Vicodin and yeast infection

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1947443 tn?1324480964 Hi I am 16 and I have blister looking bumps on my vaginal area filled with a white substance that smells really bad. They are yeast pockets from a really bad yeast infection and hurt so bad I dont wanna pee, get up, or even move. I'm constantly crying due to the pain and it takes alot to make me cry. I am 6 months pregnant and i would like to know how to quickly relieve the pain.
Avatar m tn Vicodin along with other narcotic medications lower your immune system once they're stopped abruptly. You're more apt to getting sick once you've stopped taking them -- but you didn't mention if you're on them still or have stopped taking them. Either way, it sounds like you're merely sick with a common something or other...
192291 tn?1345400135 s safe to take for a yeast infection/other infections throughout your pregnancy. I had a yeast infection a couple times while pregnant, and I took the cream from the pharmacy that was prescribed. It's best, IMO, to get it properly diagnosed as it could be a different vaginal infection (unless you're positive it's yeast) and get it treated. At the very least, your doctor can advise you on what brand/type to take OTC.
Avatar f tn Yeahi went for the past 3 months and I asked the same question but i never really get a clear answer....would men have the same symptoms as woman when they have yeast infections?
Avatar f tn I am now 36 weeks and have my 3rd yeast infection and have had one uti since I hit my 3rd trimester. I am so tired of getting infections. It just want to cry about it but I know it won't change anything.
Avatar m tn A few months later, my wife complains of a yeast infection. She goes to the doctor and they give her tests for yeast infections. They also give her a prescription for terconazole vaginal cream. She uses it and starts to feel better. All her symptoms (basically just irritation) go away. She calls the doctor and they tell her that the tests for yeast came back negative. I have had "urethral awareness" but thats it. I keep on focusing on any feeling in my penis.
Avatar f tn Im guessing its a yeast infection. The antibiotics they put you on for BV can cause yeast infections. I have had BV three times so far with this pregnancy. I up my yogurt intake dramatically when Im on the antibiotics and luckily haven't had a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn Everytime we have sex I get irritable and land up with an yeast infection. I have this unbareable itch. It has ruined my sex life. I really will like to get to the bottom of this issue in my life so I can have a sex life with my husband. Please help me. So far all the gyn doctors I've went to are not helping me.
327668 tn?1224792350 Now I have noticed that I am very sore down there, and somewhat itchy. Im thinking I may have gotten a yeast infection from the antibiotics. What is safe to use?
Avatar f tn Is it normal to get yeast infection and safe to use vagsil? , ugh so upset this is happening, i kno its due tight underwear!!!
Avatar f tn I got diagnosed with a yeast infection yesterday. Didn't get a chance to get the medicine picked up from the pharmacy until today. Tonight I had some pink blood when I wipe. Could that be a side effect of the yeast infection? I'm 14 weeks with my 4th and have never had spotting with other pregnancies. Doctor is closed tomorrow so can't call to ask.
Avatar f tn I got a yeast infection after taking the antibiotics I was prescribed so make sure if you get symptoms of a yeast infection you call your doctor
Avatar f tn Let your OB know because many times its hard to tell the difference between bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection.
189192 tn?1261341628 I'm pretty sure it is a yeast infection. The liquid part of my cm is watery and there are pits of solid pieces that look like ricotta cheese. No yeast smell tho and no obvious itching or anything. Last cycle at first I just ignored it thinking it was just a change in my cm.. at the time it was still white and creamy but had the pieces mix in it.. then it got worse.. more like it is right now.. watery with ricotta clumps... sorry TMI..
Avatar n tn I had a yeast infection when I went to get my pap last tuesday. I was wondering if this will cause abnormal results that will force me to go back to the gyno. She checked me out and said it did look like I had a yeast infection-and I had been on antibiotics (I've had yeast infections before and had the same symptoms). I am wondering if, from the results, they will be able to tell if it was just a yeast infection or if they can't differentiate anything.
5769293 tn?1373926011 The yeast infection could be due to an allergy. My dogs allergic to yeast and gets the infection. Does it have a foul odor? I would seek vet advice..
1514016 tn?1294925370 Is it possible to have a vaginal yeast infection and an oral yeast infection at the same time?
Avatar f tn But it can also be Bacterial vaginosis (BV). You should get tested to find out if it is a yeast and if it is resistant and also have the laboratory check for bacterial vaginosis. Could you have a STD? If you would need to get tested for those. If you want me to list which ones I can. Do you use a douche? If you do this cause an in balance in the pH in the vagina so don't use that. Also, don't use soap or anything to wash inside the vagina. It is self cleaning.
Avatar m tn Ok. I Had a yeast infection about a month ago. Me and my partner had unprotected sex. I had discomfort at the begging and end. it's been almost a week and started having discomfort. I found a bump and it sung if i touched it. then it dind't hurt andymore and it was sort of under the skin. Then later that day I found one like below the clitoris. But it was above skin and it din't stink it was just really sensitive and itched reallly bad.
Avatar f tn It was itchy and I obviously touched t and itched it, then more appeared and I started to get worried about it very fast, it was painful to pee and I had extreme white thick discharge, I put horse cream and anti fungal cream on it to try and ease the pain but it made the splits irritated and become painful. It went away after 1 week.
Avatar n tn Hi moms and moms to be. Has anyone had yeast infection during their pregnancy? What are the symptoms? And what helps cure/prevent it?
Avatar f tn t hurt to urintae but when urine touches my area it burns I know it is not STDs but have no clue what type of infection I have can it be a yeast infection and should I purchase over the counter creams and save me a trip to the drs...