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Avatar n tn Yesterday, I had three molars removed, two of them wisdom teeth. I also had to have a sinus flap done after the removal of the top molars. I was given antibiotics and Vicodin to take, which I have done so on schedule. So far I've felt ZERO pain. The post-op instructions all say to keep an ice pack on for swelling, which I have not used because there is no swelling so far.
Avatar m tn Medically I have been cleared for kidneys, liver and the cardiac cath came back ok. The swelling stays in my feet and legs pretty much all the time and then it will involve my thighs. I try to control it with salt and water restrictions and diuretics but it doesn't seem to work. I can no longer wear any of my shoes and I can't always get pants over my legs is they are straight legged. Please tell me if anyone else has experienced this problem with swelling.
Avatar f tn My husbabn had double partial knee replacement surgery on February 23 and has done remarkably well finishing the physical therapy in three weeks and down to 1 or 2 vicodin a day. This morning the right knee is swollen and very stiff and he is in a great deal of pain. We have been icing but he could hardly make it to the bathroom. A Vicodin and Vistiril have helped but we are troubled by this event. Anyone experienced this at the 6 week point?
Avatar n tn I saw my family doctor, he prescribed an antiviral and also tetracycline (penicillin allergy), and I am taking vicodin every 4 hrs and still hurt. Monday will be a week since I started the medicine and I am no better. Could it be a sensivity to the fillings?? He used the amagram for the fillings Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Is Vicobrofin stronger than Vicodin? The reason I'm asking is my doctor has changed my prescription and if that's the case then I don't want to switch. I would rather try to do without, although it can be very hard at times. Please advise.
Avatar f tn Wonko-The doctor that I saw prescribed me with Naproxen for inflammation and vicodin for the pain. I went to work today and I'm exhausted..after not working for 11 years,i was worried. I was soo nervous today. I will work again tomorrow from 5-10p.m. tomorrow night. My rib is killing me..I told them about my rib and they said if it hurts then to tell them. They're soo nice there. I heard now that the swine flu is now in Oregon close to where I live. I keep worrying about my kids..
Avatar m tn May 15 I developed an abscess. They can't get me in to get the 2 teeth pulled until June 25th. The next day, my cheek was the size of a baseball and the meds weren't helping. I went to th ER. Dr numbed it, cut a slit in it, gave me dilaudid &zophran, &sent me home with vicodin. RELIEF! June 3 it was back. I went to the dentist June 5. He couldn't see me. They called in 825mg amoxicillin 2x a day &the weakest dose of vicodin.
Avatar n tn I know tomorrow is sunday, but you may want to call your doctor and tell him the percocet makes you sick and to call in vicodin instead for you. Vicodin can make you sick as well and give you a headache, but it may not. I know people who cannot take one but the other.
Avatar n tn Hi I went in to the dentist a couple days ago to get a broken molar extracted. (I had a root canal done on it years ago and it has now got infected) It was extremely painful and tender to the touch but I had no visible swelling. Dentist sent me home with Vicodin & clindamycin to kill the infection before she could extract it in a few days. I know clindamycin is a top tier antibiotic. But I took it and the infection swelled and got more painful.
Avatar n tn How long does it take subutex to ware out of your system so i can take vicodin for pain because am terified!
Avatar f tn Dont you need a prescription for to get vicodin??
Avatar n tn I underwent my first root canal 2 days ago..(molar) with I believe 3 roots. I've been on penicellin for 5 days due to pain and swelling in my neck just under the affected jaw line. From what I've read...the pain and neck swelling should be significantly subsiding by now..I'm on Vicodin ES every 4 hours but make it barely past 3 hours before extreme pain sets in. I've not used that tooth and have rested..along with taking ibuprofen for swelling etc...
Avatar n tn I cant chew anything in my mouth, or open my mouth wide enough. My Dentist gave me vicodin for pain and penicillin for a antibotic. the spot were the tooth was I cant see a hole, but there a bunch of white stuff around and on the area. Ive been using warm water with salt, and ice still is swollen..
