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1124967 tn?1283705847 For those who have used clondine for help with wd, what was your dosing amount? Is .1mg a low amount? Should that be helping her at this point? Does anyone know the usually dosing amounts to help for severe wd or what the max allowable for clonidine? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
1569985 tn?1328247482 I have done that when mine was high and then gone back to regular dosing. I hope you find the problem quickly. Let us know what you find out if you feel it would be of help to others on this drug. BTW, I am doing better on 1/2 of a 25 mg. Atenolol at night and nothing thru the day. My heart rate is up a little and I am not used to that, so I'm feeling a little hyper. I am hoping it will level out and I will feel more energetic. My dizzy spells are also less.
1241508 tn?1313006082 ) without that information they might not know how to answer your question. Either way, I do hope that someone can provide you with a helpful answer. I think that you might have to elaborate though on what and where you are using it for. In addition to anything I have mentioned, please keep in mind, that while I or others may have extensive knowledge in many areas, you should always seek professional medical advice from your own physician, as it pertains to medical conditions or concerns.
Avatar f tn i also am allowed to take vicodin two times a day. i am first very concerned about becoming addicted even though pain levels are excruciating and only take vicodin when times get very bad. doctor recently tried the 6 day steroid pkg and i had great releif from pain but i am scared to take them on constant basis as he suggests i do because 20 years ago on steroids i went into cushinoid state and took over 1 and half years to get off the prednisone at that time.
408795 tn?1324935675 See the Package Insert of the specific HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitor for information regarding dosing regimen and administration of the protease inhibitor in combination with PegIntron and ribavirin. Duration of Treatment – Treatment with PegIntron/REBETOL of Interferon Alpha-naïve Patients The treatment duration for patients with genotype 1 is 48 weeks.
1233941 tn?1267735211 I also noted some commenting that they are dosing two - three times per day. I am not a doctor and cannot recommend dosing, but the halflife with sub is nearly 40 hours and dosing once per 24 hours is more than enough, taking more than once per days is a mute point because it does not help with the drug taking behavior what so ever. I started out on 24mg from a 200mg+ hydrocodone habit. I quickly worked my way down to 16, then 8mg and took between 2 - 4 mg/day for several years.
Avatar f tn Recently I went to my dr hoping to get off vicodin and suggested tramadol because I thought it was a narcotic. I still had a few vicodin so I would take a couple vicodin then the next day take tramadol Now I am on day 2 quitting them both cold turkey. I am so irritable and hot flashes and sweats. Didn't sleep more then an hour last night. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!! I am so frightened that I can't do this. I need help but am a new mom and need to be here for my son.
Avatar n tn I am sorry but we cannot share dosing information with you. It is a violation of our guidelines. It is really a shame that you are unable to see a doctor and do the program properly. You may benefit from it. I suggest that you do some further reading about Suboxone, perhaps on their web site. Best of luck. I hope you get and stay clean.
Avatar f tn If you are on triple therapy for genotype 1 and undetectable then your doc is following AASLD protocol for anemia management Anemia developed among recipients of both PIs. Hemoglobin decreases below 10 g/dL (grade 2 toxicity) occurred in 49% of patients who received a BOC regimen compared to 29% of those who received the SOC regimen, whereas 9% had a hemoglobin decline of <8.5 g/dL (grade 3 toxicity).
Avatar f tn Most patients require one or two dose titrations of the long-acting opioid medication before the dosing is considered optimal. Optimal dosing is achieved typically when the patient requires no more than 2-3 doses of breakthrough pain medication per day. We wish you the best and please let us know how your appointment goes. Take care.
Avatar n tn I also was on vicodin getting of it seems like days 1-4 is the worst as far as the stomach i use immodium the liquid it worked on me on day one! Your not going nuts. And congrats on quiting it takes alot i know. Let me know if i can help you any more.
620048 tn?1358018235 I have at times taken vicodin 5-500 & norco 10/325 OR hydroco/acetam 10-325 & hydroco/acetam 5-500 together or at the same time. The only difference is the amount of vicodin in each pharmacist has told me its dangerous to take both together. I understand that the tylenol can harm my liver but that wasn't part of his reasoning and I forgot to mention it. So my question is why is it so dangerous to use them at the same time aside from the liver damage?
