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Avatar n tn The er gave me a prescription for vicodin bevause of stomach pains, I haven't taken it but is this normal?
552450 tn?1218198058 This is going to be long but I am urging someone to help me.. or atleast give me some typeof advice. When I was 18 I had what I thought to be a kidney infection.. my back was just SO sore. I went to the doctor 3 different times for them to tell me it was all in my head, that I only had a bladder infection. Finally it got so painful I couldn't walk or breathe and was taken to the ER with a sever kidney infection and a temperature of 104.
Avatar f tn Ended up at an urgent care clinic where I was prescribed cipro for the infection and vicodin for the pain. I took all 24 of them over the course of a week. Usually 1/2 a vicodin or 1 as directed. Sometimes at night after a long day and my back hurt worse I would take an extra 1/2. Here's my question, is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms from that? I was unable to sleep last night with restless legs, more back pain and general not feeling well.
12103503 tn?1423448886 I have severe back pain and my doctor has given me vicodin. She said it was safe to take while pregnant. Have any of you taken it while pregnant?
Avatar f tn (I go to an accelerated nursing school and I can not be in bed 3 days a week from pain, plus chronic pain makes you nuts and depressed) He gave me some vicodin and it helps. I take 1-2 the day of the shot and maybe one the day after. It took me over a month to use 30 vicodin and now he is saying he wants to stop the vicodin. He does not believe that neupogen could cause this debilitating pain. He says I need to be careful with the vicodin.
Avatar n tn m scared to tell my doctor about the vicodin abuse and if there is any relation? Has anyone ever experienced kidney/liver issues? Appreciate it....
6698677 tn?1388419893 Doctor sent me there thought I had something that may burst. Blood work, ultrasound, etc. Nurse must have asked me 5 times my pain level. Told her I was about a 5 when really it was more. Anyway antibiotics & an automatic prescription for Vicodin. I handed back the presc & told them Tylenol should do it. I thought it was interesting because I told my own doc that I am done with the MS Contin so that was noted on the orders he sent with me.
8475475 tn?1403476630 Oddly it wasn' t at all.....I hate medicines and never take pain relievers; but, shockingly it didn't have the drowsy effect on me that I had previously heard it just diminished the incision pain tremendously. As long as I took the vicodin prescribed, I was able to move well and enjoy my baby...and I' m a supersized plus gal so I just knew that it was going to be difficult to maneuver and it wasn't.
Avatar f tn 9 year ago I had a hysterectomy. Unfortunately during surgery the doctor knocked a hole in my bladder. My ureter swelled and kinked. Two days later I had stint put in my ureter. The stint stayed in for nine weeks. I continued to see the urologist for a year and did well. Now I am beginning to have a lot of pain in the kidney and area of the ureter. I have to urinate often, otherwise "'m in great pain. Has anyone experienced this? I'm in the process of scheduling a cat scan.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Vicodin For my headaches i have constantly. Usually i always have one everday but lately I have been having Extreme pain in the center of my brain once a week! It hurts so bad i puke and moving around makes it hurt worse. I tried Iboprofun and hot baths, ice packs, sinus medecine- nothing helps not even the pain killers. I almost made my husband take me to the ER. I heard antidrepressents help but i already take those. Could something be really wrong?
Avatar n tn t had to take major pain meds. Mass in kidney - said it is benign but will be watched by tests every three monthes. I am scheduled to have TVT done in two weeks. I had hyperparathyroidism with parathyroid removed 4 years ago. I had a stone that blocked my kidney and even after blasting would not come out without being scooped out. This was in my left kidney. Kidneys were both checked out thoroughly for damage and other stones - neither of which was found. Questions are...
Avatar f tn Well my doctor prescribed vicodin, 3 a day, 5/500, for my sciatic pain. Now I am 20 days away from delivery and he's saying its possible my son will be born addicted! I dont understand why i wasnt told about this earlier. do you think it's enough time to wean off or stop conpletely and he will be ok? I'd rather be in pain than have him go through that. Does anyone have actual experience with this?
Avatar m tn I was prescribed vicodin for the pain but those have huge side effects on me. I suggest to them about having surgery either laser or the sonar that breaks them up but they say no. I have also tried various home remedies and everything but nothing seems to work and lately the pain is back and its interfering with my job. Is there anything to do or any doctor in the NYC region that can actually do something?
