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107366 tn?1305680375 While your waiting for the pain to go away get on a veggie/fruit diet with lots of water. Hope it works for you too! *Warning: Colchicine (used since the 1800's) just went up in price 10X - which is because of an FDA created monopoly for Colcyrs - so I hope you have insurance - there are vouchers available or you can get old colchicine from outside U.S.. Also write a letter to the FDA to stop the corruption.
Avatar n tn t already. Pay particular attention to the dietary and lifestyle changes section for managing gout. Best of luck to you. I know it's a terribly painful condition. Overview Gout is a kind of arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in the joints. Acute gout is a painful condition that typically affects one joint. Chronic gout is repeated episodes of pain and inflammation, which may involve more than one joint.
Avatar m tn ) to reduce the swelling and Vicodin (5mg)/Acetominiphin (500mg) for the pain. I have a follow-up with my regular MD on 5/9/12 to review these results. Now that I've said all this, is "7.5" considered really really high or just slightly above normal? This is the fifth episode I've had in the past year and third visit to the urgent care dept and the ONLY time that blood tests and x-rays were ordered; seems kinda odd to me. Need your input on this please, TJ.
Avatar f tn You don't happen to suffer from gout, do you? There have been a small percentage of people in the Harvoni study group who have said that Harvoni exacerbated their gout. I have gout and at the end of week 1, had a major flare up in both feet and an ankle that crippled me for a month. I've had residual pain since then that gets worse after being immobile for a while and then try and walk. Just a thought. Hope that eases up for you!
Avatar m tn And when I quit the indocin it seems to spread,, the pain that is .Have you ever heard of gout acting like this and for this long?
Avatar n tn But this time I am going to ask the GP to try for Gout immediately (VIOXX and/or Allopurinol for Uric Acid/Gout). I notice it seems to reoccur every 5 years. Advice appreciated?
Avatar n tn Hello~I am 53 years old I have been diagnosed with gout even though a blood test for uric acid came out negative. I have had terrible inflammation in my metatarsal phalangeal joint and the smaller joint closer to the tip of my big toe. I have had a cortisone shot in each. I don't drink, eat shellfish and have a mostly plant based diet. I do have hypertension however and am terrified that maybe I have hurt my kidneys because I take the lowest dose of hypertension medicine.
634874 tn?1254430697 Gout causes problems with the big toe, but it can turn up several places. You must get on medicine for Gout. The pain will be gone in 2 days with the right medication.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with gout and although I do have pain in my big toe (mainly left, but also some in right), I'm having more trouble with my fingers - they are where the pain is worst and where I've got some tophi. How common/uncommon is it to have gout more in the fingers than the toe? I know it can affect other joints other than teh big toe, but just not sure how common it is and if it makes it any more difficutl to treat?
712802 tn?1274645485 For most people, gout pain usually shows up first in the joints of the big toe. However, as gout progresses, and more and more uric acid builds in the system, it has to find other joints where it can go. This means you might get gout pain in other places that can cause even more pain than that which you might feel when it is in your toe.One of the first things many do when they have gout and hip joint pain is take NSAIDS.
Avatar m tn I have arthritis and the only thing that helps (over the counter) with joint/bone pain is Aleve. For gout, you should see your doc for sure. Try soaking in a hot bath with Epsom Salts, as that might help too. Best to you!
Avatar n tn If I start it back up today do you think it will help with the gout pain and inflammation? I am taking Ibuprophen and soaking in epsom salts/hot water.
Avatar f tn I have a pain in my knees sometimes , but frequent pain in legs below knees and finger joints in feets. Iweigs 67kg's.
971283 tn?1247767572 // Please keep us posted!
Avatar n tn I am extremely worried right now, because I just did a Google search and found that a study has shown that people with gout have an increased risk for cancer. Is this true? Can high uric acid levels really cause cancer? I am so worried about this. His doctor never mentioned this to him. My dad has just started to be pretty active, and he doesn't have any significant symptoms that bother him. I just don't want this condition to cause something more serious like cancer.
Avatar f tn My father has gout and it gets really bad sometimes. Is gout heritable? Could my pain be caused by gout instead of a stress injury?
Avatar m tn If you are a diabetic or have a poor immune system it could be neuropathy. Check with a endocrinologist they can run blood work and find out.
Avatar n tn Acute pain in both ankles and mid-foot area. The pain lays me off from walking for days. The pain is likened to having needles drawn in and out of the effected area. My sergeon believes i am well out of the criteria to have gout as i am 33 male, active and lead a healthy lifestye...... his ideas reach towards mid-foot arthritis? Any possible ideas of what may be causing me these anomynous attacks of pain?
Avatar n tn I would recommend going to see a rheumatologist for gout. My husband suffered un-necessarily from acute gout attacks and it turns out that it was not going away because of the way it was being treated! He's on two different anti-inflammatories and alpurinol and has not had a single attack since he saw this doctor. The pcp and the podiatrist did NOT know what they were doing!
Avatar n tn There was increased pain to the touch. The pain subsided for a week and has come back again this week. When I initially had the pain, I visited 2 podiatrists. The first one thought he saw a slight fracture or crack in my toe on x-ray. The second one dismissed this and said I had gout. He gave me colchacine and an antibiotic because he thought the toe might be infected as well. I could only take the meds for a few days due to extreme stomach upset.