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Avatar n tn I intended on drinking a few glasses of wine but actually had 5 or 6. this morning my foot is throbbing and I want to take my pain meds( vicodin). will that bother me.
1035252 tn?1427227833 Alright obviously it's a very bad idea to mix alcohol and tylenol, and normally I wouldn't even consider it. However...we have a gift certificate to a REALLY up-scale restaurant in our town, so DH and I are going out tonight...without the kids..for the first time in two years. we REALLY need it, lol. My question is this....I want to have a glass of wine, but I'm taking Vicodin for my migraines.
Avatar m tn At least no more than the alcohol will.If you want you could ask your doc for a liver profile and they take blood and test the enzymes.I really doubt that you have anything to worry about.
Avatar f tn I went on a two-week binge, mostly two bottles of red wine every night-- but I did the ocassional bottle of JD and vodka, not on the same night. But then I did four bottles of red wine althrough the day on Friday. My girlfirend allowed me only one bottle of wine on Saturday and went away. Needles to say I was too legless to go out on my own to get some more. Panic! I had the sweats and the shakes, I was reduced to keeping moutwash in my mouth-- just to absorb some of the alcohol.
Avatar f tn A lot of people say it is good for you to have a small glass of wine a day....but my reason for the wine is to help me relax and get ready for bed...I used to take a pain pill before bed and then about a half hour later, when I still wasn't asleep, I would take a sleeping pill (prescribed ambien)....I am trying to get off these also so I have not gotten my refill on those and actually threw the bottle away....I recently discovered that ambien are also addictive....
Avatar f tn I got some advice from a friend who had the same problem and she said that she drank a glass a wine 3x a day during her detox off of opiate and it really helped her, its probley a good idea for me because I know i know i know I will neverg et addicted to alchole, really dont like it that much. Has anyone you known ever tried this? Or is this a over all bad idea?
Avatar m tn Staying busy and exercise can help aot for me...a glass of wine here and there should not hurt...but u stated that u had not had a drink in years...if u used to have an alcohol problem..i would not sugest a glass of wine as with us 1 pill is never enuf and for an alcoholic..1 drink is never enuf...
Avatar m tn I have been searching for a reason that I have back and leg pain if I don’t take vicodin or have a glass, or two, of wine. Long story short, I listened to a book by Dr John Sarno and he talked pain and how it can be caused by the brain as a function of suppressed unconscious rage. I was intrigued and wondered if this was for real or just psychobabble.
Avatar f tn He has never failed to take care of the kids and me, we do not want for much at all without him providing it. But every once in a blue moon, I want to unwind!! I asked where the wine was, and you'd have thought I asked for the moon and stars in the sky. I'm not a drinker, anyone who knows me, knows that. I just wanted to have a glass of wine...not for the buzz or the high...but just to have a damn glass of wine! And I got 20 questions...well "why do you want it"...
Avatar f tn had severe tooth issues that required pain mers for almost a month. about 4-6 vicodin a day 7/750. I had also been having severe back pain that my doctor's completely ignored. ~ found the vicodin helped me to be more flexible. overtime they are less effective. what is the best way to detoX off of them at home? I do not get support from my doctors and haven't received any help with the back pain. if the dosage is low, about 6 or less per day, how long will a detoX last?
Avatar n tn I would massage myself during the day and pretty much just poke and prod at my face on the drive home from work. The Dr gave me some Valium and Vicodin, and with the massage, I was able to stop the cycle of the spasms and tightness. BTW, the dentist suggested I have a glass of wine to relax. That may have been part of the problem, that I was drinking quite a lot of wine, and drinking can make muscle tension worse.
Avatar n tn Still hanging in there. Am down to 1/2 pill, started that yesterday. Drinking lots of Gatorade and no wine. Have 2 more halves, today and tomorrow, then that's it. I CAN do this.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is hard on the liver and adding alcohol is even harder and from what I have read and learned can lead to liver damage. When I was taking vicodin I did not drink at all because of the fear of destroying my liver. Please get her to a doctor that can and will explain this to her.
1305767 tn?1361192676 I've only been of vicodin a year and a half and was only up to about 3 pills a day (but I took them in quarter pieces so it was constantly in my system) My Dr. prescribed me 2 mg sublingual subutex to get me off the vicodin. I've only taken them in quarters as well because I feel like it's too strong. I called my nurse today and told her it was making me extremely drowsy, dizzy, and giving me a bad headache.
