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Avatar n tn i had a tooth extracted two days ago but the same pain is still there even with vicodin any suggestions
Avatar n tn I bit down hard on a popcorn kernel last Friday (six days ago), and am still in pain. The gland under my jaw, on the left side is swollen. What, exactly is going on? I had the area X-rayed, and nothing showed up. I'd like to know how long this pain is going to last. I am taking Advil and Vicodin to stop the pain.
7369582 tn?1395996075 I work at a dental office and we've given vicoden to pregnant patients. It's definitely ok to take. But if you're absolutely worried then don't take anything if you can stand it. You don't have to take the vicoden. It's only there if you feel the pain is unbearable. Tylenol usually doesn't help the pain and that's why they give you vicoden. Try keeping your head elevated, doing warm salt water rinses, and using a ice pack on your cheek.
Avatar n tn Hope someone can help me. Two & 1/2 weeks ago had tooth abcess. Dentist gave Vicodin 5/500. A few days later he did root canal & said root of tooth was cracked & would have to pull it. Gave amoxcillin and more Vicodin so inflamation would go down & he could pull tooth. At first I was taking 6-8 Vicodin/day for about a week. Then got down to 4-6/day for several days. Yesterday, very little pain & only took 1 Vicodin. Today, 1/2 Vicodin.
Avatar m tn Vicodin is for pain and you're also on an antibiotic for infection so you should be feeling much better. If the temporary crown is too long it can irritate the teeth below it, so I would definitely contact your dentist regarding this new pain. Take care.
Avatar f tn I know your pain, I have experienced it too but I took Advil and it really helped or get a bc powder and but some on your tooth even thou the taste is horrible, try and let it sit on there for a min it relieves the pain
Avatar f tn I am a Dental Assistant and there should be no reason you are not getting treated. Once you are in your second trimester you can have work done. Speak to you OB and get a clearance letter from him/her and that should help you get some treatment.
Avatar f tn i dont want on any of it...but they cant seem to fix my tooth pain...i dont know if Im addictd..but there are days im so gripey and my tummy looks bloated...could these symtopms be from the pain pills.
Avatar f tn t take the pain anymore and had a tooth ppulled, and the dentist gave me a script for 10 Vicodin 7.5 for the few days after the hole in my head is recovering. My questioin is , Is it wrong to get two scripts in same month? I don't think it should be a problem since I had an extraction, and vicodin is more of a breakthrough med where MS-ER is an extended release bassline med.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm in quite a bit of pain. About 18 months ago I had a root canal done on one of my top molars. I was fine up until 2 days ago. I started getting a little pain where my root canal "tooth" is. Then the next day I couldn't even tap on that "tooth" because it hurt so much. Also, I couldn't touch the gums above the tooth due to how much pain it caused.
Avatar f tn Only got 2 hours asleep and had a dentis apointment his morning I got a referal to get it retreated but the pain is so crucial that I need it pulled so they gave me antibiotics and vicodin . Made an appointment Monday for extraction (a day b4 my due date) but after taking he antibiotics my gum formed a lump and is getting darker throughout the day so I have an emergency appt.
Avatar n tn I have a bad toothache and have some vicodine, would that be effective until I get this tooth worked on. I will have my suboxone on Monday again.
Avatar f tn I am 21 weeks and I too had some tooth pain. I was going to tough it out but it got so bad it was hard to eat. I went to the dentist who told me I needed one tooth extracted and a root canal on another...I had just been to the dentist right before I got pregnant no problems. So yesterday was the big day I went to the oral surgeon in the morning and he pulled the tooth OUCH! And then in the afternoon the dreaded root canal...
Avatar f tn If anyone has had an absess one a tooth and have severe,excrutiating throbbing that barely viocodin could get rid off, which is best for facial and tooth pain only know what Im talking about. I have had many painful surgeries and hated and still hate pain meds. I was only on them for my severe ,debilitating, I.C. pain and Vulvodynia. No wonder the docs and nurses kept saying dexing I was a very, very brave girl.
