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12103503 tn?1423448886 I have severe back pain and my doctor has given me vicodin. She said it was safe to take while pregnant. Have any of you taken it while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Do the benefits outweigh the risks? As far as I know vicodin is not safe to take during pregnancy in any dosage but again, you need to talk to your doctor asap.
Avatar n tn This is my 1st pregnancy and I'm 34 , I have very large fibroid all over, I have one that's sitting on my bladder and it's extremely painful, my Dr. prescribed me Vicodin 5mg twice every 6 hrs. Is this safe and will it harm my baby?
Avatar n tn s, I just had my third IUI a few days ago and have been taking a vicodin for a broken foot for a few weeks now. My doctor knows I have been taking it and has not told me to stop yet? Does anyone know if this can hurt my chances of becoming pregnant? Can this medication cause stress to my body and prevent a possible pregnancy? What are the risks if I do become pregnant? Any feedback would be help. Thank you.
771853 tn?1235326955 The narcotic in Vicodin (hydrocodone) is not going to hurt your liver, but too much acetominophen, with which it is compounded in Vicodin, can actually cause acute liver failure all on its own. Taking Vicodin as prescribed is probably not a big risk. If you are abusing it, then the large doses of acetominophen associated with abuse can be very dangerous. Of course. alcohol in any significant amount is a serious threat to any liver that is already fighting hepatitis c.
501895 tn?1210201743 zoloft and vicodin are drugs...
Avatar m tn In some cases, it may be that the benefit of taking Vicodin in the first trimester does outweigh the risks involved with taking Vicodin in the first trimester. However, it is more likely that your health care provider may wish to use a different pain relieving medication, or use some other method to address your pain, rather than taking medications such as Vicodin during the first trimester.
Avatar f tn Well my doctor prescribed vicodin, 3 a day, 5/500, for my sciatic pain. Now I am 20 days away from delivery and he's saying its possible my son will be born addicted! I dont understand why i wasnt told about this earlier. do you think it's enough time to wean off or stop conpletely and he will be ok? I'd rather be in pain than have him go through that. Does anyone have actual experience with this?
Avatar n tn I am 24 weeks pregnant. I took prescribed vicodin in my first trimester while I did not know I was pregnant. My first OB visit while pregnant was at the end of my third month. I notified her that I was taken vicodin and she said it was not a problem. She also told me not to continue to take vicodin. Some days I would not take any and some days I would take one or two depending on the pain. I quit cold turkey about two weeks ago.
1549562 tn?1304004489 ( anyways they drugged me up pretty good at the er to put me to sleep so they could fix it and then prescribed me vicodin for the pain....well i em in quite a bit of pain but im scared that all the medicine i received at the er and vicodin can affect my baby i have yet to take one pill.....the doc refused to check the baby because im only 6wks he said there isnt much to check at this point.
Avatar m tn I have severe migraines which got a lot worse after I became pregnant. I saw a neurologist early on in the pregnacy and he said that Vicodin/Norco was my best option and that "plenty of healthy babies are born to mothers on Vicodin". I got up to 6-8 pills a day during my second trimester, but around 30 weeks I started to cut down and I asked my OB/GYN about the risks of remaining on the medication through the third trimester.
Avatar f tn They put me on antibiotics and sense Tylenol was not helping at all my OB first had me try IB Profen 800 mg which did not help. So he prescribed me vicodin. I have taken the 2 he told me too right away and then 1 to 2 every 4 to 6 hours after as needed. With that we are both looking for a dentist that will pull the tooth with just numbing my mouth. Has anyone else taken vicodin? I am nervous as all the Internet says is not the best things.
1279189 tn?1275244868 I am still having the same amount of pain as usually do. I have taken my Vicodin, but tried not to, to see if I got any releif from the patch. And nothing. I may try one more, not sure yet. I am not thrilled about anything I hear about the patch.Most of my right leg is numb right now. I am at my desk this morning. The pain from my knee goes into my foot and up my hip. Making it very hard to sit here and work. I did put the patch on my back hip, right under the belt area.
Avatar f tn Sometimes, with medications, we have to weigh the benefits of you taking the medication against the risks that it may cause for your baby. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks and sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits. Only you, your ob/gyn and your psychiatrist can decide this. I think that you should sit down with your doctors and go through the medication list and decide together what is appropriate for you.
