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4757133 tn?1358797625 And occaisenly a m357 vicodin. Also a bunch of b vitamins and c vitamins. I also drink a lot. And really with what dental work I've had done this past week hardly ate anything in a week. Anyone have any commits on this? Just checking out other thoughts. Thanks.
Avatar m tn m wondering is whether taking this amount of vicodin this regularly will lead to tolerance or addiction.
1634158 tn?1310388133 ive been taking vicodin for 9 months, and i take 20 a day, i need to WD, should i taper because i take so many or CT? i just want my life back and dont want to be a slave to these vicodin anymore, plz can someone tell me how should i start my tapering off??
482050 tn?1208394829 I injured my back on 12/30/07. The Dr. prescribed vicodin...a potent dosage. Today is 4/16/08, so I have been on the pain killer for 3.5 months. I take 2 to 3 pills a day. I know that doesn't sound like alot....but I think that I am addicted to it. I LOVE the way that I feel on it. I feel happier than I have ever felt. My sex drive is way up. My marriage is better than it's ever been!!!!
Avatar f tn Tramadol may cause life-threatening addiction and withdrawal symptoms in a newborn.
Avatar m tn Not so much about an addiction problem I have but more about some concerns. I've been on some pain meds for a back problem for a while now, so I do have some tolerance, but today was a particularly bad day after recovering from surgery. I've been on Vicodin (about 3-6 a day for about a year now) and then a month or so on Oxycodone after spinal surgery.
Avatar m tn can a pharmacist call a dentist that wrote a prescription for Vicodin and tell him that i am taking suboxone,i thought that addiction problems were confidential. She never came and spoke t me, to find out if I had worked something out with the doctor that prescribes the medication. I believe if she was to call anyone she should of called my suboxone doctor!!!
1233941 tn?1267735211 An opiate is an opiate and sub is for opiate addiction. The dosage of sub is completely dependent on each patient and everyone is different and requires different dosages. Sub is just one part of the treatment process to - meetings, support, and therapy are also highly recommended. They all go together for an effective treatment plan.
Avatar m tn I just hope they are prescribed to you and you are taking the correct dosage. They too have a potential for addiction.
Avatar n tn My husband has been taking vicodin for pain for 4 years since he had a hip replacement. He has changed tremendouly, VERY negative, explosive, reads the news paper, as usual, for cover to cover and TALKS about all the bad things. He is never happy unless he's drunk. I think he has a serious problem and he doesn't. How can I help him see what he has become???????
Avatar n tn i have taken vicodin for about 10 years now. I have never increased the dosage or abuse the med. my dr recently put me on tramadol which i'll try anything. i am to take 2 tramadol twice daily or as needed along with 800 mg ibuprofen twice daily. i have not found any resolve with this medication (i have been on it 2 weeks). i also have not had any typical withdrawl symptoms from stopping the vicodin. i have degeneration of my t3 and t4 vertebre and spinal rotation and of course subluxation.
5945713 tn?1377138782 I feel really bad that vicodin destroyed your liver. Vicodin is hydrocodone + acetaminophen. The pain killer is the hydrocodone, the acetaminophen is pretty useless imo, but most important of all, just should never be be used in excess of 3 grams per day. Most vicodin tablets have something like 5mg-7.5mg of hydrocodone, and 500-750mg apap. If these stupid doctors didn't put poison along with the pain killer, your liver would be fine.
Avatar n tn I read somewhere once someone used 3-4 vicodin tabs over 3-4 days along with nyquil to get through suboxone withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 5-6 Vicodin, 5-6 Phenergan, 5-6 Vistiril and sometimes 1-2 Elavil every day for more than a year for pain and nausea. I guess I am just confused because I don't feel addicted to them because they help me too much. When i dont take them I am in way too much pain to function. My question is that I am supposed to be having surgery so the pain will stop but will i still feel the need to take all these meds?
Avatar n tn I have been taking Percocet for a couple years now but never more than 20 mg a day, so with your dosage, not sure what side effects are typical. I do know that I do not seem to have any negative side effects on my current dosage. Regardless, it sounds like it is not the right medication for you. If you are getting your meds from a doctor, you need to ask him about it. Sorry I could not be of more help.
Avatar m tn I see your point. And that is exactly why i got onto this forum... I wanted to ask people who have actually been through narcotic addiction. So a low dosage of methadone probably wouldn't be a good idea to stop a low dosage habit of vicodin.
Avatar n tn P.S. The subs will work, the problem is you just didn't wait long enough for the Vicodin to get out of your system. The result of that is, the subs kick off the vicodin opiates from your receptors, but there isn't enough subs left to occupy your receptors, which is what caused pecipitated withdrawl symptoms. Your next dose will occupy those unoccupied receptors and you will feel better.
Avatar f tn was only on the Tylonol 3 for like 10 days and the dentist put me back on the vicodin...i know at first i was on a bit more of vicodin and it made me feel up.maybe its all the stress in my life but i feel kinda down and not much energy.Im also kinda gripey..could be the tooth pain its been going on for years and my dentist cant seem to find the reason. Still i want off the pain u know what i should expect if i just stop them cold turkey.
Avatar f tn m just trying to see how you take 2000-4000 of them in a day (and be able to afford that addiction!). I hope that my math is right and yours is wrong, as i think you would be dead from the acetaminophen already... in other words, how many PILLS are you taking each day? 20,200,2000???? regardless..
Avatar f tn I don't know if I'm like you, but here's what it was like for me: I started out on Vicodin 7.5 for back pain management. I took the 1st one and instantly wanted more. I took it to get blasted, not relax. I would use it if my dog won a blue ribbon at the dog show or if my dog died. I didn't really need a good reason to use. It's highly addicting and I needed more and more to get the same buzz. Finally I didn't get a buzz anymore, I had to use it to just get normal.
Avatar m tn I have been on the smallest dosage pill (oxecodone) for over 3 years now for arthritis in my feet. Currently I get 100 every other month or so. The Dr says he has patients that take as many as 6 per day. I have taken 8 in a day but I can go days without any if I stay off my feet and have no withdrawal. Am I addicted? I am afraid of them but my feet hurt so bad.