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Avatar f tn I'm 24 werks in & a young first time mom and I been having lower back pains! what to do/take?
Avatar m tn I have lower back pain on my left side, I am 21 and have had it in varying degrees since about the age of fourteen. it has always been in the same spot. The pain usually stays in my lower left side but it is shooting down my left leg and buttocks. I no longer have health insurance either.
403156 tn?1290150018 My lower back is killing me. My back has bothered me off and on for a while but it was nothing that I could not handle. My foot has been sore for several months and I figured I was probably walking on it strangely and that might have caused the pain in my back. Out of nowhere today, I got an extreme pain in my lower back. I cannot stand up straight and it hurts to walk, particularly when I take a step with my left leg.
Avatar m tn Hi. I am having pain in my lower right back. This has been going on now for almost 2 years. My symptoms change all the time whether it be sharp pains in my groin, my leg and my hip, and muscle spasms but the pain in my back is always there. The doctors say there is nothing they can do and nothing showed up in my MRI. I have been going to physio, massage and chiropractor for over a year now and nothing is working for me. PLEASE HELP!!! I would appreciate any comments that you have.
1707916 tn?1307901640 I would say severe. The pain is in my lower back middle it sometime will radiate through my left leg. The pain gets worse if I sit, or move in a certain way. I dont take any med currently due to lack of health insurance. I have been taking advil and vicodin which someone gave me. Alittle history I care for a 93 year old man who just suffered a compression fracture, and untill about a week ago I was helping do just about everything, meanning I was picking him up etc...
Avatar f tn I had a back strain over a year ago. I still suffer from lower back pain almost daily. I've tried physical therapy, yoga, light workouts, and medication. I have been taking vicodin and valium for over a year now and I really want to get off of it and for the pain to just go away. My pain is a result of weak hip flexors and a weak core. I have been trying to strengthen these muscles but the pain is still there (I do light workouts 3 to 4 times a week and stretch several times a day).
Avatar f tn while your laying down on your side, try to get someone to put pressure on your lower back/back of your hips. That helped me sooooo much with my first. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn it was like being under rubble waiting for help and when i did get it did not work. The pain got so bad i had to go back to the hospital for a week and they only pump me with all kinds of drugs, setroids, iv morphine and pill morphine,vicodin,valium,lortab,tramadol,gabapentin. He was just trying to get me out of pain then send me home. Then two days the pain was back i went to see him and he gave me RX of oxy 60mg twice aday on the other stuff but told me to stop the morphine.
1305522 tn?1273170802 Anyone know of any other Meds. to use for chronic lower back pain ? I have tried the Vicodin of various strengths, Ultram ( Tramadol) and over the counter meds. Tramadol works well but gives me horrible headaches also. Vicodin I can't take at work for obviuos reasons.
910342 tn?1242748243 Hi, I am 39yrs old and have dealing with this back pain for about 3+ years now. I have had several MRI's, bone scan, x-rays. I have had shots into my spine several times, burned nerves in my back 3 times and taken vicodin, fentenal, dialaudid for that long. Also massive amounts of ibuprofen. My pain originates in my lower back (both sides and spine) and and radiates up and between my shoulder blades but mostly stays in my lower back.
Avatar f tn epidermal shorts were all tried w varying degrees of success) *I have taken several medications through IV in the hospital and right after my surgeries in pill form, but currently I only take Vicodin, Aleve, and occasionally a muscle relaxer. I have also taken the Butrans, but i was allegic to the patch adhesive & had to discontinue. (Butrans worked anazing!
Avatar f tn I could not define a point of injury, but started feeling pain in the lower left side of my back. I went to my doctor and she thought it might be kidneys or ovarian problems. Blood tests came back great. I've now had three chiropractic adjustments and am feeling no real relief. My Dr. prescribed Medrol which I finished taking over a week ago. I have also been taking Vicodin and Flexeril. The Vicodin seems to be constipating me (bonus).
