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Avatar f tn Thigh pain is often not a pinched nerve in the thigh, but a pinched nerve in the lumbar region of the spine. There are exercises and protocols for that. You need an MRI of the lower spine.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you may have a pinched nerve, or a couple pinched nerves in your neck and back. I would recommend seeing a Chiropractor. Are you having any other symptoms? Just to be safe you might want to see a Cardiologist to have some tests done.
Avatar n tn Personal trainers know nothing about a pinched nerve. Most of them know nothing about exercise. I think you're thinking of physical therapists, but they can only help if they know what's causing the nerve to be pinched and it's something they can deal with. Surgery isn't usually necessary just for a pinched nerve, unless the cause of the nerve being pinched is something that can only be relieved surgically.
Avatar n tn Wow...there is someone like me. My throat pain has been with me for almost 1 year now. Mine is on the left side. I've been told I have a rare case of Laryngeal Neuralgia but all the medicines they have given me have been unimpressive. I'm taking meds that help with nerve pain. I even had a nerve block that did nothing. I'm going to try another in a few weeks and hoping for relief. Lifting, movement, etc.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the pinched nerve in my back. I've been suffering with it for over a month. It started one morning with a severe cramp in both of my calf muscles. The right calf continued to ache for about four days. It eventually turned into numbness and tingling below my knee in my right leg. Now I don't hardly have any strength at all in that area. The physical therapist has given me some exercises but I'm still struggling with overwhelming pain.
Avatar m tn I have a pinched nerve in my elbow and one in my hand, would this cause pain in my upper back and side?
Avatar n tn Do I likely have a pinched nerve? I had, for about 2 weeks, tight neck/shoulder muscles. Since I had this a couple years ago I saw my Doctor and was prescribed muscle relaxers again. I knew my left arm was weaker feeling but attributed it to the muscles being tight for so long. I then realized that my left triceps was not working at all(before taking muscle relaxers). I also have some pain in my left shoulder and elbow.
Avatar f tn Is 11&4 too early to have a pinched sciatic nerve? Its been on and off for about a week now, and its mostly tolerable. But sometimes I feel like I can barely pick my left leg up.
Avatar f tn You are have the signs of a nerve being pinched. You need a mri or ct scan to see what exactly is wrong. Leaving the unchecked can result in permanent damage to the nerves and spine. Get an appointment asap and take it easy until you find out how serious it is. There is a chart on my profile showing the nerves and what they control this may be useful to you. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn The vet said she thought it was neurological as well and thought it was a pinched nerve or herniated disc but because of her age and all that there is no surgical solution because she can't go under anesthia anymore. I just hate to loose her or see her in pain because she has been my baby and I hate to see her suffer or to leave us.
655399 tn?1224463784 If u have a pinched nerve would it cause the cold to bother you? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Tingling and pains and other symptons so concerned!</a>.
2932946 tn?1344722012 My lower back has been hurting so bad the last two days, i can't stand or sit up for over just a few minutes and laying down is a little better but still really uncomfortable. I have this weird pain/tingly feeling down my left leg constantly. I had an mri done before my surgery a few months ago and there wasn't a sryinx or anything, so I'm thinking it might be a pinched nerve cause i do have some bad discs. Or can a sryinx develop?
Avatar n tn The nerve in my back is pinched by baby. Syatic (sp) nerve is there any relief available that i can do at home? Sometimes i can't even get outta bed...
Avatar n tn I Have A Pinched Nerve in my neck and my left arm is where all the pain is. Should My Arn Be Swelling?
Avatar m tn Hi there. Management of pinched nerve symptoms would include conditioning and exercise, an exercise program including stretching and strengthening, cortisone injections, ice therapy as cold gel pack or wrapped in towel, never direct or longer than 20 mins, heat therapy to increase circulation to the affected area. This is most effective to treat muscular problems, and can be applied with a heating pad but hot wet towel.
10592317 tn?1416534566 Does anyone else have a pinched nerve that won't go away? I have one in my back that goes into my hip, leg and arm. Tylenol only works for a short period of time. I also take warm baths or have a heating pad on low. And lately I haven't been able to sleep or even lay or sit. I don't know what to do. My back is also separated. I wanna get my back adjusted so bad, but I know I can't. I'm in pain and have 8 weeks left. My mom had one with my brother in between her legs.
Avatar m tn How do you relieve pain from a pinched nerve to back and lower buttock
3175359 tn?1348075033 Hi ladies! 32.5 wks, FTM here. For the last 2 months baby boy has been pinching a nerve in my leg that makes the whole front of my left thigh numb...actually it feels like it's been shot up with Novocaine -- like I can feel pressure but not sensation. I've cleared it with my OB and a healthcare nurse that it it nothing more serious which is good, HOWEVER now the last 2 weeks the numbness has turned into constant burning pain.