Vicodin in third trimester

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Avatar m tn There is some research to suggest that a newborn whose mother has taken Vicodin regularly through her pregnancy, prior to delivery, may experience some symptoms of withdrawal. In addition, taken late in the third trimester just before delivery may cause the baby’s breathing to be slowed.If you are taking Vicodin and discover that you have become pregnant, you should contact your health care provider.
161427 tn?1229911282 Vicodin is safe, my o.b. said I need to taper off it during my third trimester (so the baby is not born addicted). Tapering is important to do during preg., instead of stopping cold, because withdrawal can cause your bloodpressure and heartrate to increase, as well as potentially dangerous swings in mood, and sleeping problems, caused by the serotonin decrease that happens when you suddenly stop taking vicodin. Please note, besides o.b.
3203877 tn?1358032521 oh nooooo. how are your emotions in the third trimester?
Avatar f tn Im in my third trimester and time has seemed to slow down
7166590 tn?1408351416 So they day the first and third trimesters are horrible and the second is a nice break in between. And I am sure I'm about to agree. I hit the third trimester tomorrow (27 weeks) and am already uncomfortable and over it haha the second trimester wasn't a walk in the park for me but have to admit it did end up getting better than the first. But in the last week I have become increasingly uncomfortable, frequently urinating, lack of sleep and heart burn has been kicking my butt!
Avatar f tn I'm early in my third trimester too and I'm starting to feel like I'm in my first trimester all over again with the morning sickness - all day sickness -_-
Avatar f tn although I feel all the "symptoms" of the third trimester I'm on my 26 weeks. This app is all of a sudden said today in the middle of my 26th week that I'm in my 3rd trimester today, I don't want to fight the good news because all the joys of the second trimester like energy has gone so I FEELS like I'm in my third just seems a big early to join the club. Why is there no certainty about when it starts? Who on this planet has the real answer?
Avatar f tn Same with me third trimester Im always sleepy as i was in my 1st trimester.
Avatar f tn 6 weeks left and I sweat so bad. Even in like 50 degree weather. Its 72 degrees where I live right now and Im in shorts and a short sleeve tshirt and still sweating. Im glad I wont be pregnant during actual summer.
Avatar f tn Yes the third trimester is the hardest for sure. The back pain only gets worse and it gets to the point where you feel like you cant breathe. It gets harder to get comfortable which makes it harder to sleep..
362119 tn?1223137936 Im 29weeks in a few days so Im in the Third trimester too!!! Im so excited I cant wait to hold my little man.. just wish we could find a name for him :-) We like Max and Harrison so I suppose weve at least got potentials lol... Ive been super uncomfortable, more hungry and getting occasional sharp cramps but Im sure this is all normal! I finish work in 4 and a bit weeks so I cant wait. Being pregnant in a super high stress environment job is really startin to get old ... quickly!
Avatar f tn One more week as of today and I will be in my third trimester. Time is flying and yet moving turtle slow at the same time. I have gained just under four pounds and baby weighs two pounds one ounce as of yesterday at my ultrasound.
2021990 tn?1398838140 Woo! As of midnight, I am finally in my third trimester :) This pregnancy seems to be flying by! With my first baby, I felt like it was taking forever but with this one it's going by soooo fast! Can't wait to meet my baby girl in September!
Avatar f tn Due Feb 3rd. 79 days in much to do yet!
Avatar f tn In my third trimester and due date is April 4th. Honestly I am so tired. I am a little nervous about getting closer to delivery. This is not my first child but I now live in the state of Georgia where I am not familiar with the doctors and hospitals. Just walking up my stairs makes my legs hurt and its hard for me to breathe. Sleeping can be difficult too. Other than that I guess I am ok.
Avatar f tn Have any of you new moms or already mom felt nauseous during third trimester? Not gagging or throwing up, but just constantly nauseated..? And what may help ease it up.
11157192 tn?1430159059 im finally in my third trimester and im at the point where I see my dr every 2 weeks when I go see her is she going to be only checking the babys heartbeat or will she be checking other stuff.?
8927222 tn?1415432715 Hello Ladies I just got into my third trimester I have 90 days left. Yay!!!! Any advice on what to expect my last couple of mmonths. In a ftm. I've been pretty lucky through most of it the only symptom I've really had is heart burn. And getting fat. Lol.
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm in my first trimester all over again, constantly tired. Light cramping. Nauseated. Except my belly is bigger and sleeping is a complete struggle especially while getting kicked in the ribs. Can it please be August already?!
Avatar f tn Officially in my third trimester today :) 3 more months until I see my little girl ❤️
Avatar f tn Im in my third trimester and I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled last week and it took about 20 minutes. They use a different kind of novacaine and only a certain amount that is safer for pregnant women. The only other difference is normally u get vicodin for the pain after but tylenol with codeine is the only safe pain med for pregnancy. My ob sent me with a letter of approval for what I can take. It is completely safe to do while pregnant and also in the third trimester.
Avatar f tn im in my third trimester and I feel so extremely exhausted. Yesterday, I slept all day and only woke up to eat and went back to bed. Today I slept until 2 pm then had to tell myself to get stuff done. Now all I want to do is sleep again and it is only 6:24 pm. Plus I am nauseated a lot again. It feels like I'm in my first trimester all over again but with sleep is so much worse. I am absolutely miserable. Any other ladies feel this way?
5739386 tn?1378836460 You may or may not experience this but this is what ive had te joy of experiencing in mu third trimester! Lower back pain, as ur belly gets bigger its easy to pull a miscle or put your back out so be careful and bend with your knees always! lots of pressure in the vagina from all the weight on your pelvis, increased discharge, frequent urination, harder time eating full meals until after baby drops, i got more headaches, increased.