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Avatar f tn I am 3/4 portuguese. My grandma came here from Portugal and her name is Adelaide. My sister named her little girl after her, and I love it. I was so mad she stole it
Avatar m tn Hi - Three years ago, I was takend to emergency at our local hospital due to high blood pressure. Emergency stated that it was due to anxiety. Three days later, my primary doctor prescribed Toprol. Three years later, I am still taking Toprol. My blood pressure is normal (sometimes high in the evening / but rarely). I would like to stop taking Toprol. Has anyone stopped taking Toprol before? Is there any risks of stopping? How do I tell my doctor that I want to stop taking this medication?
Avatar n tn She speaks Portuguese. My Portuguese in sparse, but my Latin and Spanish are excellent. Here is some help for her and you. I do not know what she is asking you. She gives only diagnoses. This might be rough. post contusion phthsis in left eye iritis Farsighted Ruptured ML (?
503960 tn?1399929252 Hey everyone just want to let you all know yesturday I went in and found out I am having a girl!! Yeah I am so happy, now I cant wait to go get my 3D ultrasound its all so exciting.
Avatar f tn Hi, i had receptive oral sex 25 days ago. Now i have a infection in my penis. Like candida, balanites. They say i have no risk for hiv. Do u agree? What could it be? Please help..
Avatar n tn For what age do most doctors recommend Vyvanse? I have a friend who has a boy younger than 10 years old on Metadate CD. Her doctor suggested that they try Vyvanse. He does ok on Metadate CD but he seems a little zombie like with no emotion and not very social when on Metadate. I believe that it is why the doctor suggested a different med. Thank you for your comment.
10389360 tn?1410823968 I need to find a french English Portuguese name! You've got time, I'm due in 17 days! I hate picking names..
Avatar n tn I am going to post this once in English and once in Portuguese, so hopefully between the two it will be better for you to understand. I am using "google translate" to generate the Portuguese, so apologize for whatever errors there may be! If I understand you correctly, you do not currently have a diagnosis of ALS but are concerned that these symptoms of the twitches could be an indication of ALS.
Avatar f tn Patty1848** I have spoken mainly only Spanish to my children from birth, I spoke words and sentences in Portuguese while they were very small. We rarely speak English to my children, especially never at home. My family especially my father's side also only speak Spanish to our children, so does my husband's family. We are strict about language in our home, it's not to be mean but actually are trying to prepare them for a great head start for a awesome future!!
740516 tn?1360942486 It just dawned on me. SRD in Portuguese must be the same as DSH in English. In English the abbreviation simply means: Domestic Short Hair. That's actually what my cat is. The coloration of my cat is called chocolate tortoise shell. However, the coloration is not a breed. The coloration is often called calico as well, but the term "chocolate tortoise shell" is more accurate or more refined as to what kinds of colors are in the calico coloration.
Avatar f tn Me: born in Pakistan but Irish, Scottish and Portuguese grandparents My husband : white and Laocean also with Irish and Scottish blood.
Avatar n tn PKU is one of the best known metabolic syndroms in the USA. All babaies are tested here at birth. If PKU is identified, the bay is automatically put on a PKU diet to prevent brain ratrdation. The diet is strict and I believe that milk and soy is the first type of food that needs to be eliminated from the baby's diet at birth when the sysndrom is identified by the doctors (I am not an expert). There are many web sites that explain this syndrom. You might want to Google PKU.
Avatar f tn t have the same cravings and this one I felt a lot more tired and sick in the beginning. I also speak Portuguese with my daughter and my husband speaks Spanish so she is learning all 3 languages and she is only 2 yrs old. Have a great night!
Avatar f tn Im hispanic too. I love kinslee so cute.. If I had a girl in my list were lunabelha, satyana, penelope .. my bf liked angelica. But having a prince :) and loving the name Rocco for him as of now struggling w a perm. middle name though. Still open to names since mays not around the corner. Other cute Spanish girl names: Aurora, kara, Pilar Good luck.
Avatar f tn My son is 8 on concerta and he also wets his pants I am begining to wonder I have read the literature and can't find any connection. But I do wonder.
383943 tn?1217722721 My five year old daughter was put on celexa 2 days ago she is a very anxious little girl, since she started the medicine she seems to be even more nervous she acts like it actually speeds her up or something is this normal? Will she get better at focusing as the medicine is in her system longer?
Avatar f tn Fully Puerto Rican & we're expecting a baby boy due in 21 day's :)
Avatar f tn I have a Mexican American Portuguese white background lol. And personally I love the name Cruz!! What do you think? If you like it use it!
Avatar n tn You never had an exposure burnt tongue or not.