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Avatar f tn ve been checked for Lupus, Lyme Disease, RA blah blah blah and for the most part all blood work has always come back normal/neg. And from having to switch Drs. etc. I always had to start over... Very nerve racking... Anyhow. Earlier this year my symptoms became unbearable and we started up the blood work once again. I don't have my results in front of me to give you exact tests etc. but once again Lupus, RA and Lyme were all neg. but my inflammation lvl was fairly high.
614034 tn?1304356440 s a few years older than me, and thought it would be good to know. Well it came back positive for the RA Factor but normal for the other test the citric citrulline PEP IGG or CCP. It doesn't seem the tx could have triggered it, but I'm hoping it didn't aggravate it. Anyone out there who has this in this forum? Thanks for listening.
Avatar n tn So I was just doing some research for another post on post viral arthritis. It is a kind of arthritis that can set in after you have a virus or the flu. I read that it takes several weeks to months to resolve. I immediately thought of you. Ask your doctor about this type of arthritis and please let us know what you find out.
591546 tn?1244636545 I hope your doctor will give you something for joint and muscle pain and do ask for a generic. The combination of darvocet and flexeril does wonders for me, but I can only take them together at night. Please do let us know what happens.
2043993 tn?1450875078 Hi, I am 23 years old and have been noticing some occasional stiffness in my hands, feet, knees, and back. My mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus and I know both are hereditary diseases. Is it possible to have rheumatoid arthritis at such a young age? and should I get tested?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis since 2007. First the blood work showed RA factor 83. And last year the number were 95. I went to rheumatologist last year. After examining he said even the numbers are high i don't have any pain or swelling he cant give any medicine. Since i am not taking anything. And i don't have any pain or swelling. But i am worrying about the numbers. If anybody have any suggesstions, would be highly appreciated.
6757907 tn?1385102265 Hey guys - my mom is 55 and has rheumatoid arthritis, and wants to apply for SSI (disability). She has terrible pains and her hands have become crippled. Do you think this will qualify her for it? She can barely lift up her arms; she's worked in care-giving and now it's impossible to do simple chores/duties.
Avatar n tn 5 years ago, I went to a rheumatologist as a GP found I was positive for Rheumatoid Factor. The specialist did other tests, xrays etc and didnt find anything. But I have an autoimmune profile (Raynauds, scalp psoriasis and eczema prone skin) so she thought a mild immunosuppresant might be warranted. I decided that seemed drastic. I am a PhD student so spend lots of time in front of the computer.
2043993 tn?1450875078 There are many reported cures for rheumatoid arthritis, but it isn't clear which may work in your case, of if any can work at all. For sure you have to have a clean diet (no sugars, no starches, no artificial components that can potentially create issues, no sodas, plenty of water - this is the easy part, in a way). Also enough vitamin D etc. plus exercise (indispensable to move fluids around). After that are possible food allergies.
Avatar m tn My mother is 45 years old and she is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis from last 25 years. All joints of her body pains all the times. We have tried all medicins and treatments like Alopothy, Homeopathy, Ayurvadic, Naturotherapy and exercises. Her body can't tolarate Steroid added drug.
Avatar m tn // See your doctor. They will examine your hands. Then take X rays and if they suspect RA, do blood work to confirm. It's treatable. So either way, you should see your doctor. Do Nsaids help at all?
Avatar n tn My father was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis shortly after WWII. He developed it shortly after being shipped back from England in a coma with a very high temperature. He had the usual symptoms of RA but it was not symetrical. It affected different joints on either side of the body. He died in 1965. About a year before he died, he developed unusual symptoms- loss of taste, areas of de-pigmentation etc.
Avatar n tn I just want to know how to stop taking the vicodin with the less side effects? I also have rheumatoid arthritis, I take plaquenil and methotrexate for that. I just figured I didn't need the vicodin any longer, the plaquenil has kicked in, I believe this is why my pain is under control. I'm guessing i have a physical dependence, not mental. I would appreciate any answers...Thanks...
Avatar f tn What if any is the difference between rheumatoid artritis and serio negative arthritis.
Avatar m tn I have been taking 50mg of Tramadol once a day for about a year now for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. I just got some steroid shots that have alleviated much of the pain. I don't need the Tramadol anymore will I experience withdrawal at this dose if I go cold turkey?
Avatar f tn In the absense of a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (the autoimmune kind), what you're seeing is probably osteoarthritis (the wear and tear kind). Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to osteoarthritic changes, but OA does not mean you have RA. RA and OA are two completely different conditions, but many symptoms of both cross over so it's easy to confuse the two.
1550149 tn?1340000730 Can you have Psoriatic arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis? Doctors official diagnosis~ I have Psoriatic arthritis. Tested positive anti-CCP test as well though...