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Avatar m tn Hi Sparx, Did a little reseach on drugs vicodin and norco, under norco could find nothing in side effects for sex, but under vicodin there just sai altered sex drive, and that was it, so is after taken this that you some good erections, so which one then? Hypoglycsmic, does this mean your a diobetic? Do you mean ejculation or orgasm, as there is a differance?
Avatar n tn But I have noticed that I am finding it near impossible to maintain an erection or ejaculate. I am just wondering if this side effect goes away? Because If not I might as well just quit now and remain putting up with major anxiety and depression. That side effect will make me depressed if it doesn't go away.
Avatar f tn I just started on Zohydro ER because the idea of not taking acetaminophen with hydrocodone was tempting. (There's a Black Box warning about the acetaminophen in Vicodin). The first day I started the Z. (about 5 days ago) I got less pain relief and much more pain than I had with 5/375 Vicodin! That's seems totally wrong but it happened. The dose of the Z is the same as I got for the number of 5/375s I took per day. Anyone else on Z. and how do you like it? Any side effects?
1359882 tn?1277497464 what are some paxil side effects. because lately i have been having crazy dreams and kidney problems. can some one help me please?
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone new about the side effects of Oxycontin. I am currently taking 60 mg. 3 times a day for chronic pain. I have notice among other things that my sex drive has pretty much disappeared and that I have real problems getting erections if I may be so bold here. So I was wondering if anyone knows if that is a normal side effect of this drug. Also sweating and chills seem to be happening alot.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone knew of any longer lasting side-effects of this drug (i.e. the blood vessels in the penis permanently widen to allow increased blood flow). I'm not concerned over my health but was wondering if Viagra does something to physically change something in the penis to allow harder and longer lasting erections and if so, does this have any long-term consequences.
600857 tn?1230057770 OK, here's the "strange one" of the group. I have taken Vicodin for 4 years. It only makes me "grumpy" at the end of a day when I have over done my limitations and I am hurting and absolutely nothing works to ease my pain. My family knows when it's one of those evenings and they are kind enough to leave me alone and let me be a "B" all by myself. I don't even want to be around anyone. But those days are not often.
Avatar m tn I recently read that one of the side effects of circumcision is meatal stenosis and that uncircumcised men don't suffer from it. Is that correct? Also, would this side effect occur if a male had a frenoplasty? Do any of the other side effects of circumcision apply to a frenoplasty?
Avatar f tn Is this documented that Accutane does cause premature epiphyseal closure? If so why is this drug being prescribed and why isn't this on the long list of side effects. My son was on this and he has not grown since, or while taking it. He was just past his 14th birthday when he took it. His acne was severe and it is also now back. It did clear up for a short time. He is only 5, 5. I started typing in about accutane and growth and have come up with a long list of concerncs about growth.
Avatar f tn He was suggesting it had fewer sexual side effects. Maybe the Cialis will be enough to override any sexual side effects from the Metoprolol so I won't have to switch, but still curious whether I should ditch it for the Cardizem to at least try it. I don't have high blood pressure, just tachycardia and the metoprolol really helps keep that in check. Should I just stay on metoprolol and try the cialis and see how it works or should I try the cardizem?
Avatar n tn Have been taking Lexapro 20 mg for about a year and very much improved. Unable to acieve orgasm even with erection. How long does thia side effect last after weaning off Lexapro with doctor's approval???
1295973 tn?1279756268 the meds (particularly the blood pressure med) could have a signifcant impact on one's ability to get and maintain an erection. Vicodin is a possibility but that (when I was addicted to it) I found usually made orgasm impossible. I'd talk to your doctor about the BP med and see if any of the ED drugs available can be combined with it so that yuo can get and maintain an erection...
Avatar m tn I used to take a lot of vicodin and that would REDUCE my abitlty to maintain or get an erection... I didn't stop taking the vicodin but starting making MACA and Horny Goat Milkshakes and my erections and sex drive was outta control, my girl put me on a break... hahaha!
Avatar n tn My husband takes 20 mg lexapro for a couple of yrs now but hasn't experienced any of the side effects you have mentioned. Is there a different antidepressant you could try. I know in the warning/side effects it mentions something about potentially causing sexual side effects. I'm sorry this is happening but I would discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist.
Avatar m tn In most cases withdrawal symptom feels like a flu. Muscle ache, diarrhea, nausea, sweat and etc.. How sever they will be or how lengthy is really different from one patients to the other. Maybe your will not be so bad. Some patients have minimum side effects. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn I think u may not be able to sleep cos ur bp is too high and thats quite dangerous, usually i cant get any sleep if my bp rises above 150/90. Side effects of atenolol for me are slow pulse, weak erection, weakness and tiredness, confusion, difficulty taking quick decisions.
906679 tn?1263612612 It is very difficult to wean off and has left some with permanent side effects. Good luck. I took vicodin with cymbalta and now I only take vicodin. It took me months of agony to get off Cymbalta. Please do the research.
Avatar m tn Hi, Tadalafil (Cialis) has had a few side effects with long-term use, but these have not been conclusively attributed to the drug. Headaches, indigestion, back and muscle pains, etc., have been considered the minor side effects of this drug. Longer-term use can cause vision impairment due to optic neuropathy and has also been reported to cause sudden deafness. Further studies regarding the long-term use of this drug are underway and are yet to be conclusively reported upon.
Avatar n tn My hair seems like it is thinning? My skin looks like hell. I am on about 70mg a day. Has anyone else had weird side effects? Please let me know what you think the side effects you have experienced have been, as we can never be truely sure. Thank you!
Avatar m tn Recently out curiosity I started looking for information about side effects of excessive masterbation . and I am quite worried after knowing the side effects. So for last 3 days I have stopped doing masterbation. For my case should I being doing masterbation even a bit or stop doing it for a very long time. And if its OK to do masterbation then what should be the frequency. I am 25 years old.
Avatar n tn ve been on Wellbutrin for 4 weeks now and my sexual side effects have not subsided. I specifically chose to take Wellbutrin because of its reputation for rarely causing sexual side effects, because even while depressed I had a pretty healthy sex life. However, I recently read that studies have shown that, although less common than with SSRI antidepressants, Wellbutrin can cause sexual side effects, such as decreased libido and impotence.