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Avatar n tn As far as I'm aware, benadry is safe for quite a long time in dogs. The general doggy dosage is 1 mg/ per pound, so that's what your vet has prescribed - most people tend to go too low on the dosage. Using it for only the summer months should be no problem at all. I had a dog who needed it a good 8 months or more of every year and it never caused any trouble. Hope it works well for your Bostie!
Avatar f tn For sure. Cats are at least 10 times smaller than a SMALL adult human female. What is given to us is too much for such a small animal. For example: The amount of Zyrtec I was told to give to Akira is only 1/4 of the adult human dosage. This is much smaller than the children's dosage, which is 1/2 of the adult human dosage. I would never ever give medications to Akira without her first seeing her doctor. I do know that no one should ever give Tylenol to their pets.
612551 tn?1450022175 The label provides advice for dogs as well as general farm animals. It prescribed 1 teaspoon per day for dogs over 10 pounds. Any experience/opinions about this approach to increase Pro Biotics in a dog's diet? It may be tasteless and could be sprinkled along with some water on dry kibble I will guess.
Avatar n tn Hello I agree with deadgamegrll. I would not recommend taking him off the medications without consulting the Vet because abruptly stopping any medications can be detrimental to his health. It does sound like he is on too high of a dosage. I'm sure examination and testing by his Vet will give the information needed to get his dosage regulated properly.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried it? I have been prescribed all these drugs including the vicodin for a botched broken leg/ankle surgery resulting in nerve pain. However, I generally just stick to the vicodin and rarely use the others. I just desperately want off the vikes as my tolerance and use has reached 8 to 10 pills a day of 10/325 and sick of drugs. Just want to be clean for the first time in 4 years.
Avatar f tn Print it out for your doctor. I knew I had read it somewhere. I have battled sever phantom pain for 13 years, had 68 operations, 23 broken bones so I have learned alot over the years. Let me know what you are gonna do about maybe asking your doctor to prescribe a real pain pill www.aboutlawsuits.
Avatar n tn Many say, especially since our drug of choice was only lortab/vicodin, that you should detox for a few days and then do a quick taper and be finished with it and you should be fine. Others will be along to help you soon I am sure. Take care!
Avatar f tn s a drug that is commonly prescribed to old dogs and I witnessed a neighbor get hooked on his dogs medication. His dog died in excruciating pain while he was high on the dogs Tramadols. It's a horribly addictive drug and getting off of it is worse than Vicodin or Oxys. Please, leave it alone.
Avatar m tn Everyone is different and it depends on a lot of factors such as age, general health, dosage, and length of use. Usually the acute physical detox is over in 3-7 days. Please stick around and keep posting. This is a fantastic place to get support, encouragement, and advice. Once you quit, let us know what symptoms you are having and we can recommend different remedies that might ease them a little. You can do this!! Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn The vicodin can cause headaches and nausea really bad b/c it can conflict with your body's natural hormones. I always had nausea and vomiting when I took vicodin in the past but since I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition my body ended up getting used to it. Now I dont take it as much and I get severely nauseaous and vomit. I take prescription Phernergan to help with the nausea but I think the Vicodin is too powerful and doesn't let the phenergan work.
Avatar n tn Hi. Pure coconut oil (must be pure, for dogs) is a useful supplement for dogs. It can be given with food or (warmed slightly) rubbed into skin, particularly where there are patches of irritated skin or hair loss areas. A small amount goes a long way, so be cautious with it. Too much can lead to diarrhea. It is not particularly useful for fleas, though it will help with any irritated skin caused by fleas.
Avatar f tn I have some ondansetron 8mg for vomiting for me what would be the dosage for a dog that has terrible motion sickness in car
Avatar n tn That started about 4months ago and I now go 3-5times a week, take my dogs for walks everyday and Ive never felt this good without pills. Now Ive detoxed several times in my life and it seems like everytime I really never felt like I was completely normal, but I think I found the missing ingredient this time. Anyways I'll stop with the excercise preaching but its helped me both physically and mentally more than anything else Ive ever tried.
Avatar f tn Determining a dosage of tramadol for dogs is an exercise in futility. As with people, if the dog has a history of seizures it is important to let your vet know this, and they will likely tell you about alternatives. While the dosage amounts vary from dog to dog, the tramadol dosage for dogs can be put into effect by using the dog’s weight as the determinant. The usual range is .5 - 1.8mg per pound.
653611 tn?1235776013 ive been taking vicodin for a surgury which took place two days ago its a minor surgury so im going back to work tomorrow, i was wondering if i took a vicodin tonight {its about nine pm] will i have a hangover tomorrow when i have to be up for work ay 730 am?
Avatar n tn 5 mg each? Perhaps i am not familiar with the dosage?...if you go ct you will feel like you have the flu for 4-5 could try tapering down with less and less and then quit...either way, there is a withdrawal period..but it is do-able..make a plan...get the thomas recipe from the health pages to the right of the screen,,,there is alot of helpful info to read in the health pages...
1233941 tn?1267735211 At the moment the sub is driving me to want to take vicodin.
Avatar f tn t know for sure. They may have additives or sweeteners or something which are not good for dogs (Xylitol, for example is toxic for dogs) I don't know obviously, if the shakes have stuff like this in them. Hopefully someone else will post who knows. Again you could ask the vet about this. Have you tried tempting Cookie with a little boiled chicken? Or a little steamed fish? You are right you need to jump-start her appetite if possible.
Avatar m tn Even ran some labs. In a human, I would treat this with magnesium and GABA. What would the dosage be for dogs? To be specific, our guy is 12 lbs. Anything else that might help? The vet gave us sedatives, which don't work and I don't like using. I have tried melatonin and lavender essential oils.
Avatar n tn My opinion is that you should stay at your current dosage that you reduced to with little to no withdrawal symptoms for at least two weeks for you body to acclimate to that dosage before decreasing again, but again talk to your doctor as you have other conditions to take into consideration.
Avatar n tn It has been used for dogs but that is a strong drug often given to Chemo patients. I am not qualified to give advice or dosage on that. It sounds like you should be giving your Vet a call if the dog has a vomiting problem and try to determine the cause.
Avatar n tn Our dog had that hip displshia at 5yrs old and had bad joints since the operation. Our vet said safe for dogs. People, no. 8 is too much.
1634158 tn?1310388133 ive been taking vicodin for 9 months, and i take 20 a day, i need to WD, should i taper because i take so many or CT? i just want my life back and dont want to be a slave to these vicodin anymore, plz can someone tell me how should i start my tapering off??
20153054 tn?1491240067 http://benadrylfordogs.
1842659 tn?1318763960 Hi, it is a very good product for dogs. It treats your dogs for congestive heart failure. It worked diffrent from enalapril, you can used vetmedin for your dogs.