Avatar f tn she was diagnosed with IBS and wanted Vicodin for that stomach pain. Finally the doctors convinced her and my parents that it was not OK to use Vicodin for that as it was ruining her stomach lining. But since then, she keeps coming up with reasons to need Vicodin...first a UTI, then a kidney or bladder infection, then more menstrual troubles. And she puts herself through all these tests for these illnesses but nothing ever comes back as conclusive. I'm so worried.
4768456 tn?1358921474 I have tooth pain, I have back pain (large chest) I have kidney pain, I have horrible migraines, not to mention because of my kidney disease I have RLS so my legs become very painful at night mostly. So yea. There ya go. I have been taking them for about 3 years now on and off for pain. btw.
1223946 tn?1281392358 As for managing your pain, unfortunately, all I can tell you is to drink PLENTY of fluids and stock up on narcotic pain-killers. Stay away from Vicodin (as the acetaminophen content is high and poses liver problems if used long-term). Norco (10/325) works well for managing pain of this nature (it's worked well for me), but if your pain-level is beyond that of Norco, you can go the morphine route with MS-Contin.
Avatar f tn m a chronic pain management patient, with fibromyalgia and flank pain due to medullary sponge kidney. I was originally sent to a pain mgmt doc almost 5 yrs because of the chronic kidney pain (was diagnosed with fibro a year later). For almost 5 yrs I have been on the fentanyl patch to manage pain. I was on a 50 patch every 48 hrs (yes, 48 hrs not 72) for most of that time but almost a yr ago I switched to the 25 mcg/hr patch (still every 48 hrs).
Avatar f tn Before I found out I was pregnant, I was using a face cream called Clindamycin, and taking low dose Vicodin for pain, that I thought was from a kidney stone, and I had a margarita. Just make sure from this point on, you call your doc before taking any prescription or over the counter meds. Good Luck!!
Avatar f tn . Well my doctor prescribed vicodin, 3 a day, 5/500, for my sciatic pain. Now I am 20 days away from delivery and he's saying its possible my son will be born addicted! I dont understand why i wasnt told about this earlier. do you think it's enough time to wean off or stop conpletely and he will be ok? I'd rather be in pain than have him go through that. Does anyone have actual experience with this?
1374564 tn?1295059520 Hi all, I have been on Vicodin for awhie..much longer than I realized and just recently had my doctor tell me some symptoms I thought were related to a UTI was actually signs of addiction and withdrawals from Vicodin. Yeah for me. I have dumped all of my pills in the toilet.
Avatar f tn If you have gastritis, can it take longer for prescribed, Vicodin to leave your urine or blood?
Avatar n tn I started noticing my pain gradually increase between the pain medication and my pain in my upper kidney area and groin would increase closer to my next due dossage of percocet (7.5)! However, the pain grew stronger around 3am...ouch!!! I took a dosage but by 5 am the pain had pacing the house deciding if I could take the kidney pain for another 2 more hours, when it was ok to take abother pill. I was still uritating in a clear form and the strainer was almost empty. So why this pain?
Avatar f tn My husband uses Torodol for kidney pain it seems to work pretty good.
Avatar m tn I just had my bloodwork done and don't know how I am going to live w/o pain killers as I have nerve damage, re Multiple Sclerosis. I take 6 /7 or 8 tabs a day I am very careful What are the markers in a blood test that tell you your liver is hurt? My "BUN" ratio went from 11 ( 10 is the bottom of normal) six months ago to 6..7 this past week > I read that is lever damage.
Avatar n tn m having the same exact problem, except also having burning pain in my bladder all the time. I passed two small kidney stones last week and my doctor gave me a prescription for Vicodin saying that I need to drink lots of fluids (which I always do anyway) and it'll eventually resolve, however popping pain killers isn't addressing the issue! Let me know if anything works for you Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have been given, hydrocodone, Tylenol 3, morphine, Vicodin, and others, I feel absolutely no relief from pain EVER, be it kidney stone or tooth ache. I have bottles of this crap. I tell drs I feel no pain relief ever! I do get nauseated and a bit sleepy. These r my only two symptoms after taking a pill, or they IV it in my arm. Otherwise nothing. My daughter for an arm break got down right loopy after some morphine.. It was amazing too watch. Me? Never. Drs never believe you either.