Avatar f tn ve been breastfeeding my 7 month old while taking a combination of Darvocet (mostly) and Vicodin since she was born both for M.S. related issues and C section recovery. I get nervous that I'm doing damage to her body and/or she will withdrawl if I stop. Is this a concern? She is a healthy 21 pound baby who is developmentally right on. What issues should I be looking for in her?
Avatar f tn Sometimes women are prescribed pain medications during pregnancy because the benefits outweigh the risks. Being in severe pain may cause more problems to a baby then the pain medication you took. I would let your OB know about it. Congrats on your pregnancy!!
Avatar m tn I have been on 7.5 Vicodin for over 9 years now. Its to a point that I ccan't sleep, have bone pain, nausea, headaches...all the clssic signs when I cut back. I have heard in the forum about the drugs that help such as clonidine, buprenorphine and buprenex. Can anyone reccommend or tell me your experiences? All I know is I have to get off of this stuff before it ruins my life and my family. I am not even sure what it feels like to feel has been so long!
4757133 tn?1358797625 What is the rationale for the heavy drug load? Have you checked the interactions with tramadol and Vicodin? There are risks involves, especially as you drink a lot of alcohol.
Avatar f tn I have read a ton of posts on this site about vicodin use during pregnancy and all say to taper down during the last trimester so the baby will not be born addicted. Also, with me taking this amount for the last 2 months, will my withdrawal symptoms be severe? I am extremely worried I have caused any sort of damage to my baby boy and I am worried about stopping and having these terrible withdrawal symptoms that I read about and those alone harming the baby.
Avatar f tn I am 24 weeks pregnant and I have been taking percocet and vicodin throughout my pregnancy. I am prescribed 2 vicodon 5/325 daily for back pain. I have been taking other medication that is not prescribed. I know I have a problem and need to quit. I can not ask for help from the doctor I don't want to be turned in to CPS. I want to talk to any other women that are in my shoes or have experienced this. I want to know if my baby is going to be born healthy.
Avatar f tn I am currently 24 weeks pregent and for the last two months I have been having alot of pain due to a herniated disk and my siatic nerve. My OB perscribed my vicodin while we wait to see if my health insurance is going to cover physical thereapy or not. I have checked the internet alot and I cant seem to find any good studies on what this is doing to my baby. I am definitly careful on how much I take.
758099 tn?1233986759 Ok, so I am 33 weeks pregnant and have been prescribed Vicodin 5/500 since I was 4 months pregnant. The max I am willing to take per day is 2 and I refuse to take them any closer than 5 1/2 hours apart. My OB is the one who prescribes them for chronic migraines and back problems (one near-fatal car accident and have fallen down the stairs at home). The pain gets unbearable, so I know that if I stop taking them, it'll be worse than taking them for both of us.
Avatar n tn How long after my last vicodin should i take suboxone?..its been 14 hrs. since my last one..
Avatar f tn I agree with Meli. When prescribing meds during pregnancy, Dr.'s will typically weigh the risk against the benefit. However, I have found that talking to your pharmascist is the best course of action, simply because I like to have all the information, and be a part of making decisions for my own care. The pharmascist is an expert on drugs and the potential risks and side effects involved. I have found he/she is also often able to make alternate suggestions with less potential risk.
1383825 tn?1315232262 For 13 years, vicodin abuse was a big deal. 52 days ago, I quit CT. I was so focused on my opiate addiction, I ignored my Xanax abuse. I have been taking it for years, but never really craved it, like vicodin. I'd randomly take xanax - anywhere from a 1mg XR to a .5 fast-acting maybe every day (off and on for years), and also every day up until recently! I honestly can't tell you what my pattern was, though.
Avatar n tn I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and have taken 4 10mg hydrocodone for back problems that I have due to a car accident. While my doctor says that there isn't any risks associated I'm concerned. I don't want anything to be wrong with my baby. I made the decision that I would just live with the pain for the rest of my pregnancy because I feel like the worrying over the meds is worse than the pain. I would die if I hurt my unborn child!!! Thanks for the help!