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Avatar m tn Hey folks - I'm 35 and every few months I get my hands on about 60 vicodin or so. I get them for my shoulder. I wind up abusing them as they make me happy. I get the euphoria and at first its the best feeling ever. It alleviates my diagnosed anxiety/depression perfectly. I wind up taking 4 to 5 a day, abusing them by the end of the cycle, and go through a crash where I get very anxious and depressed and feel like utter hell for like a week.
Avatar n tn Methadone is a much longer acting opiate that vicodin, but it will still give a form of euphoria. Your doctor is probably prescribing the methadone to give you better pain releif for a longer period so you don't have to take as many lortab. At one point when I was having severe neck pain, my doctor also put me on lortab and a small dose of methadone. Please be careful, as both drugs are very addictive and methadone is very hard to withdrawal from.
Avatar m tn I'm having a hard time figuring out if what I'm experiencing is from the Vicodin or Tramadol. I've been feeling extremely bored and also experiencing severe anhedonia/dysphoria ever since I quit these drugs. I have a feeling that this is caused by the Tramadol because whenever I took it to get high, the Tramadol would make me feel mentally numb, like it made me feel dumb and not mentally sharp.
Avatar n tn This is a very helpful forum but most of the posts I'm reading are a few years old. I wanted to share my experience about vicodin. I started taking them about 5 years ago and since I knew well the effects of too much tylenol, I quickly started using 10/500 or 10/325 tablets. At my worst, I took 8-10 per day of these pills. In the beginning, it was for euphoria. 20 minutes after taking a pill, I got a woosh and could stand up after work and work for 4 hours more at home.
Avatar m tn I would like to know which is harder to detox from, ultrum or vicodin? I have heard horror stories about both.
Avatar n tn My question is about using a mood stabilizer (Lamictal) with my Opana and hydromorphone, fentanyl and before, oxycontin. I do not get any euphoria from opiate or opiod medications or get much mental effects..and I'm wondering if my mood stabilizer is the reason for it maintains me at an a level mood and this prevents my mood from being elevated similar to how it prevents me from having manic symptoms. Just a fyi, I'm not looking for the euphoria and hyperness etc....
472139 tn?1211332563 Nodding is not a form of euphoria for me...i can do that all by myself!
Avatar m tn My wife has been having serious headaches lately and the doctor prescribed her Tramadol. Can anyone tell me if Tramadol makes you high like Vicodin? I do not want my wife taking it if it does. She seems to have taken a liking to Vicodin. Once I got my addiction under control, its as if she wanted to start vicodin on a regular basis. I can't explain why, I just know that she seems to have like it and that is why she has asked the doctor for a non narcotic.
Avatar m tn I've been taking one vicodin before a round of golf for relief of upper right-side back pain. Otherwise, the back hurts while I play and stops after completing the round. My question: is there any real concern about this use if limited to 20-24 days/month?
84562 tn?1288304383 They hurt like hell and the doc was kind enough to give me a prescription for Vicodin (7.5 mg). I rarely have taken anything stronger than a tylenol in the past. But my knees were really sore and I took one. All along this period I was in and out of PVCs and some AFIB. Well within a hour or so I feel great and all the heart symptoms are gone. Nothing. I feel better than I have in years. Did tons of stuff around the house and even my knees were feeling good.
623065 tn?1275503695 I was on day 3 when i went and i had anxiety like no other the dentist gave me a script for temazepam and extrastrenght vicodin witch is what i was quiting like to say now on day 6. But on next wednesday i might be put back thats the day i go. Im going to try and not fill the script unless i just cant tollerate the pain. Is temazepam addictive? He gave me 30 of those too! I dont want any kind of medication i thought last day one was it. Uhh so frustrated. Any advise is helpfull!
983679 tn?1276833336 Greg Critser is the author of "Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World" and the forthcoming "One Nation, Under Pills." Just when really serious things like war, disease and a bummer economy threaten to make the media business a rather dreary realm, enter the downfall by drugs of Rush Limbaugh.
1374564 tn?1295059520 On Tuesday I had the worst migraine I have had in a very long time and I could not get in to see my doctor so I caved and went to my sister for some Vicodin. She gave me two 10/325's of which I took one immediately. While it did alleviate the pain almost immediately, it made me feel queasy, floaty and completely out of control. I hated the sensation! I had constant dry mouth and often was startled awake by my own gagging.
