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967168 tn?1477584489 t know why it would cause me nightmares when I take it at 7am and go to bed normally around 9-10 pm? I have taken Vicodin before after another surgery and never had this problem, so I'm stumped why this is happening. Anyone else have this happen?
Avatar f tn i was prescribed vicodin from a pill happy doc, who has kept refilling since june 1. at first i was popping about 6 a day to deal with the horrible back pain. now i have weaned myself down to 3 a day. i do not want to take them anymore! when i am on them i have no pain and i feel great but i can't sleep on them. i have nightmares! is this normal? as i have been weaning off of them i also notice myself having anxiety attacks. is this normal?
Avatar f tn So, I've been dealing with MAJOR stress and anxiety... Big time!! Plus of course I never get a break from the cravings... I'm jealous when I see so many people that quit the pills and just forget about them. That just isn't the case for me. Its not every minute but it is usually a couple times a day...i think it's because I have so much personal stuff to deal with and my first gut reaction is to pop a pill...numb the pain... Hey, I have to retrain myself...
967168 tn?1477584489 this is ridiculous how can I take a 500mg Vicodin that has a little pain relief for 3 hours and it make me have nightmares 10 or 12 hours later? Last night I had nightmares about my upcoming GYN appt. I've had so many appt's with this dr since 1997 I can't even count them all, and I trusted him enough when other dr's couldn't find what was wrong to dx and cure me - have surgery in 2005 yet here I am scared to death of going to see him!
Avatar f tn My pain management doctor recently switched me to hydrocodone 10-500 due to pharmacy crack downs and I am itching like crazy and having bad nightmares and don't sleep well and grind my teeth bad. I must be having an allergic reaction? I'm not allergic to anything but this now. I'm suffering in pain cause I can't take these side effects! I was on Oxycodone 10-325 and didn't have any problems.
1096641 tn?1271707225 OMG! what a nightmare...just yesterday I posted about coming up on my 10 year clean-a-versary for crack cocaine...last night I had a dream that I was using...binging in fact. it was a very detailed dream about powder and rock cocaine and I actually got 'high' in the dream. Even in the dream I said "damn...I just posted about coming up on 10 years, I can't believe I'm doing this" but continued to do it anyway... then I woke up...
1374564 tn?1295059520 On Tuesday I had the worst migraine I have had in a very long time and I could not get in to see my doctor so I caved and went to my sister for some Vicodin. She gave me two 10/325's of which I took one immediately. While it did alleviate the pain almost immediately, it made me feel queasy, floaty and completely out of control. I hated the sensation! I had constant dry mouth and often was startled awake by my own gagging.
396099 tn?1216254986 Dreams or Nightmares? I went through a phase of nightmares on Elm Street. I'm sure a lot of people here remermer b/c I was freaked. The dreams were so I knew that I was awake, then all of a sudden a stranger would jump into the picture and threatenen my life. It 'hasn't happened again for about 2 weeks. People her told me it was a part of it. It's so scary.
600857 tn?1230057770 I have, but BE VERY CAREFUL, please the percocet and perhaps nuerontin will soon to the very same thing to you and are you managing the pills? Do you have a pain managment doctor? If I can offer any advice, it would WHATEVER YOU CAN to get off these pills..yes, they can help if managed correctly...but for many of us, they are the devil himself. At any rate...
710513 tn?1247522479 I started taking Vicodin 2+ years ago for a back problem, had surgury 2 months ago.....I am so pleased to say I am now 9 days clean..the first 8 were absolutly miserable but there seemd to be a light at the end of this tunnel. I only took 6 7.5's per day, i would occasionaly sneak in an extra 1 or 2 but for the most part stayed at 6.. I thank all of you who take the time to reply as i can tell you it made a hugh difference to me. The one issue I struggled with and still am is sleep.
414776 tn?1202738690 I need help...i stopped taking vicodin 2 days ago, im sick as a dog..i cant go to detox, nobody knows about it..(family,coworkers.etc) im having flu like symptoms i can barely focus on this task right now, i was taking between 2000 and 4000 mg a day for the past two years, im confused, ive been crying not sleeping having nightmares going to the bathroom every 5 minutes..i feel like dying...any suggestions for at home treatments? thanks ..
Avatar f tn Thank you opiateswon for answering so soon! I am only tapering for a few days because I only have a few vicodin left, probably be out by four days from now. I've gone from 8 vicodin per day to 3 now and don't start taking them until 2. I will keep myself busy. Believe it or not I jogged 3 miles yesterday in the warm sun. I haven't done that for a long time, and still did not sleep well. I guess if I didn't get exercise it could have been worse right?
Avatar m tn I truly have arthritis too and am on only 3, 5mg vicodin a day. vicodin(hydrocodone) usually gives me nice dreams when i take my last pill at bedtime. but it does nothing to rid these extremely stressful paxil(paroxetine) withdrawal sleep nightmares. I mean these dreams are so vivid and unlike scarry nightmares have too much to do with the reality of my bitter life. I am afraid to go to sleep. I am exhausted and i have so much to get done this week.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone! I had my appointment with the psychiatrist today, and let me tell you, I am really glad that I had the appointment. Some of you have seen my posts recently that I've had a lot of trouble going to sleep and actually staying asleep. In the past few weeks I've actually stayed up 2 or 3 days all night long, and gone into work. I spoke iwth my psychiatrist and he decided to keep me on some of the same medication and then changed it to other medication.
Avatar f tn I've never been the kind to have nightmares until the last few weeks. I am 16 weeks pregnant first child n I was wondering if anyone else has had nightmares or could tell me if this is normal for pregnancies?
Avatar f tn Has any of you had any nightmares ? And have you woke up crying about it ?
Avatar f tn I keep having these horrific nightmares that I am unfit to be a mother meaning I forget to feed the baby or leave it somewhere or forget to change a diaper it's making me really panic!!
11142112 tn?1415649438 What can I do about nightmares during early pregnancy? I've been having them for a whole week now & every time I fall asleep, I have crazy nightmares.
Avatar f tn 16 weeks pregnant all I have is nightmares I don't even want to sleep
Avatar f tn Has anyone else experienced quite vivid nightmares? I find myself waking up in a dead panic from nightmares that seem real. Someone is trying to kill me and my family every night. I do not even want to go to sleep. Is this a common thing?
Avatar f tn In my first trimester i had bad nightmares as well .. i dont Have them anymore. Thank god. They always felt so real ..
Avatar f tn I been having nightmares lately. Don't know why.
12518439 tn?1446857092 ve been gettin the worst nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night in sweats. Anybody else have this problem? Or how to stop them? It makes me not wana go back to sleep.
Avatar f tn does anyone else whith brain lesions have nightmares ?