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Avatar n tn It's rare to hallucinate on Vicodin unless you have been abusing the medicine. Vicodin is not a bad drug at all, but it can be if it is abused. I'm sorry about all your symptoms. Are you taking any other medications besides the Vicodin? I ask this because there could be some kind of interaction taking place. If it is withdrawal it will go away quickly because you have not been on the medicine for very long or in high doses. Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet. Don't drink!
Avatar n tn My mother was taking vicodin for the past three years or so. We found out she was really addicted to them so the doctor took off of them. In Thirteen days she took over ninety pills. She has the normal symptoms but she also helusenates. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn She injured her back when she was pregnant with out 6 year old daughter. She started taking Vicodin and Percocet after my 2 year old was born. She had a disc replaced in her back last may and when that only intensified the pain she was put on Morphine, Delodid, Fentinol, Norco, Valuim, Baclofin, and Resteral. I realize not all of those medicines are pain killers, however she was taking them all due to the pain or the side effects of the medicine.
Avatar n tn This week I am on about 560 mg of Vicodin, and having troubl;e sleeping.,. but doesn't it have to be done sooner or later? I am kinda of confused about how fast I should go??? Except for the sleep, the worst physical symptoms are over. Constipated, diarrea, some anxiety..but the sleep lack is horrible to me. I guess my question it ok to use 1.25mg of Ativan while I get off the Vicodin and the Soma asap???? My first time on this board....
Avatar n tn I've been taking about 6 Vicodin a day for over & year & now I'm out. What will the withdrawal be like? Anything I can do as far as over the counter products or easy to obtain herbal or natural remedies? Please answer fast.
729886 tn?1232666481 well my question is my dr had me on the vicodin es but it left me feeling paranoid i felt as if i was hallucinating not sure if that was a side effect but he changed it to the darvocet and now my mood seems to be really unstable i have a terrible attitude and is easily aggitated could this be from this medicine?
1218318 tn?1266812201 My withdrawal was from Vicodin. Congratulations on your willingness to stop using. I wish you the best on your new life being free and clean.
Avatar n tn Technically, yes, I have abused my vicodin prescription - I take about 6 or 7 5/350's and I'm about to run out - 9 days before my refill is due. I can't ask for another early refill - my doctor is going to flip out if I do. I've tried the slow release oxycodone but it makes me too tired and I absolutely prefer vicodin. Like so many other people I've read on other posts, it just makes me feel normal.
Avatar m tn I went thru the same deal. Came off Vicodin thinking i was hooked on them which i was not. Asked the DOC. if there is something else out there as far as painmeds. he put me on Ultram. I was on it for about 8months and ran out. I was sick for 1month solid the worst thing i have been thru. My DOC. did not think it was the Tramadol causing the symtoms i had so he ran a bunch of tests but everything came back normal. He sent me to a internal med. DOC. and she pegged it in 10 min.
Avatar m tn I'm 24 years old, and I had been taking Vicodin for 2 years for back issues and migraines. In the summer of 2009 I began using opiates heavily. I had several friends who were pharmacists, and pharm. techs. I started shooting up morphine when I could get it, taking norco, taking morphine tablets, etc. in September of 2009 I found a guy who was selling Vicodin 5/500 tablets for $4 a pill. I was spending every dime I had to buy them. On top of that I was getting 60 a month from two Doctors.
Avatar n tn i personally doubt that your one time overmedication is causing your hallucinations. you probably need a neurological and psychilogical workup.
Avatar f tn Has any one experienced hallucinations which include hearing voices and seeing things that aren't their after getting of drugs?
Avatar n tn Recently I took Vicodin and found that to be more effective in releiving my anxiety and depression. I sone more addictive than the other and is it unheard of to use Vicodin for this off label use?
Avatar n tn also coming off vicodin im surprised that tramadol is helping maybe you never were really a hard core addit for vicodin but to answer your question tramadol is not a narcotic like vicodin, xanex, etc. but they can be addictive on a lesser degree. im recovering from a vicoprofen addiction of about 30 pills a day and it is like hell to get off. so dont look back to the vicodin your doing good.
Avatar f tn I know the w/d symptoms from vicodin (awful) but are w/d's like from alcohol? I never seem to have any when the day comes that I don't have a drink. That's not often either. Thanks. Do I really want to know? I'm scared.
Avatar m tn My doctor put me on this to help with mood problems while getting off Vicodin. Well I haven't had any Vicodin for months now. However, the Risperdal seems to make me feel fatigued and not wanting to do anything. I could do without it I think...
Avatar m tn ... thought I'd ask here... I had a Vasectomy early October and was given Vicodin for the pain... Well, I pulled a muscle in my back earlier and went to the quickie clinic and the Doctor gave me a muscle relaxer and suggested some Vicodin as well - but it's addictive and has "street value" she said... After telling her I wasn't going to sell it on the street she wrote the prescription.
Avatar m tn Is this about 10 days off of the vicodin? He could be having some anxiety,sleep issues but the hallucinations are not common for opiate withdrawal. You should ask him about his use of the benzos. If he continues with the hallucinations I would go to the ER.
259720 tn?1201319150 i have been on here several times asking questions , now i have one more. i have been off of vicodin for 2 months already,(5-500 6 A DAY) and not wanting any either. i do however take up to 4 tramadol's(50MG.) daily. but they arent helping my shoulder pain or endometriosis. i take tylenol, naprosyn, etc.. with the tramadol but nothing helps, I have a doctor appt. tommorow with my rheumatologist and i need to know what i should do. tell him to give me somthing stronger thats non addictive?
Avatar n tn Recently we consulted a new doctor and he made us to stop parkin and clonazepam suddenly. Everything is fine for 2-3 days. Then she has got many problems including severe hallucinations, unable to move etc., We used Quitipine 25mg(1-0-1) by Doctor's suggestion and situation became worse. She made one suicide attempt too. Then we are giving clonazepam 0.5mg(1-0-1) back. She became normal again (We added parkin 2mg also due to the muscle cramps) .
1102290 tn?1278503553 I just looked it up and it's the same one that they prescribed me with Kahlan under a different name and's fairly safe. It's just one of the milder Vicodin only MUCH weaker. Birth defects are almost a non-factor when it comes to narcotics unless you're talking about very high doses during the formative stages...the only main concerns are withdrawals after birth and possible respiratory depression after birth. however...
Avatar n tn But these symtoms continued, I discovered these were side effects of Ultram. As the next few months continued, symtoms got worse, hallucinations started and I ended up in the emergency room one day. They diagnosed me with Ultram addiction- up until that point no one believed Ultram was addicting. I was given Librium to relieve the withdrawal from ULtram. My doctor prescribed Vicodin and I am going through "living hell".
Avatar n tn However, as I type this, I just had my first seizure in a week. I have literally had a Migraine for 3 weeks now and have been taking Vicodin just to mask the pain. Now I'm out of medicine and am in a panic. I started Midrin tonight, am still taking Valium for the Vertigo spells as needed, and Klonopin at night for the leg pain. I am completely confused why I had a seizure tonight after going a whole week seizure-free. Is there something we're missing here?
990354 tn?1307136486 What is tramadol, is it similar to vicodin or percs?? Found it on a friend, and was worried they were in my spot- what is it??
696149 tn?1314324559 I did have a bad addiction to Vicodin about 3 years ago. At one point I was taking 100 of the lowest dosage....5 something a day. So last year I had a kidney stone and I was prescribed Vicodin. Of course I started abusing it but something weird happened. I started having trouble breathing...during the day and the night. Anyway I stopped and then after a few months started with the Suboxone. Has my body just changed and won't stand ANY opiod based drug.
Avatar f tn And, of course, not every schizophrenic has the same symptoms, so there may be no mood shift or hallucinations to notice. I don't think this sounds like vicodin at all, however Im not a dr. and I would highly recommend talking with a Dr. This has to be hard on everyone and My heart goes out to you and your family! Please update us!!!
Avatar m tn Worse than Vicodin? Dr's give it away and say it's not addicting. That is crazy!!! I remember I took some (several) once and remember a slight euphoric feeling but not as good as Hydro. It doesn't seem Dr's know what is and wthat isn't addicting.
Avatar m tn The pain makes it impossible to sleep. After 2-3 hours being up most of the pain goes away and I'm left with pins and needles. Vicodin did not touch the pain so my doctor put me on Lyrica since I cannot tolerate Neorontin, but have had the same side effects with Lyrica.
Avatar m tn I've had lower back problems for years. I had to detox off of Vicodin after taking them for years. That was a terrible experience. Started having problems with my back again this past March. They put me on Tramadol and said it wasn't that bad of a medication. I was up to 4 a day. From reading posts on here that isn't as bad as some. But it's bad enough I guess. I'm trying to taper off of them and have found out it's not easy. (again!
710547 tn?1295449630 I ended up unable to speak and went totally crazy - hallucinations and other serious stuff. I had no idea what was going on! I hope I'm down to where that wouldn't happen, but I've been on these for at least 20 years - 360mg avinza, plus 60 oxy, at the top. That was not good for my other conditions - lung and GI. Thanks for any help!