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Avatar n tn The pain medication is most likely the culprit. Report what's happening immediately to whomever extracted your teeth. I think you're having an adverse reaction to the Vicodin, or it could be that you're having a drug interaction. An extraction will not cause these problems so you must look at the meds.
Avatar f tn I'm not in aftercare yet but the next na meeting is next week. I plan to go. Obviously, this is not something I can do on my own. I wish my brother could go with me but he's way too sick to come. He says he wont go back after his od and I don't believe him. I relapsed since I could get my script. Before that, I had been off them 23 days. 25 for the subs.
Avatar n tn An overdose from cocaine can cause a serious increase in blood pressure, which can cause bleeding in the brain leading to a higher possibility of a stroke. A cocaine overdose can cause heart and respiratory problems resulting in death.
Avatar m tn given my history, with the exception of some problems with asthma, in generally good health. Vicodin/Tylenol OD episode was in August several blood tests show liver functions are all normal w/ no apparent damage despite years of alcohol abuse. I’m a very frequent drinker rather than a binge drinker & was very functional despite decades of heavy drinking. Don’t get me wrong - being a different type of drinker doesn’t preclude me from recognizing & accepting that I’m an alcoholic.
912614 tn?1242992657 How bad is it to stop taking Vicodin cold turkey. I was taking at least 20 a day for about 2 years now. I just woke up one day and said "that is it"! I am going to OD or die from this stupid drug! Why do doctors just keep giving them to us. I just don't understand. Anyway I am on day 6 and feeling pretty good. I, unlike most of the post that I have read, have TO MUCH ENERGY! I can't stop moving. I can't sleep or sit still of 5 minutes. Is this normal?
502147 tn?1237474522 I am 7 days Vicodin free. :) But it almost killed me and I wanted to be rid of them. Last week i was admitted to the hospital because i accidentally overdosed. I was taking precription Vicodin for severe back pain. It started out as 4 X's a day innocent enough, but then you build a tolerance to it and 4 wasnt enough. I have been hooked ever since going on 2 years. Little did i know this was a downward spiral to hell for me. The pills worked great for along time I was high 24 hours a day.
1325193 tn?1450127436 Today is the 7th full day without the vicodin posion. I went to my doc and told him everything. We figured out that I did more like 8 a day average for 2 months. He increased my busporine, non addictive anti-anxiety med, and my lexapro from 10 to 20. He also said it could up to 2 weeks before I start to feel good again. So now, everyday is going suck for a while. Pleae pray for me. I will never be here again. I always had anxiety issues, but my 10 mg lexapro always kept it in check.
Avatar m tn they have actually lowered the recomended doseage to 1gm at a time. Dont worry about the past OD just tell them the truth that it was accidental.
Avatar f tn t a suicide attempt, but more of a way to satisfy my curiosity about suicide by OD. However, after doing a little research online, some people seem to think that 10,000 mg can be dangerous. It's been 18 hours, and I feel fine except for a little nausea and queasiness. That means I'll be okay, right? I'm not having any serious side effects. I'm a 23-year-old female, 5'6", 115 pounds. Thanks for any advice!
5716143 tn?1377486689 I was conscious for my last OD, it was pretty traumatic for me. I was kept alive a few times before that, but was convulsing and unconscious. I share that to express the prevention is the only way to treat an OD right. Relapse or getting a scoot after days of withdrawal are how most the folks I know died. I was on methadone, so it accumulates to reach respiratory arrest, but I know from experience, once your lungs stop, it is too late to help yoursel.
Avatar n tn I was taking 10-15 10mg vicodin a day. I know it has to be tearing up my liver. Does anyone else have a problem like this?
Avatar f tn They put me on 300mg of Ultram, and after 1 week of taking it I had a seizure. So they put me on Vicodin 40mg a day. The Vicodin was so far the best. Then I injured my back and the doctor gave me Hydromorphone HCL 4mg 3 times a day. After reading some posts here it seems that drug is very dangerous and I am not sure if I should just suck it up and withdraw from Vicodin cold turkey (gave back to Dr. to get the new Rx). For pain I'll keep taking Ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn since I have been off Vicodin. Yesterday was horrible because of the diarrhea, and today it is the shakiness and nervousness. I have to work today and I feel so awful, I just want to lay in bed. I am so disappointed in myself. I had 9 years clean. I thought I could handle the Vicodin but I should have known better. Been on them for 9 months from injuries in a car accident, and past 3 months started abusing. So, here I go again with the withdrawal.
Avatar n tn halfway into freshman year i started using other things like vicodin, xtc, shrooms, lsd, and coke. it didnt take long for most my friends to get expelled from highschool and i rarely saw many of em again. the few of them i still hanged out with started going hardcore with drugs and so did i. by my sophmore year i was using at least 10 grams of coke a month, the vicodin stopped working so i was deep into using LOTS of strong opiates like oxycottin and morphine.
Avatar n tn Methadone is a much longer acting opiate that vicodin, but it will still give a form of euphoria. Your doctor is probably prescribing the methadone to give you better pain releif for a longer period so you don't have to take as many lortab. At one point when I was having severe neck pain, my doctor also put me on lortab and a small dose of methadone. Please be careful, as both drugs are very addictive and methadone is very hard to withdrawal from.
Avatar f tn dang, i remember when a few norcos(vicodin-hydrocodone) whatever would make me feel good! That was years ago.. I can take 7-8 at one time and feel nothing (euphoric anyway) pain relief yeah, but no warm fuzzy good feelings anymore, not from hydrocodone anyway. It takes a good size amount of oxycodone every 2 hours all day and night to give me that feeling.. PLEASE QUIT NOW BEFORE YOU GET AS BAD AS ME! Your eyes crossing is just you getting faded and a nodding out sensation..