2011934 tn?1329332634 I too miss that feeling sometimes...Life is filled with ups and downs; for me it is the "average" day that can offer the biggest challenge. So, I do things to make the day less average. And when the craving has passed, and I haven't given in, I feel a kind of euphoria. You'll get through this. You're being honest with yourself and that's important. Good job.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know about the withdrawal symptoms from this? Is it worse than coming off vicodin or better? I have clonazepam 1mg which I rarely ever take. I have plenty refills for that. Was told that the clonazepam would greatly help. Is this true? I'm almost 66, widowed, lonely and I think that's why I turned to the Adderall. Gives me more energy and a little euphoria. Guess I have an addictive nature. Could someone out there help me? I can;t stand to feel so all alone.
Avatar n tn Since it is structurally related and is a pro-drug to meprobamate, it does have abuse potential especially combining it with opiates or other sedatives. Taken alone is makes you feel relaxed, rarely any euphoria, and very drowsy, but in combination with opiates it adds to the euphoria fealt from opiates and sedative sides effects. Taking soma and vicodin make it feel similiar in strnegth to taking oxycodone, which is stronger. It does have some analgesia effects on the body with its use.
1196338 tn?1265163728 Hello, I am new to this community, I suppose I should tell you a littlebit about myself first.. Well, I am a CP patient who was in a MVA accident a couple of years ago, and have been taking opiates for my pain. I am a little shy to ask this because I don't want to be judged as being an addict or something, but I always thought that you could tell that a narcotic was working based on that warm fuzzy feeling you get..
Avatar f tn i feel amazing i am not like crazy happy but i am content and i am kind of anxious about how bad i will feel once the euphoria is gone
Avatar f tn Well, not realising how addictive vicodin is, Im back to square one but worse. I have been having horrible sleep patterns on this and I do feel some sort of feeling when I take it that is calming. Im on 10/325 and take about 4 a day, Im scared I will take more. My husband doesnt know about this and I dont want him to know as Im embarrased to like this feeling and know Im going to go through horrible withdrawl. I just need the push toget off for good!
127005 tn?1205019495 How long does it take to become dependent enough on Vicodin to suffer withdrawl? I was only on them for 3 weeks tops, anywhere from 2-8/day and the 8/day was only twice. Last Vicodin was last night and today I feel depressed, achey, have diarrhea and am sneezing a lot. Is it possible to have become dependent in only 3 weeks of sporadic use? Sporadic meaning usually just in am and pm but sometimes for breakthru pain in afternoon. Thanks.
696149 tn?1314320959 Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I've been a member of Medhelp since....uh December of '08 I think....not sure exactly. Anyway I'll try to make this short since I feel like ****. My Bi-Polar Type II seemed to crop up.....very much overnight in '94. I started using Vicodin to help and it seemed to but of course I got addicted and wasn't able to stop until last December.
1116472 tn?1260075052 s difficult to stay and not participate, even though the euphoria of the pills have never been as exciting for me as for him, but hard to resist none the less as an addict. so we are at an empass.
Avatar f tn I am hoping I could get help i have no reason to be or any excuses but I am addicted to vicodin or percocet and ambien at times i don't know what to do or where to turn i am embarassed to say i have a job where i can get my hands on them often i am ashamed and afraid what am i going to do??
Avatar f tn ok heres a new one. for me anyway. I have posted how i take vicodin for energy. euphoria. Now, they make me feel good for ten minutes, and then i am tired. so i try another, rinse, repeat. why is the same dose making me tired all of a sudden?
Avatar m tn You do not get the euphoria that you would get from the Vicodin. Fentanyl is 80x stronger than Morphine and once you're on the patch, you will most likely be on it for the rest of your life. You mentioned the "Big gun med" Yes, it is one of the strongest on the market today. The side effects can be unpleasant for the first month or so. You may get nauseated, dizzy or sweaty but this will pass as you body becomes accustom to it. Believe me when I say it works.
Avatar f tn I am very addicted to vicodin, and want help desperatley. I have been on them on and off for 6 years, but used constent for the last 3 years. I think going to a detox place would be the safest, because i can not handle the withdrawls, i feel like killing myself, and i do not want to end that way. I am a strong, but a very addicted person.