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Avatar m tn From your test results your Free T4 was a bit lower than we normally suggest, which is middle of the range, at minimum. Your Free T3 is even lower in its range, which shows that your body is not converting T4 to T3 very well. Free T3 is the thyroid hormone that correlates best with symptoms. Many members say that symptom relief required Free T4 at the middle of its range, and Free T3 in the upper third of its range, or as necessary to relieve symptoms.
Avatar f tn We all need to find our optimal range and not just a normal range. Shoot for a lower TSH and a higher free t3 (will probably have to have t3 added in to get there) with a mid range freet4 and see how you feel? If your doctor will not check the freet3 level, then find one who will.
758099 tn?1233986759 Ok, so I am 33 weeks pregnant and have been prescribed Vicodin 5/500 since I was 4 months pregnant. The max I am willing to take per day is 2 and I refuse to take them any closer than 5 1/2 hours apart. My OB is the one who prescribes them for chronic migraines and back problems (one near-fatal car accident and have fallen down the stairs at home). The pain gets unbearable, so I know that if I stop taking them, it'll be worse than taking them for both of us.
Avatar n tn I posted earlier about some unusual experiences with sub but didn't give any details. My doc recommended me take either 4mg or 8 to start. I was in mild WDs, so I said I'll take 8 to make sure it would get me off those. He agreed, and said if i need more two hours later, take another. Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up extremely sick the next day.
Avatar m tn Everyone is different and it depends on a lot of factors such as age, general health, dosage, and length of use. Usually the acute physical detox is over in 3-7 days. Please stick around and keep posting. This is a fantastic place to get support, encouragement, and advice. Once you quit, let us know what symptoms you are having and we can recommend different remedies that might ease them a little. You can do this!! Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn An additional concern I have is that I have put myself at risk because of recreational use of Vicodin, which has gone on for about 2 yrs. While I have never taken more than a small dosage on a given day (never more than 500mg in a day and most often about 250mg), my usage has been fairly consistent usually about twice a week. Would a tinnitus resulting from Vicodin use be more likely to result in strictly tinnitus, without the hearing loss? Thanks everyone. I really appreciate any input.
Avatar n tn I went online to check my lab results on 4-26-13 B12 542 range (211-946) on 10-14-13 4.98 range (211-946) TSH 9-5-12 1.39 range (.27 -4.2) on 9-25-13 TSH 5.5 range (.27-4.2}. All that was done was the TSH. The only one who did a tsh and free t4 was the renal doctor on 10-25-13. I reduced it from 112 mcg to 100 mcg.
Avatar n tn t apply to everyone) is that FT4 should be about mid range and FT3 should be in the upper 1/3 of its range. Your FT4 is only at 36% of the range and we have no idea about FT3, so we don't know if you are converting the FT4 to FT3 adequately or not. You should ask for the FT3 test, next time you get TSH and FT4; if she refuses, you should probably find another doctor, because one who refuses to look at FT3, and/or doses based on TSH, will keep you very ill.
653611 tn?1235776013 ive been taking vicodin for a surgury which took place two days ago its a minor surgury so im going back to work tomorrow, i was wondering if i took a vicodin tonight {its about nine pm] will i have a hangover tomorrow when i have to be up for work ay 730 am?
Avatar n tn Is that T4 result for free T4 or total T4. Also, what is its reference range shown on the lab report? Have you ever had the most important thyroid test, for free T3 (FT3)? Free T3 is four times as active as FT4, plus FT3 correlates best with hypo symptoms, including low metabolism. If you haven't been tested for free T3, that should be done.
Avatar n tn I know I am now dependent on vicodin. I felt this way once before after knee surgery, but just tapered off. I also quit smoking cold turkey so I am fairly motivated to go the course. After a second knee surgury this year, I am having trouble getting off the 375 miligarms dose 3 x a day. Stopping for a day results in chills at feet and hands, no sleep, and increased emotional pressure to just pop one. That is especially true at night.
Avatar f tn 40) is 57% of range. You have to divide 1.06 by the width of the range (1.4 - 0.6 = 0.8), not by the top of the range. 1.06 / 0.8 = 57%. In two weeks, it will be how long since you adjusted Synthroid?
1327431 tn?1327072104 There is no normal range with thyroid, every person has an optimal range where the have no symptoms, the problem today with thyroid is that many mds still use an old reference range for TSH as an example, some go by .05 to 5.5, some 0.4 to 4.5 and the better one use .03 to 3.
1634158 tn?1310388133 ive been taking vicodin for 9 months, and i take 20 a day, i need to WD, should i taper because i take so many or CT? i just want my life back and dont want to be a slave to these vicodin anymore, plz can someone tell me how should i start my tapering off??
Avatar n tn I do think in terms of setbacks as regards stress induced psychosis that a psychiatrist might advise temporarily raising Zyprexa but not doubling it. Any dosage within the clinical range can be prescribed but you have to distinguish between psychotic breaks and those that are reacting to stressful events. Even when I was on standard antipsychotics, I would get psychotic every October and panic and often the antipsychotic needed to be raised or changed. But I didn't know why.
Avatar n tn Vicodin is a FDA pregnancy class C drug, but need to define "tons" for us.
692143 tn?1275836577 3 months is ridicules. 6 weeks for retesting dosage change is normal. Have you ever felt OK on the new formulation? Do you understand the importance of Free T3 and Free T4 levels - the actual hormone levels you body needs? Ask your doctor to test these. TSH is just a messenger hormone from the pituitary telling the thyroid what to do - not the best way to test.
Avatar m tn I am curious if there is some formula for syntroud dosage. I was on 88 mcg and my tsh has gone up from 4 to 17. He is raising my dosage from 88 to 125 and will retest later. He said it's better to raise it slowly if that's not enough. Is there any way to know how much I will need? I have hashimotos and my tsh started at 6 went to 3 with synthesis then up to 40 then back down to 4 with more synth road and now up to 17. Please don't ask for t3 or 4 I don't know it .
Avatar n tn the Free T4 is at about 1/2 up in its range and the Free T3 is about 3/4 to 2/3rds up in its range. You need to insist on a Free T3 test. I think the small increase will benefit you to supress the TSH and bring up your T4 a little, But any MD that is good with treating thyroid disease always tests for Free T3, your Replacement Hormone (Levo) is a T4 Med, you could have a conversion issue where your body does not convert T4 to T3, and no one would know that without a Free T3 test.
Avatar f tn What would be the range of dosage for Stage 1 thyroid cancer (one malignant nodule)? Is hoarseness thereafter a short or long term side effect? thank you. This discussion is related to <a href=''>i-131 dose</a>.