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1090984 tn?1463769850 For the past 2 months I been having severe pain on the inside of my arm when it bends. I had my doc look at it a month ago and he said I hurt a tendon and recommended an arm band. The pain seemed to improve but now it's back and very painful, when when I bend my arm it hurts on the inside, when I sleep it hurts when I move it and when I wake up to stretch it. I have taken advil and vicodin without relief. I am tired of having my arm hurt!
Avatar n tn I am concerned that I will not be able to keep my arms over my head for the simulation. I was thinking of taking a motrin and an hr. later, a Vicodin, which I have for the tendonitis when it's really bad. Obviously I'd be getting a ride to and from the simulation. Since the simulation includes a CT scan, would that be ok?
Avatar m tn I'm 41 years old, physically fit, have had numerous injuries over the years & live with severe chronic pain; Osteoarthritis and Tendonitis. I've been in recovery and sober for years. I have P.T.S.D. and have been told by doctors it's what causes my hyper-sexual ability that my girlfriend hates. With the exception of my pain my physical/ sexual health is fine.
787406 tn?1339203183 I have had tendonitis in both shoulders for 6 years and have suffered greatly. I have had to have cortisone shots in both shoulders just to get the pain down to a manageable level. Last year my doctor happened to run a Vitamin D test on me a I was at an 8-not normal. He iniatially put me on a 50,000 IU dose and then tapered me to a 1000 IU a day. Within the first 2 weeks the pain and tendonitis was gone from my shoulders as documented by my orthopeadic doctor.
Avatar f tn I have had severe pain and limited range of motion in the MCP joint of my right thumb for several months. I do not remember injuring it, and have been conservative with activities that may aggrivate it (ie texting). Finally went to a doctor and he told me it was a form of tendonitis (that interestingly enough, after some research, affects the basal joint and not the MCP joint). He gave me topical steroids and that was all. I went back later and he splinted it.
Avatar f tn So now I'm on Levaquin for 3 weeks for a sinus infection. One of the side effects is tendonitis. I already have tendonits (both wrists) and everything has failed including physical therapy and steroid injections, i was referred to surgeon now as nothing has worked, have an appoint in November. Should I take the levaquin if i already have tendonitis? The sinus infection is bad saw ENT friday and put me on levaquin.
Avatar f tn I was erroneously diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis that didn't go away for YEARS that was leading to atrophy before I was finally diagnosed with MS and found out it was spasticity. I am in PT now to relieve the spasming and strengthen the muscles. I am slowly but FINALLY getting some relief.
1007423 tn?1251204456 From my shoulder down to my elbow and on to my wrist. Movement hurts and I gasp if I move my arm the wrong way or use it for much. I also get a sharp pain in my arm between my shoulder and my elbow. My husband thinks its tendonitis...but with all my other things, I don't know, does this sound familiar to anyone?
676032 tn?1315674063 since then I have had bad shoulder pain. After getting two cortisone injections that have not helped my doctor has booked surgery for next month. I had an mri and the results showed tendonitis but also that the subacrominal bursa has no fluid in it... and that my humerous was low lying and some crystalisation too... My doc hasn't explained these results to me, so could someone please shed some light for me??
Avatar f tn hola mi mama tiene 48 y tiene tendonitis en una mano , yo queria saver mas acerca de la tendonitis, dice que en las madrugadas se le ponen duro los 4 otros dedos y le duelen mucho . su doctor le dio unas medicamentos pero ya tiene un mes tomandolo y nada. ella corta cabello y no a podido seguir travajando por que le duele mucho la mano. si alguien save mas de este tema que es muy inportante pra mi , ya que quiero ayudarle a mi mama.
1927715 tn?1392055940 ( Going to see the dr on Saturday so we will see what he says I should do. Hoping it goes away soon though because its been hanging around for about a month now.
Avatar f tn I had surgery for my Tendonitis. Now After the surgery the pain is worser, I get tingling, sharp shoting pain from the shoulder to my elbow to the forearm. Afetr the surgery he said I did not have Tendonitis. 5 months after the surgery I took another MRI which show I still have Tendonitis/Tendon Tears and this time it's worser than before. My question is What did he do wrong to my shoulder?
Avatar n tn When it gets inflamed due to overuse or injury it is called as tendonitis. There are different types of tendonitis like wrist tendonitis, knee tendonitis etc. According to the types of tendonitis, the treatment varies. But in general conservative measures including resting the area (avoid using during pain episodes) and ice application will help control inflammation and reduce swelling.
Avatar n tn I need help finding a doctor in the south who will help me with my Federal disability retirement application for tendonitis throughout both arms, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. No doctor wants to write the narrative medical evaluation report. And does anyone know of tendonitis and fibromyalgia connection. I got tendonitis throughout both arms and next thing I am told I have fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn I fell hard on my kneecaps directly on tile and MRI showed patella Tendonitis and Chondromalacia. Does anyone know any treatments except NASIDS , COLD PACK AND REST?
Avatar n tn I have de quervain's tendonitis and have weak gripping and weak hands which is a problem when i hold my baby. is it possible to have back pains because of the tendency to use my body (while holding with my hands) to support the weight of my baby?
Avatar m tn Have you tried paraffin for your tendonitis? My son gave me a Dr. Scholl's paraffin bath thingee for Christmas and it says its good for that.
Avatar n tn X-rays are usually normal in patients with Achilles tendonitis, but are performed to evaluate for other possible conditions. Occasionally a MRI is needed to evaluate a patient for tears within the tendon. If there is a thought of surgical treatment a MRI may be helpful for preoperative evaluation and planning. You can refer for more information.
Avatar f tn I had a mri done that showed I have tendonitis in my left shoulder. I can't raise my left arm up very high which makes washing my hair or brushing it extremely hard. I know I have bulging disc in c5 and c6 with nerve root damage in both. I could raise my arm before they found the tendonitis tho. I can't reach behind me with it either. It just won't move. This has added to the severe pain I already had. I am currently taking hydrocodone apap and zoloft as my meds.
Avatar f tn Maybe someone can help me. For the past four months I have been experience really severe pain in my lower right leg. I have had shin splints before. I did the anti inflammatories, icing, rest, return to running slowly... etc. The pain persisted. The pain hurts when I run for longer than 5 minutes and hurts the duration of the run, and continues hurting the whole day. I had a bone scan and MRI done.
Avatar f tn I've been having this shoulder pain for about 5-6 years now. It makes it hard since I'm only 27, and I find that I end up in pain that is so horrible that it can leave me curled up in a ball, holding my arm as I cry. I've gone to 3 different doctors, and the last one finally said it most likely is tendonitis. He had told me- "It is tendonitis that cannot heal because the space between the bones where the tendon is, is smaller then normal.