Avatar f tn Call your local pharmacist. We at MedHelp are not allowed to give out dosing instructions. Your pharmacist will be able to tell you exactly how to dose the medications. If your regular pharmacy is closed on Sunday, call any pharmacist availabe at your local grocery store or drug store such as Walgreens, CVS, or RiteAid.
Avatar f tn I take 3 different pain medications, Vicodin; Tylenol IV and Percocet. I am used to taking a tox screen and find no problem with it. My last visit I took a urine test and a week later they had me come back in for a blood test. Come to find out they say the Percocet isn't showing up in my results. The urine test didn't surprise me because I hadn't taken any but I had taken a Percocet on Saturday morning and the blood test was Monday morning so I don't understand it.
Avatar n tn I asked this question a couple nights ago but now can't find it. So here I go again. I've used Vicodin (6-10 pills a day for a year) following surgery with painful, slow-healing complications. Now, three weeks ago, I had surgery again for revision. My doctor's given me Dilaudid. I'm just finishing up a prescription for that (60 pills). My question is, will the Dilaudid w/d symptoms be similar? (I already went through Vic w/d's.
1201433 tn?1328997637 Are you participating in the 400mg dosing cohort? So far, it appears ANA598 will get you to cEVR much faster in the early treatment. Should hear more on the 400mg dosing cohorts around the end of March.
Avatar n tn How can a positive result for Vicodin be positive when I know I have not taken it?
696149 tn?1314320959 I've been addicted to Vicodin for over 15 years and I was off Vics for over a year and half. I stupidly went back on because of a kidney stone (I'm prone to them). Anyway, the Vicodin seem to bother my heart.....that is I felt like I was having heart problems right after I started taking the Vicodin. That never happened before. All that lasted badly for about 3 months. I even had an heart cath done and everything was OK but I swear I felt like it was my heart.
9648 tn?1290091207 If I were you I would leave the dosage issue alone. I trusted my clinic nurses fully, there not gonna do anything that would chance you failing tx. As far as the blue bombers go, just keeping up with taking all those a day and keeping the count right is like a small job in One thing I've read about in your case is not being able to get blood test results. I was always able to get mine whenever I asked.
Avatar n tn My Mother's boyfriend went into the hospital two weeks ago because of problems with his pancreas (he has had pancreatitis because of alcoholism-he doesn't drink anymore supposedly.) A few days into his hospital visit, he started showing withdrawal symptoms and began having D.T's. They had my mom check if he had any alcohol in the house, he didn't. He was prescribed vicodin for back pain after a surgery 3 months ago, and for some reason the doctor keeps refilling it.
4407520 tn?1363011865 the pain is withdrawal pain from the methadone, or least i hope it is, i went to the dr for my stomach a few weeks ago and my x-ray looked normal, i havent had an injury and am pretty sure its just withdrawals, it like a constant ache, that only hot water or icy hot will kinda relieve it, and about the vicodin i can get 130mgs of liquid methadone for the same as like 10 10mg vicodin, the vicodin will last me 2 days, where as the methadone will last for a few weeks, im not going to the clinic any
Avatar m tn Hi...I am at the point where I NEED to quit my addiction to Vicodin...I know that I can do this myself...has anyone been successful at self-quitting???...can you tell me the best process to quit...i.e. slow deliberate weaning of dosages,etc...if I can do this. I can then work on my smoking addiction next...I am 56 yo and it has all caught up with me...thank you for any advice...
Avatar f tn I don't believe that methadone or sub saves an adicts life, it's only a tool . I don't like to give drugs that much power but these meds are important. The methadone is a real joy killer. You need to lower the dose or maybe the doc can give you welbutrin which can really help. I was on street dope too and methadone did help me for a time and I'm not against it but it has to be used wisely.
356054 tn?1218552475 grapevine effect. The specific information that I think was most important related to how long to take it and if tapering off of it was difficult or not. The things I read were just crazy because they differed in so many ways. My family doctor just happened to be trained and licensed to prescribe Sub. I was very lucky to have him guide me and he still is guiding me. I see him once a month right now.