Vicodin in first trimester of pregnancy

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Avatar m tn She will be able to help you with the latest information in terms of safety and contraindications of Vicodin in the first trimester of pregnancy. In some cases, it may be that the benefit of taking Vicodin in the first trimester does outweigh the risks involved with taking Vicodin in the first trimester.
Avatar n tn But now im freaking out cuz I have taken about 4 5mg vicodin daily the entire pregnancy. I was prescribed it for pain after my back surgery. I know everything develops in the first trimester so im wondering how much harm i caused my baby. My dr isnt being very helpfull, just says not to worry cuz there is nothing that could be done now. Has anyone taken that much vicodin in the first trimester??? any advice would be great. I feel terrible.....
161427 tn?1229911282 You should be fine. The doctors knowing im preg. prescribed me vicodin cough syrup. Plus half the meds I HAVE to take during pregnancy are category c. My first dd turned out wonderfully. As long as your ob knows what you are taking it's ok. they wont let u take any thing that will seriously harm your child.
Avatar n tn re not alone. I used cocaine through the first trimester of my first pregnancy and she turned out brilliant.
Avatar f tn t know about in early pregnancy, but I was prescribed vicodin in my last trimester because of 2 herniated discs. My perinatologist told me to take 1 to 2 every 4 hours as needed (I'm not sure of the mg) and that it was safe and anti inflammatories weren't. Talk to your Dr. because you need to have a plan and your Dr. is the only one who can weigh the risks and benefits and decide with you how to proceed. Good luck.
Avatar n tn i have been taking tons of vicodin since my first trimester for kidneystones first, then migrains i am concerened about the side effects for my baby.
Avatar n tn Vicodin is actually ok to take during pregnancy if you are prescribed them for pain and take the smallest dose. I was in a car accident during the first trimester of my last pregnancy and was prescribed vicodin. Doctor said as long as I took it in moderation and only when needed that it shouldn't do any harm. But like with everything during pregnancy, the best thing to do would be to contact your doctor and see what they think and maybe get an ultrasound to reassure yourself.
427258 tn?1266445242 (He said tht they only do it once your out of the first trimester). The only thing that he could do was numb my mouth, which didnt work very well b/c I was still in pain then to top it off I could take anything but regular tylenol for pain which dont work for me either. I was horrible either way whether the tooth stayed in or whether they took it out but after the first day I was fine. Not sure if this is what u were askin but I just thought I'd share it with u...
Avatar f tn This is normal. In my first trimester I actually lost 5 pounds due to morning sickness and lack of appetite.
Avatar f tn Exercise is very healthy for both you and baby and will keep you much more comfortable throughout your pregnancy. I worked out in my first pregnancy and am doing now in my second. I feel awesome and had an easy pregnancy with my first and so far again with my second. Definitely exercise! I even was going to the gym with a large belly in my first pregnancy. People would stare and sometimes comment but I really didn't care. I was being healthy for both my child and myself.
Avatar f tn Those medications can cause major birth defects do look into it before you decide, and they are for hyperemisis, this sounds like uncomfortable nausea. It usually starts to go away after 13-14 weeks, but for some women it lasts longer. Soaking in Epsom salt bath might help. And improving your gut flora. Also black licorice is said to relieve nausea, so if you're weird like me and love it, yay! I'm 6w2d in my 3rd pregnancy and I've (luckily) had less nausea with each pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So very normal. That is one of the main symptoms of pregnancy, crazy right? Its actually your muscles and ligaments as well as your hormones.
Avatar f tn I'm still in my first trimester, and I feel like I'm always hungry but I have no appetite at all. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn Carbamezol has been given to a patient in the first trimester in pregnancy.can the pregnancy continue? she has conceived after ART.
Avatar f tn I have read a ton of posts on this site about vicodin use during pregnancy and all say to taper down during the last trimester so the baby will not be born addicted. Also, with me taking this amount for the last 2 months, will my withdrawal symptoms be severe? I am extremely worried I have caused any sort of damage to my baby boy and I am worried about stopping and having these terrible withdrawal symptoms that I read about and those alone harming the baby.
187316 tn?1386356682 Macrobid I was told wasn't good in the first trimester. Though I'm not sure how any of them could really be considered "good". Metronidazole pretty much kills all negative cells in your body. It's so harsh that it kills the good and bad bacteria in your whoha. I'm just so concerned that it will have messed something up. I still can't even get over the fact I'm pregnant.
Avatar f tn just wondering , did anyone have bleeding in there first trimester , just some light blood . ?
Avatar n tn OK so I'm in my first trimester and I'm having period like bleeding with clots and all i went to the doctors and had her check it out and she said it could be early signs of a miscarriage BUT she did a ultrasound and the yolk sac is still in place and my cervix is normal this bleeding only happens after sex this morning I didn't even have sex I just kinda got turned on and the bleeding started.
Avatar f tn I have taken tylenol 3 (tylenol with codeine) a few times in my first trimester. i am about 10 weeks along now and i was just wondering if the times i have taken it have hurt my baby. i am really nervous. i have a broken foot and sometimes regular tylenol just does not work. i DO NOT take tylenol 3 everyday, i only will take it if i really need it. i have never taken more than 1 pill for the day either. i am really nervous and i dont want to do anything to hurt the baby.
Avatar n tn This is my first pregnancy. I am expecting September 21. I am 12 weeks and don't really know to expect. My husband and I are really excited. I have had really no appetite this first trimester. Been cramping really bad and feeling nauseous in the evenings. Had morning sickness once. Usually it's just been dry heaves. Oh and I'm tired all the time! We think it's going to be a girl. Can't wait to find out.
10185128 tn?1410802667 Is anyone sees waiting until after the first trimester to share the news with friends and family?
Avatar n tn sweetangel, the reason the 2nd trimester is safe is because all of the vital organs and nervous system are formed in the 1st trimester. Narcotics would have a major affect on that development in the 1st trimester. During the 2nd trimester the baby is still affected and damage can still be done to the already forming organs. And the baby will, in essence, be taking the drug with the mother, no matter what stage of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I'll be 19 in a couple months and am in my second trimester with my first. My best advice is to not worry so much, eat healthy, listen to your doctor and don't get too stressed out. Though you do have a few medical issues that im sure make you more nervous than some take comfort in the fact that though we're considered young to have children this is the best time, biologically speaking, for us to carry.
Avatar f tn Yea i had it all through out my first trimester and now i am on my second and still a problem i cant keep anything down, but try to stay healthy exercise when you can and eat fat free diet it helps, good luck
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and I don't know if it's normal to be this nervous to make it past the first trimester. Just need something to calm my nerves.
10727100 tn?1416715131 Durring my first trimester, I had the sore breasts until 10 weeks, then until the end of 13 weeks I was throwing up every morning.