Avatar f tn I'm having a terrible tooth ache and some friends.and my aunt suggested Vicodin. They said their doctors while they were pregnant and their children were fine. I would only take it in the rare nights I need it which is about 2 times in the same week every 2 months, that's all. I'm at my point where I ABOSULTELY CAN NOT SLEEP! Its 3 am here and tonight is one of those nights. What do you guys think?
Avatar n tn There was some decay around the old filling so that was drilled as well and the tooth filled. I had some pain off and on, but the pain wasn't localized to the filled tooth - it radiated over that entire side of my mouth, from the middle to the back, top and bottom, my gums ache and my jaw hurts up into my ear drum.
Avatar f tn hi everyone!!! I had an emergency dental visit today for a tooth that is absessed (sp?) and my dentist gave me a prescription for vicodin..a very small script..24 pills. I did take the script but have NOT dropped it off at the pharmacy with the other two scripts he gave me. I am 20 days clean off vicodin and I know that there is no way in hell that I should fill it but my question is if I were to fill it and only take it for my tooth over a few day period would I go through w/d again???
Avatar n tn In my head, I was NOT going to have them filled. Then the tooth pain got so bad I caved. Now I realize it maybe another 2-4 weeks before my insurance o.k.'s my procedure. I can't afford to pay for the procedure without my insurance!!. So I'm trying to stop once again!! I know I'm going to go through hell again!! What I'm REALLY worried about is when I do have my teeth pulled. What the heck can I take besides a narcotic to get me through the first few days??
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had tooth pain since end of april, been in and out of dentist, they thought it was a cavity causing the pain, had it filled still hurt, they had me come back in, thought I had something stuck in my gums, like a pice of popcorn, that didn't help, they had no idea what else it could be, took x rays and everything looked okay.
Avatar f tn I later got referred to a specialist a few weeks ago to have another root canal done on the same tooth because I was still experiencing sensitivity and a lot of pain. The tooth is still sensitive and although they say the tooth is “dead”, I swear I still have feeling in it. Now, as of today, I’ve been dealing with a constant headache for what feels like forever.
Avatar n tn I had tooth pain as well and accidentally took more Tylenol than the daily max. Turns out I had a cavity, so Orajel was no use, and it hurt so badly I couldn't stay off the Tylenol or I'd be unable to eat or talk. Since then I've had four fillings done, another four scheduled, and both wisdom teeth on top will have to be removed. If I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't be able to have any of this done. Way to go, government.
Avatar n tn I did not use pain pills for pain much, but this last injury I used Vicodin in order to be able to work with excruciating lower back pain (under tight supervision from doctor). I would take it AFTER testing and normalizing my blood sugars. At night, if I had not eaten or my BG's were erratic, I would eat a snack before bedtime and have candy in the bed table drawer in easy reach in case I woke up.
Avatar n tn My second question is related to pain medication given after surgery. I have had wisdom teeth removed, a bad tooth extracted and my gallbladder removed in the past. For each of these I was prescribed either hydrocodone (vicodin) and tylenol 3. I have terrible reactions to these meds.I feel sick to my stomach, very dizzy, and I usually end up vomiting or having dry heaves (not fun when you have abdominal stitches for a gallbladder extraction.
Avatar f tn The percocet is a bit stronger than the vicodin. I would go to the ER as they are usually very good about treating this kind of pain when you can't get into see your dentist. Where are you getting the percocet? Is it from an older prescription?
Avatar f tn Going back to yopur restorative dentist to have occlusal adjustment of new restoration is advised.
Avatar n tn I am 37 and never had a filling before. He said the teeth werent bad but just some minor tooth decay starting and otherwise my mouth/teeth were in very excellent shape. Never having a filling before I didnt know what to expect. Since the numbing meds wore off I have been in excruiating pain and 2 days later woke up to a completely swollen mouth and face.