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Avatar f tn s boys are on these drugs at some point as well as a rising percentage of girls. When so many children are involved in the daily use of such a powerful psychoactive drugs, it is important for all of us to understand what is going on and why. The DEA has a responsibility to the nation to control such abusable legal drugs and to insure that their use is confined to legitimate medical need.
Avatar f tn My father is addicted to Vicodin. Just yesterday I finally confronted him that I knew about it and was not going to accept it. I have 2 small children, ages 3 & 5. He is very close with them. I do not want it around them, nor do I want them to get hurt by my father's addiction. He denied it and said he doesn't have a problem. We are not allowing him around my children no longer. I love him..but what now?
Avatar f tn ve been taking gradually more and more over the past 3 months and take up to 10 10mg a day. I want to stop desperately but also have two small children and its hard. Is there any medicine I can ask my dr for to help with the withrawls?
Avatar f tn s opinion of suboxone for pain control to stay off vicodin, but I have had some experience with it for withdrawal when I ran out of vicodin. I had no withdrawal symptoms at all with it, felt well enough to go about my day. When I ran out of vicodin without it I had all the withdrawal symptoms. So am glad you have it, hope you do OK.
12103503 tn?1423448886 They gave me Tylenol that has vicodin in it. They said that was fine. But it's not plain vics. The hospital gave me my script and I was worried but my ob said it's fine.
Avatar n tn t make me sick, but I will definitely speak up and request it over Vicodin if I choose to have a tummy tuck or the need arises in the future. Thank you for the information.
Avatar n tn I am 24 weeks pregnant. I took prescribed vicodin in my first trimester while I did not know I was pregnant. My first OB visit while pregnant was at the end of my third month. I notified her that I was taken vicodin and she said it was not a problem. She also told me not to continue to take vicodin. Some days I would not take any and some days I would take one or two depending on the pain. I quit cold turkey about two weeks ago.
Avatar f tn You are not helping your husband and hurting your children. Your children will come to terms with their father eventually in their own way. However, they must be removed from this "care giving" role. You and your children must exhibit firm, tough love. Its up to your husband whether he wants his family in his life at this point. And until he shows up on your door step covered in dirt from building the bridges he has burned and ready to build more, let him do his thing!!
Avatar n tn My question is what are the symptoms of vicodin withdrawal. I have been taking 8 tablets a day for over a year. I know that doesnt sound like a lot to some people but for me that is quite a bit. I have been experiencing overall pain for quite some time. I would get prescriptions for vicodin(5mg...7.5mg and 10mg) also I would be get prescriptions for tramadol. I would use them the way I was supposed to and then stop when I didnt need them.
Avatar n tn Now that I am somewhat ambulatory, but still incredibly non-functional and non-productive, I am suspicious that the Vicodin is keeping me from recovering. I believe it is now keeping me in denial where I am accepting being inactive instead of being able to fight for my life back. I don't know if that makes sense. Also, that other stuff you mentioned for sleep would be great as it's 2am and I am still up.
Avatar n tn m not sure if hydrocodone and morphine are in the same family of drugs. I know vicodin and percocet are in a similar family (due to codine), but morphine is much different. refer to this website.
Avatar f tn It took every ounce of effort to get my kids off to school then I called in sick to work. I got on the internet and googled WDs for vicodin and here I landed. At that point I read everyones story and realized clearly that I was actually quitting and doing it for good. I took all the suggestions from everyone about how to deal with the WDs and put it to use. It helped greatly. I am now well into day 4 and I feel like myself again. I am not as sick and the mental battle is bearable now.
Avatar n tn so i was forced to call people i knew who had pain meds, well i got a hold to some vicodin, and the pain instantly stop, so i started buying them from people who ever had them it went from 2 aday to like 4 or maybe 6. i was also goin g thru a break up with from 19 years and so the pain was intensified.
Avatar f tn my son's girlfriend smoked pot and took vicodin the entire time she was pregnant. The vicodin was prescribed by her OBGYN for migraines. I voiced my opinion several times but was told as long as the dr was prescribing the vicodin she would be fine. Needless to say, he was born with a bid head,small body and hooked on vicodin and pot, he also suffers from asthma. when I was pregnant with my children you couldnt take a tylenol, you just dealt with the pain. And you had a natural childbirth.
Avatar n tn The vicodin should definitely be enough! I work in a gyno office and our patients are just told to take an ibuprofe. I feel the vicodin will be more than enough for you. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if any of you have experienced this. I am 26 years old. I have 3 children under 5 and feel like I am going to lose my mind at times. I guess maybe I have had a little anxiety all of my life. I have had irritable bowel syndrome since I was 10 and got a little nervous situational, but never had anxiety attacks. As I said this happened when trying to taper off of pain meds. It has been going on for 2 months now. I am afraid to be alone with my kids or be alone period.
Avatar f tn I have been taking prescription pills since 2001 (I was attacked and stabbed in the back). . mainly vicodin up to 16 -20 a day and i know it is time for me to quit. I am very scared of withdrawls almost out of medication and do not want any more . I also have alot of history of abuse and when things get hard i take more to deal. I know this is wrong and want to stop.
Avatar n tn I started vicodin not quite 3 years ago for a back injury during a difficult divorce. I kept getting the script refilled off and on but kept it under control. I never took over 2 at a time, and never more than 4 x a day, so my addiction peaked a few months ago, and I have been weaning down to 2 - 4 a day and I have 2 pills left. Most of the time I was able to keep myself to 2 pills 2 times a day when I needed the extra boost.
Avatar f tn My OB knows i take them and says its ok because teh pain prevents me from taking care of my other children who are only 2 and 3 but i dont think i should. i would rather be in the most pain possible than have something wrong with my baby. So whenever i talk to her about stopping them she doesnt agree. i want to and am going to but need to know if the withdrawals from taking 4-5 vicodin 10mg a day will effect the baby in utero.
Avatar f tn My husband is incredibly supportive. My children are amazing and active. I love my life....well...most of it. About 3 and 1/2 years ago I started getting migraines. In no time they increased to about 2 to 3 times a week. I was seeing a doctor for a while, and had to leave her. All she did for me was prescribe me a ton of Vicodin. The vicodin worked, I was still looking for more. I went to another doctor for a year and a half, he was a student.
1980489 tn?1326255851 The symptoms are the same in adults as in children - but keep in mind that not every adult has every symptom and neither does every child. I had it - and we all present pretty differently even though we are the same? Muscle fatigue means that exercise is pretty much a disaster - and the fatigue is overwhelming.
Avatar n tn are their any adults who took it as a child and had long-term negative or positive effects? Does it slow growth in children? Are their negative effects on school performance? I would really appreciate a doctor's opinion, or any other person who has had a child who has taken Prozac. Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn What are her chances of becoming diabetic? Her doctor said hypoglycemia sometimes precedes diabetes in children. Is is possible to "grow out of" hypoglycemia? If so, what are the chances of this happening?