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Vicodin for lower back pain (arthritis). I was taking approximately 40mg per day for about 4-5 years. I have quit on and off over the years but never for longer than maybe 2 months because the pain gets overwhelming. Now I not only have the back pain but as I was explaining I also have pain (deep burning and throbbing) in both legs and sometimes my arms. I would think that I should be feeling great about right now since it has been 30 days.
Avatar n tn I have nerve pain, primarily in my lower legs, and have been put on Lyrica, Neurontin and soon will start on Cymbalta to see if I get a better result with the pain. In addition, I am taking baclofen before bedtime for the pain. The good thing about baclofen is that it helps relax the muscles spasms, but doesn't do anything for the numbness/tingling. Thats ok though because the numbness and tingling are not my main concerns anymore.
176495 tn?1301280412 which helped some, but yesterday turned out to be a particularly painful day to where I was feeling pain down my right leg and across my lower back..The doctor (knowing my history) did not give me opiates, but instead more ultram (which I took no more than 2 per day previously and instead of skelaksan he wanted to go stronger, so he gave me Soma (I know I've read negative things about it here) and prednizone.
Avatar m tn I am a divorced dad of a wonderful 5 year old daughter and my ex is also on me about taking the meds as I did when we were married. I know I am addicted/dependent on the Vicodin for the pain in my back and have had times where I've suffered through withdrawals because I've run out way too early. The Vicodin also makes me pretty moody at times and have snapped at my daughter a few times and I'm quite sure it helped fuel it.
Avatar f tn I had no idea that when I was placed on this it would do this..... I have been taking Vicodin to try and help with the pain I have been feeling but I did my hopmework and see that maybe that is not a good idea. LOOK I WANT OFF..... I am never going back to those things and wish I was educated propertly as to the effects of withdrawl..... Is it alright for me to take the Vicodin, maybe even break them in half and take them to help....
620048 tn?1358018235 m not clear on your reason for cutting back on pain pills. If you only want to decrease your daily acetaminophen intake to a safe level this will be fine. It does nothing more than that if you also intended to decrease your daily narcotic intake.
906679 tn?1263612612 I have been having lower back pain for a few days now,,and its been vary heard to sleep trying to get comfertable ,,I been taking cymbalta for about 5 days, and i was woundering if anyone new what i could take for the pain
Avatar f tn My internist put me on Zoloft 150mg a day and he also put me on Norco for the break through pain. I do use Lidoderm patches also for my lower back and knees. Give your meds a couple of days to get into your system, sometimes it's hit and miss until they find the right combination that works for you.
Avatar n tn The center of my abdomen (around my naval) generally is not in pain. The pain also goes to my lower back. The PT as well as others I have seen have noted that my right side of my back is noticeably larger than my left (which has occurred since the pain has started). Activity (especially running or walking) increases the pain very quickly. Some fatty "heavy" foods also will increase the pain (french fries, cake, etc.).
Avatar f tn Hi, Are you taking any pain medications just to alleviate the pain while waiting for the sceduled scan? The CT scan will be able to guide your physician in terms of management.An infection and adhesions secondary to previous surgery and instrumentation need to be ruled out. Take this one step at a time. I know this may be very discomforting. You may discuss with your physician pain management issues while tests are being done.
12103503 tn?1423448886 I was taking hydrocodone 10/325mg my whole entire pregnancy for extreme back pain.. as I have 2 budging discs. In my lower back and pregnancy only made it worse... I was told it is ok just don't get addicted to it because the baby can have withdrawal symptoms I stopped taking it a week before I went into labour for my c section and my baby is and completely beautiful healthy 4 month old little girl.
Avatar f tn thank you for your reply. i just stumbled on to this and am surprised that someone responded. i went the whole dr thing a couple years ago and nothing could be found out. a dr did put me on amtriptylene that made the pain go away. but i do get bad headaches and i got a dr to give me some hydro ( they aren't vicodins lower dose) and now this pain has came back and even worse now. thanks again.
Avatar n tn I know Lyrica is for nerve pain. In the past, anti-inflammatories have done absolutely nothing for me, so I don't believe that my pain is being caused by inflammation, as one of my docs suggested. I may as well have been taking candy. I just know that I don't want to continue on the vicodin, but I need something. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask...