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973741 tn?1342342773 ) Some here may have them or not. So, here is the just for fun question--- if you were to get a tattoo (or if you have one, this is about your NEXT one) . . . what would it be of and where would you put it?
Avatar f tn I have a tattoo booked for 2 months after my baby is born, My midwife told me the reason we cant have tattoos while pregnant is because of the risk of infection (particularly Hep B) so while breastfeeding it is fine :)
Avatar f tn If you will be breast feeding I would wait until after you are done just because risk of infection. I got my tattoo for my first son when he was about 6 months old after I stopped breastfeeding because my tattoo artist will not tattoo if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
483375 tn?1221057612 thanks for the reply tommy.your dead right - i wouldnt let him do the tattoo if he begged still pretty ticked off bout it tho.i emailed the equality authority of ireland on friday,so just waiting on them to get back to me.will keep you posted.
Avatar f tn Everything should be ok though. I had taken vicodin before I knew I was preg with my daughter and she is healthy and 17 month old.
9077628 tn?1411339700 My fiance is a tattoo artist :) I will eventually get a tattoo for my son, but I don't like the cliche, common footprints, handprints.. really don't like name tattoos etc. I want something meaningful with personality.
Avatar m tn Hi Tattoo.. Congrats on your decision to quit.. You may be surprised to find your wife suspects something is up. we think we hide it well but the difference is obvious to those around us especially if they have been down that same road with us before.. coming clean and getting home support would be very beneficial to your recovery and taper. delete your dealers numbers if for anything but a symbolic reason. You are right your wife and kids need you in the moment You..
Avatar m tn I've had my tattoo for 9 months and it started itching about 3 weeks ago. No matter how much lotion I use, it isn't going away AND it's getting bigger!
287071 tn?1365192513 ve heard that you can turn it into a lotion that is great for babies skin, yours as well for that matter. I heard about it because I was looking up home remedies for exzema for my baby. Luckily I found something that completely controls it so I never got around to making it.
Avatar f tn re a lot less likely to test positive for hep C with your only risk factor being a tattoo. With acute hep C, some people have symptoms, some have no symptoms. With chronic hep C, it's the same way. If you have symptoms, it might be anything from being jaundiced (yellowish skin) to fatigue, sweating profusely (acute and chronic)......... there are many symptoms one can have - or none. The only way to know is to get tested.
Avatar m tn Then I thought I could do it on my own. For over 20 years I was able to stay clean without a slip. Then I met vicodin and my life went right back to 1989. I lied, cheated and stole to get high, drank a work, was high at everyone of my children's special events. After 20 years I fell right back to where I left off. Now I have 8 days and it's my daughters 8th birthday party today, I am so glad I will be there sober for the first time in 3 years.
572651 tn?1530999357 Not a tattoo person, myself. I've long felt that life left enough marks on me already!
7417215 tn?1403487102 I dont think you should most tattoo artist won't even tattoo pregnant women. It could be dangerous for your baby.
Avatar f tn You won't find any tattoo parlor that will tattoo you while pregnant.
Avatar f tn thank youu for your responses!
Avatar f tn Question for you ladies, do you guys know if it's bad to get a tattoo when pregnant? Any risks to getting it done? I'm due in less than 3 weeks and I know I can wait, but I was curious what if I would get it before my due date.
Avatar f tn t get a tattoo if your nursing. You have to be completely done nursing for a tattoo artist to tattoo you.
Avatar f tn re doing one of those home remedies for tinea (Selsun Blue or other) do it first before getting a tattoo. Tattoo aftercare is very particular and you don't want to be rubbing assorted creams and agents on a new tattoo. Hope this helps anyone who had the same questions I had.
7870205 tn?1394930625 I have a tattoo on my lower back and I want to get the epidural for pain management during birth.. Will I be able to get it even though I have the tattoo?
363110 tn?1340920419 I will get a tattoo of two baby feet prints off set of eachother on my back, in black and white. This is for our little one we miscarried last May.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to get a tattoo while you're pregnant? I thought about going for one when I got my taxes back, but wasn't sure if it was safe. I'm not wanting one around my stomach, but on my thigh.
Avatar f tn D Ointment on the tattoo for two days after I got it upon advice from the tattoo artist, but I have not used any topical creams since then. Basically, I am wondering if I should drive the 2 hours it would take me to see a dermatologist or if I should just let the rash spread and wait for it to clear up? I am also wondering about how long that would take (just so I don't keep worrying about it!) And of course I'd love to know what caused it in the first place (allergy to the ink?
Avatar f tn ink does not go into your blood steam that would kill people. Im not saying go for it but anyone can get a infection anytime with a tattoo. If you get one just clean it and take care of it more so then any other time. And she also got tattoos each time she was pregnant and baby was perfectly fine.
Avatar f tn Some tattoo places wouldnt do it, and you best asking your midwife or waiting until after babys born which would be best
Avatar f tn There are many reasons to wait for a tattoo until after birth. Besides it gives you some good time to think about how you want it to look..
7390706 tn?1403042270 I don't want to sound dumb lol.But is it bad for you to get a tattoo while pregnant? By the way this is my 3rd pregancy and I'm 14 weeks.
Avatar f tn Im getting my tattoo after baby.