431143 tn?1214479427 5s over to narcos then i kept getting sick and stuff so for swelling switched to vicaprofen. Out of everything vicaprofen was the HARDEST to get off. if you dont take it while your sleeping cause your sleeping why take it. you wake up in cold sweats. what is it you are taking it for if you dont mind me asking? If you are tapering it is never good to increase your dosage you want to decrease it.
Avatar n tn At first I was taking 6-8 Vicodin/day for about a week. Then got down to 4-6/day for several days. Yesterday, very little pain & only took 1 Vicodin. Today, 1/2 Vicodin. I feel awful, anxious, weak, sometimes dizzy, low (for me) bloodpressure, just generally not good. I am bipolar and take 50 mg. Lamictol & 1 1/2 to 2 mg. Ativan. Wondering if I'm experiencing Vicodin withdrawal?
Avatar f tn Also pain in both shoulders, some down both arms. I also have neck swelling on both sides of my neck at the bottom where shoulder meets the neck above the clavicles. I have been to many doctors and none can find anything wrong with me other than mild DDD at C6-7. I cannot continue to live in such pain, all meds I have tried do nothing. Any advise would be appreciated. I would especially like to know what could cause the swelling?
Avatar f tn In the fifth hour after the procedure, I started swelling. I phoned my endodontist, who called in Penicillin VK 500 mg for me. I am wondering if the fact that I smoked a cigarette had something to do with the infection/swelling? It is now Friday evening and I have taken 7 penicillin VK 500 mg, but am still swollen and the area around the tooth is black/purple. I have been gargling/swooshing salt water and applying ice to the swollen cheek on and off all day.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed vicodin for years and recently prescribed tramadol for chronic neck and shoulder pain, doc thought it would be good for my condition. so i stopped with vicodin and I took tramadol abit the middle of the month of June, maybe 3 pills (50 mg each) for 3 days. I didnt notice a difference in my pain and I just felt weird so I didn't take anymore and day or two later went back to vicodin (maybe 1500mg/day). Then I thought I will give tramadol a fair try.
Avatar f tn Sometimes a once monthly dosing or every other month can keep the inflammation and swelling in check. I would take the lowest dose for the least amount of time that was still effective. You are not on a huge dose of methadone. Possibly changing opiates or even an increase of your current pain medication would also help control your symptoms. Regarding other pain treatments to control your CP there are others available the question is will they work for you.
Avatar f tn I have been faithfully rinsing with salt water and am taking both ibuprofen and vicodin. The pain is from the swelling espcially around the stitches. I will call his emergency number tomorrow, but at what point do I need to go to the emergency room if I can't reach him?
Avatar n tn Thank you!
Avatar f tn Man they should stop torturing you and induce you poor girl.
Avatar n tn I have been on Percocet and them 7.5/750mg of Vicodin for 10 weeks due to accident witch broke a bone in my foot and injured a disk in my neck. I have a history of major depressive disorder that has been well maintained by my antidepressants for YEARS. I am on day 2 of trying to stop Vicodin and I am shocked by the ride that it is. I never knew 10 weeks would cause my body to develop dependency. I am desperate, afraid, sick, anxious, (I mean freaking out panicked) and feel hopeless.
Avatar m tn Soon after I awoke, I was off on my way along with instructions to follow and a prescription for Vicodin. I was left with an overall groggy feeling for the remainder of the day due to the after effects of the sedative. Anyway, I didn't need to use the Vicodin script. Pain thresholds and discomfort levels vary and, my pain was rather minimal. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say that my pain level was probably at a 4. If anything, I felt more soreness and sensitivity than true pain...
696149 tn?1314320959 This is more of a statement than anything else and I guess in the end it's a good thing. I've been taking Vicodin/Norco for 14+ years. I was off of it for nearly 2 years and then went back on it because of kidney stones. I felt better on Vicodin than off, I discovered. The problem is, to keep feeling good, you always have to increase the dosage. That's not good at all for many reasons....the worst is your body will eventually shut down if you keep doing this.
Avatar n tn In addition, the vicodin only works for about 2 hours, and then I have wait another 2 hours before I can take it again. I see my doc this week, and want to ask him about medications for nerve pain (Neurontin or Lyrica). It seems like everybody on this forum is taking narcotics for pain, but I want a different option. Can anyone give me advice?