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Avatar f tn I'm in excruciating pain and lortab elixir is the only med that really helps with my pain. Does anyone out there have any or can get some? My dr won't write me a script for it cuz I'm taking lortab pills. Someone please help. I've considered going to an online pharm and tdying to buy but too scary. If anyone can help me.
Avatar n tn I've taking Lortab elixir /Hydrocododone liquid -- 10 ml every 4 to 6 hours -- to manage pain from four back surgeries over the past 5+ years. When I was told recently that the Tylenol on the Lortab was starting to affect my liver, I decided to stop taking all pain medications, a little over 10 days ago. The first 6 days, I replaced the liquid lortab with 2 Vicodin pills a day, the next two days with one pill a day, and then I stopped cold turkey two days ago.
Avatar m tn I meant false lip ring... I was told to use benedryll elixir... Is that what I should be taking to get rid of this.. Ive had this for a month now.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed lortab elixir. At the moment I am in a lot of pain and can only tolerate chilled liquids. Can I refrigerate or freeze the lortab?
Avatar n tn I was clean for almost 19 months and had surgery this week. During my hospital stay, they provided me Lortab Elixir and Percocet elixir when I was sent home. I didn't think about my addiction at all and just went with the flow...meaning I didn't need the med every 4 hours and since leaving almost 3 days ago, only used the med twice. The cool thing now is having an acute awareness of how bad things could get if you let them...
1417802 tn?1282173063 Sorry to hear about your treatment not being effective.are you going to be treating again with the new DAA"s that are going to be coming out soon? There are many elixir"s and supplements people are taking for nutritional value and some it seems have value in regards to keeping liver counts (enzyme )readings lower. If the Hepa feels their is no harm ,and markers don"t rise..then yes nothing to lose Keep us informed and good luck.. Will.
Avatar n tn Did you drink the elixir with a straw? I've not heard about it staining the tongue, but it wouldn't surprise me. I've always been taught to always take it with a straw! If you used a straw then I would definitely recommend calling the doctor that prescribed it. One other think that I'm not sure if you already know, if you take the iron with orange juice your body will absorb it better. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn Reading about all kinds of foods and their ability lower acid reflux I came up with this drink that I call the Elixir. It pretty cheap and you can buy all the stuff at your local store. This really changed my life back to normal and I really hope that it can also help anyone else having this problem. I have gone through it for 10 months before finding my cure living through an absolute nightmare of feeling pain everyday. If anyone tries this please send me some feedback of what you think.
Avatar m tn t hold or force your breath---just relaxed but full inhale---primary nutrient!! Elixir. I know it sounds weird or hokey or? but is based on scientific principles. Give it a try and see. There is yet more to it than that but first just this step.. Next time the exhale-relax practice. I bet many of you have done the exhale with relaxation and ahhhh etc before. Anyway make it a good day in spite of the challenges. Sometimes it is a choice. sometimes not.
Avatar m tn Well, it's great you were proactive and checked your health status but the surprise isn't much fun. So just try to relax and make sure to follow up with your doctor asap. You are too young to be staring at a likely diagnosis of cirrhosis, so it's very likely a simple mistake. It takes years and years of severe liver abuse to get to the end-stage state. Just be sure to check with your doctor and get it squared away.
2121656 tn?1395674749 Sorry, I haven't had the chance. My daughter just called to let me know how my grandchildren's open house went at School. I'll catch you in the morning. I hope you feel better after drinking your vinegar elixir, lol! Night & sweet dreams.
Avatar m tn t hold or force your breath---just relaxed but full inhale---primary nutrient!! Elixir. I know it sounds weird or hokey or? but is based on scientific principles. Give it a try and see. There is yet more to it than that but first just this step.. Next time the exhale-relax practice. Let me know if you like this or have questions about it.
Avatar f tn Thrush and oral lichen planus can easily be confused. Lichen planus is an auto-immune disease and there is no cure... only treatment for the symptoms. I have had lichen planus for about 8 years now. It began on the skin on my legs, feet and chest but I didn't get it diagnosed until I had a few bouts of what I thought was thrush. My dermatologist diagnosed it with a skin biopsy on my chest - he didn't want me to have to have a mouth biopsy.
Avatar m tn I was hospitalized for two days and had surgery on my jaw to wire it shut. I was presribed Loratab elixir(liquid form) because I could not swallow pills. The following Friday from being released I was laying in bed and started to get a weird sharp pain in my left side, I started to freak out and the pain got worse and I could barely breath.
Avatar f tn The hormone theapy my husband has been receiving for several years is no longer working. (See discription of treatment in my post of Jan. 9, 2010.) His PSA is now 2400 + and he is experiencing a great deal of pain in his chest area and back. A bone scan confirms that the cancer has invaded his bones. He is now taking Vicodin to deal with the pain. It is somewhat effective, but doesn't do the job entirely. Taxotere seems to be the next option.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me vicodin for my migraines... has anyone else been prescribed vicodin while pregnant??
12103503 tn?1423448886 I have severe back pain and my doctor has given me vicodin. She said it was safe to take while pregnant. Have any of you taken it while pregnant?
Avatar n tn How can a positive result for Vicodin be positive when I know I have not taken it?
Avatar m tn I am currently taking vicodin 7.5 750 Mg for torn muscles in my shoulder. I usually take one or two or occasionally three tablets through the day. It says on the bottle may cause drowsiness but they seem to have the opposite effect on me they make me hyper. So i have found when i get home the only way i can sleep is to have a couple of beers to calm me down. I work second shift so if i don't drink any i will be up all night not getting any sleep.
Avatar f tn I too have been addicted to vicodin for the past two years. i am weeks away from having my second child, the ob said it was okay to use but never really said how many. My ob said the baby shouldnt be born with any addiction that it is very very rare and they have people taking high doses of stronger narcs like methadone and are pregnant. i have to take in the am when i get up as my neck hurts the worst when i try to sleep at night.
4381292 tn?1355701521 When i was in the hospital at 26 weeks with siatica, my ob gave me vicodin. I was also on vicodin while pregnant with my daughter after a car accident. I wouldnt take unless ob prescribes as there are many different doses. Im sure (same with even tylenol) it can be bad.