the adderol helps with the cravings and other w/d effects, except the sleepless nights, crazy legs and no appetite. I was doing up to 20 Vs a day for chronic back and neck pain from ruptured discs. So many of us have this problem.
Avatar n tn Per mg, hydromorphone is 8x stronger than morphine. The w/d from hydromorphone is significantly stronger but usually lasts a shorter duration due to a 2.3hr half life.
Avatar f tn The oxy seemed to escalate quite rapidly vs increases needed when I was on hydromorph products. Which is stronger? Which is slower to build up tolerence to? Is it different for different people? I stopped taking oxy on my own, & basically brought them to the dr. & said I wasn't taking these. I had had a very very strange week of no sleeping, confusion etc. .. My husband & I figured it out to be the addition of lyrica.
Avatar m tn nausia, my doctor has suggested hydromorphone, 24 mg twice dailly,im not sure of what to do, ive heard conflicting stories about hydromorphone.
Avatar f tn So they put me on Vicodin 40mg a day. The Vicodin was so far the best. Then I injured my back and the doctor gave me Hydromorphone HCL 4mg 3 times a day. After reading some posts here it seems that drug is very dangerous and I am not sure if I should just suck it up and withdraw from Vicodin cold turkey (gave back to Dr. to get the new Rx). For pain I'll keep taking Ibuprofen. Or should I give this new drug a chance. After Ultram I am scared to try anything new (new to me).
Avatar f tn Will a urine test know what class 2 schedule drugs are being taken whether an oxy or vicodin? I have a script for 10 mg vicodin but ran out and friend let ke take a 5mg oxy for my pain till script coupd be refilled...i then took a urine test..both meds re a class 2 schedule so will the urine test know the difference?
786047 tn?1239233100 tramadol, midrin, vicodin, aleve, tylenol, ibuprophrin 800mg....any suggestions on something i can suggest from my dr??
Avatar f tn Dilaudid and Vicodin are two different drugs but both have hydromorphone. Dilaudid is pure hydromorphone which makes for a cleaner shorter detox in comparison to a synthetic opiate like suboxone, oxycodone, methadone, or Tramadol. I was by no means saying that is was EASY....Withdrawal is never EASY. But it is quicker and less painful than other synthetic opiates. I was referring to the poster who said that dilaudid w/d was like heroin w/d.
Avatar n tn is 4 mg of Hydromorphone equivalent to 30 mg of hydrocodone
Avatar f tn Hydromorphone and hydrocodone are both semi-synthetic opioids, but hydromorphone is a much stronger pain reliever -- about 10 times stronger than hydrocodone. btw, hydrocodone does not contain acetaminophen. Medications like Vicodin and Norco contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, but hydrocodone is itself a semi-synthetic opioid, similar to oxycodone.
Avatar f tn I am taking 200mg Lyrica daily, plus 20mg Prozac, and Vicodin 5/500 as needed. I am miserable today - hurt all over I have a dr appt tomorrow morning but today is still long. I'm out of Vicodin and I have had a few 8 mg Dilaudid hanging around for awhile because a friend gave them to me. Has anyone had this combination of drugs? I need something but I am afraid the Lyrica and Prozac might interact with Dilaudid. Has anyone used Dilaudid to manage Fibro pain?
Avatar f tn I have been curious about Dilaudid or hydromorphone because my mother takes it but am too afraid to ask my doc. Ww recently had to move my mother to a home and I got the task of physically moving her because her hip was broken and my beother wouldnt pay for non-emergency transport. I have multiple problems from ruptured discs, dislocated hip, lupus, and leaking veins which cause my legs to swell horribly and turn purple.
Avatar n tn I have read everyone that has written in about withdraws from vicodin, but most of them have not been on them for years. My husband has been taking vicodin for about 4-5 years taking anywhere from 4-6 a day depending on his pain. He has terrible knee pain and without it he is unable to function with his job. He is only 38 years old and just found out a couple of months ago that he has the knees of an 88 year old man!!! so, we are waiting so he can get 2 total knee replacements.
910419 tn?1289483727 look into hydromorphone a bit, and if you like what you read, then ask your doctor about hydromorphone (or another opiate that can be taken daily for chronic pain, although make sure it isn't mixed with anything like acetaminophen... so no vicodin, no percocet, etc. because if it is mixed with anything like acetaminophen or another OTC medication then you will get rebound headaches.
Avatar f tn I'm taking Opana ER 10 mg and it's not on the list of approved drugs for my new RX plan. Fentanyl patches weren't effective. What's a good substitute? oxymorphone is not listed but hydromorphone is.
Avatar m tn You are experiencing symptoms of opioid withdrawal -- one of which is hyper (high) algesia (feeling of pain). Hyperalgesia means you're experience increased pain for no apparent reason, other than opiate withdrawal. Opioid-induced hyperalgesia (OIH)is one of the most understudied aspects of opioid research.
Avatar n tn The reason is that if you are still having trouble with the withdrawals at this point, you can switch back to the Hydrocodone in this last step as it is a much weaker opioid than Hydromorphone is - 10 mg of Hydrocodone is equivalent to 1.
Avatar n tn i started taking oxycotin and percocet with my norco (vicodin) and all the sudden im positive for hydromorphone. im at a loss and dont know where to turn from here because i know i didnt take anything but the pills he prescribe.
Avatar m tn My wife has been taking Vicodin (6 x 10/325) for several years. For the past year this escallated to hydromorphone (8 x 2, 2mg tabs). She raised the issue of having zero libido with her physician. Rather than addressing her opiod "saturation" she now is also taking a plethora of hormones, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, etc. with no change. Do they not think of other solutions?