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Avatar f tn I just started on Zohydro ER because the idea of not taking acetaminophen with hydrocodone was tempting. (There's a Black Box warning about the acetaminophen in Vicodin). The first day I started the Z. (about 5 days ago) I got less pain relief and much more pain than I had with 5/375 Vicodin! That's seems totally wrong but it happened. The dose of the Z is the same as I got for the number of 5/375s I took per day. Anyone else on Z. and how do you like it? Any side effects?
600857 tn?1230057770 OK, here's the "strange one" of the group. I have taken Vicodin for 4 years. It only makes me "grumpy" at the end of a day when I have over done my limitations and I am hurting and absolutely nothing works to ease my pain. My family knows when it's one of those evenings and they are kind enough to leave me alone and let me be a "B" all by myself. I don't even want to be around anyone. But those days are not often.
Avatar f tn What are the effects on the baby during and?pr after pregnancy? And #2. What would be the effects of withdrawal on the baby being this far along in the pregnancy? Actually, one more question, being this far along would it be more dangerous to the baby to go through withdrawal than it would be to stay on the Vicodin?
Avatar n tn Make sure your OBGYN is aware that you have been taking "tons" of vicodin since this is a Class D medication so that you, and baby, can be monitored appropriately.
Avatar m tn Is it ok to take Vicodin before and during pregnancy. And what side effects can we expect for the baby and mom.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 weeks pregnancy and have been on vicodin for 6 months.I take on most days 2 tabs 3-4times a day of the 5/500mg.I would like to know the effects of doing this.The docs are not being very helpful and they the one giving me this.I have pelvic symphanic.That where my pelvic bone separate too far and I can't walk.Any help would be helpful.
Avatar m tn In most cases withdrawal symptom feels like a flu. Muscle ache, diarrhea, nausea, sweat and etc.. How sever they will be or how lengthy is really different from one patients to the other. Maybe your will not be so bad. Some patients have minimum side effects. Good Luck.
906679 tn?1263612612 It is very difficult to wean off and has left some with permanent side effects. Good luck. I took vicodin with cymbalta and now I only take vicodin. It took me months of agony to get off Cymbalta. Please do the research.
Avatar n tn My hair seems like it is thinning? My skin looks like hell. I am on about 70mg a day. Has anyone else had weird side effects? Please let me know what you think the side effects you have experienced have been, as we can never be truely sure. Thank you!
730826 tn?1317943334 Im not vomiting any more but still am nausious. Its been a month since then. Can the side effects last this long or is there another reason for the nausea?
Avatar f tn I took bout 200-300 mg per day for a bout a week. I noticed the side effects difficulty staying asleep and muscle tightness as well as diarrhea initially. Then toward the end of the week I started to have painful sores in my mouth and swelling of my face and throat and neck lymph nodes, pain in the nodes as well. Then I got online and gasp at the things ive read! I cold turkey stopped on wednesday june 27th after reading bout mouth sores side effects.
232328 tn?1207090071 how high of a strength is what they gave me? How long until I start feeling better? And are there any side effects that I should be concerned about? I also take about 30 mg's of vicodin for severe back pain and 600 mg's of Neurontin a day. Would either of these 2 clash with the Prozac?? Please help. I can't wait to start feeling like "myself" again. Thanks and I really hope that I can get some sort of response from someone today.
Avatar f tn I was just thinking about the pain during labor and im super nervous on what i should and pain dont get along! Are the side effects from a epidural really bad and do it last a lifetime ?
Avatar m tn I am fortunate in that pain meds work to control pain to a tolerable level after surgery, but do not cause any feelings of euphoria or pleasure or unplesant psychiatric side effects either. They are just so constipating that using them is unpleasant. I hope you don't need much surgery or they can find something that doesn't cause you so much trouble. You may have to be hospitalized overnight after surgery so they can monitor your reaction to meds. It sounds awful.
Avatar f tn Just came back from the doctors and ive been having pelvic and back pain...horrible pain abd the dr prescribed me a low dose vicodin idk if I want to take them...anybody else with the same issues??? I tried looking online ti see the effects but couldn't really find anything. still in pain don't really know what to do. ......
Avatar n tn t help much with the pain either and I decided the pain was preferable to the side effects of the drugs. The only exception was that the first med I was put on after having a wisdom tooth extraction was Percocet which didn't make me sick to my stomach at all and really killed the pain but my gums hadn't healed all the way before the 3 day supply they gave me ran out and they wouldn't give me more percocet but instead switched me to vicodin.
Avatar f tn Did the baby have any side effects?
Avatar n tn ve been on it 2 times a week since then and have very good luck with it. No side effects and have to take no other medications with it, besides Vicodin when I have a flare up or severe pain. I'll be getting married this October and am curious to know if any woman out there have gotten pregnant and given birth while on Enbrel.