384150 tn?1399904816 They also are more likely to be of average weight, and practice healthier lifestyle habits. The wine drinkers were less likely to smoke; smoking has been shown to prolong time to conception. Other confounding factors such as caffeine consumption, partner’s age and frequency of intercourse were not evaluated. She cautioned against drinking alcohol specifically to try to conceive, since this benefit was quite mild.
Avatar n tn The only thing I am concerned about is that I am really tired all day long and then at night my anxiety kicks in and I take a xanax and drink 2 glasses of wine and a lunesta to get myself down so that I can sleep. My dr knows of this and does not approve but I have been a life long insomniac and I somehow put myself into a career where if I can't get rest and think, then my clients suffer and could possibly go to jail. When will I feel better?
Avatar m tn Theoretically is someone were to put HIV infected blood in wine and it sat for a bit and u drank the wine, without knowing, with a fever blister could I get HIV? I'm struggling so please be nice in your comments. I think I'm developing OCD and I'm about to start medical school. We left a bottle of opened wine alone for like 20 minutes in a cabinet I'm a hostel. Scared someone did something, no proof.
Avatar f tn hello, i am not much of an alcohol drinker but the other night we had pizza and cake and 4 glasses of wine for a birthday party and later that night i woke up with severe pains in my lower chest that went straight through to my back and it was really worse than labor i have 3 kids so i know, anyway my doctor says its from wine and i can no longer drink it, that seems crazy to me is this possible?
Avatar n tn as a breast cancer survivor and wine lover i cant help but feel guilty every time i pour a glass of wine. do any of you know of a correlation between the 2. i know it isnt advised but just trying to hear some opinions.
Avatar f tn Yes SOD can be triggerd by stress. i am 24 f and was diagnosed a year ago with SOD and i have been hospitalizeed 22 times with attacks so servere i will collapes,some of these have been brought on by stress. i am currently on lots of pills to help manage the pain. but am also on a GNT spray that goes under the tounge the same one they use for anginia. As it is a smooth muscle relxant and and ani-spazmatic. It helps alot when you feel the pain coming on. Maybe worth a try.
Avatar f tn I felt my intestines churning and woke up with signs of diarrhea on my underwear. Last evening, again after a great meal and red wine, I took a Tums. In the morning, same thing -- diarrhea signs on my underwear!! Does anybody know if antacids interact with red wine to cause diarrhea?
Avatar m tn During the course of this treatment, I was on many various painkillers, including Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin, (IV)Dilaudid, Duragesic Fentanyl Patches, and (IV)Morphine once, mostly, though, I was on Vicodin 7.5/750.
Avatar n tn I don't think there is anything wrong with taking antidepressants, your body needs them because of a chemical inbalance..I would go back on the antidepressants. you are making alot of changes at once. congrats on the wine and vicodins, wow that's kind to yourself. stay with us, post and keep posting, let us know how you are doing. remember one day at a time....
Avatar f tn I dont think anyone should ever drink knowingly pregnant u just cant be sure (im not talking about ppl drinking before they know) ur body is not just urs anymore and drinking while bfing u can do but pumping and dumping does not get rid of the alcohol any faster u have a time frame that u cant feed baby in depending on ur alcohol intake
1174679 tn?1264074704 Okay, I am in sooo much pain right now, I have spondolysis along with a reverseral of the curve of my neck, and have been able to manage the pain with a ton of over the counter pain medicene along with some Naxproxen and some vicodin here and there, but here lately, nothing seems to be working, the vicodin is making me sick to my stomache and tired, I have two five year olds and a 9 month old, so thats out of the question, can't be tired, the naxproxen is making me sick to my stomache, help.
479459 tn?1246742019 I am so anxious and upset. My last vicodin was sunday am and today the anxiety is the worst. When will this end?????
Avatar f tn I think wine coolers actually have less alcohol than wine so I don't think it could hurt.
Avatar f tn First time here. I stopped taking my prescription for Hydrocodone/750 mg about 4 days ago. I was only taking 1-2 daily for back injury. I stopped because I had epideral injections that were suppose to give me relief from the pain. That was a week ago. I still have the back pain and now I am having all the symptoms described by alot of you in wd. The stomach pain last night was the worst! I really thought I was dying. My heart was pounding and I was sweating and couldn't sleep!