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Avatar n tn hello all my doctor put me on oxy 10mg 3 aday after reading this stuff i was scared went back 2 doc said i didnt like oc talk he put me on vicodin 10/325 have serious back problems anyhow last 10 oxy was sunday i have ua for new job wensday does ua show oxy and vicodin or what i told boss vicodin??
Avatar n tn can Norco 1000 show up as morphine in a urinalysis drug test performed 2 weeks from injury on job?
Avatar m tn but i found out the infection later in august 2010, with a lab test came back positive. Doctor gave me treatment with doxy for a week and 1Gr Zythromax. And lab check again one month later came back negative.
Avatar m tn Physical examination with digital rectal exam may be done to reach a diagnosis. Aside from urinalysis, tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia and other sexually-transmitted diseases, and complete blood count are usually done. Antibiotic therapy should target the specific organism causing the infection. Pain relievers may also help. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn fat or oily urine and i have pain and fever what can i do?
Avatar f tn m currently undergoing this (my urine is dark but I have no liver or kidney pain which is scary) and have to get a ct scan as my urinalysis also suggest that everything is normal. So they don't know what's causing the bleeding. I'll pray for us both. Let me know how it goes.
Avatar n tn Hey. Sorry to bother ya'll again. I complainied of frequent urination and some visable particles in urine (which I'm no longer seeing!) to my doctor - I suspected this was due to my hightened anxiety over a very brief unprotected encounter way over a year ago, the doctor agreed but suggested a unrine sample be analysied to rule out a UTI as cause of the frequency. My urine was sent away to be cultured and returned with 'no growth' status. No follow up with my doc was required.
Avatar f tn I got my urinalysis test results back. Everything looked normal except Appearance-cloudy, Squamous epithlial Cells - 6-10 (marked as H), WBC 10-20 (marked as H), and Bacteria-Moderate (26-50) marked also H. My doctor never called me, even though she had received my test results. Should I follow up with another doctor? How bad are these numbers?
Avatar f tn definatly call your local hospital and talk to a nurse they are very helpful and they can tell you wether not you should go to the drs
Avatar f tn He told me that there were nitrates showing up in my urine but no other sign of infection and sent me to the hospital to get another urinalysis. No one has called me with any results yet. What could be causing nitrates in my urine aside from a UTI???
1196453 tn?1325732385 I just received my Hematology and Urinalysis. All is well, until I noticed that my Segmenters and Lymphocytes is not with the normal values. And I wasn't sure if my RBC and WBC count in Hematology and in Urinalysis is normal. Thanks for the help. Hematology: RBC - 5.0 WBC - 6.4 Hemoglobin - 143 Hematocrit - 0.43 Segmenters - 0.73 (higher than normal) Lymphocytes - 0.23 (lower than normal) Eosinophiles - 0.02 Urinalysis: Specific Gravity - 1.010 pH - pH 6 Sugar - neg. Protein - neg.
Avatar f tn Ive had no problems with my DRs office, but i was in for my regular appointment, and forgot to mention my discomfort and then called the next day and the day after went for a urinalysis and got back w results, and then days later i was feeling worse and thats the day i ended up in the hospital. It makes me mad that i never got a call the first time, i cant imagine it wouldn't have shown up then, when id been having the same symptoms days prior to the urinalysis.
Avatar m tn I'm using Vesicare and Lyrica and I just got my urinalysis result and they're normal. Can Vesicare and Lyrica affect urinalysis? Are they antibiotics?
Avatar n tn So I went to a Urologist he did a prostate exam and a urinalysis and said I was compleltly clean and that the pains were in my head. So I waited another three months symptoms are more mild and dont happen everyday but still there at times and are noticable especially after sex. So I went back to the urologist and he did another urinalysis and said I was completly clean. He said that if I had any kind of infection in the prostate or urethra that it would show in the urinalysis.
Avatar n tn after 9 weeks got some other red dots on penis which was neither painful nor itchy, applied one topical cream and they faded waya. after 12 weeks i took a urinalysis , there was nothing abnormal. what would have caused the infections.
Avatar f tn I had those too but i ended up having a urinary track infection. I always get them when I am pregnant. Call your doc and see if they will do a urinalysis.
Avatar f tn I am 16 wks. pregnant and my OB prescribed Macrobid for UTI, i had urinalysis and small amount of blood was noted. I told my OB that my urologist said that im always will have blood in my urine beacuse of hx. of cyst in my kidney so I requested to have urine culture prior to taking Macrobid, my OB is insistant to start the med. since it is going to take awhile for culture results to come back. so im already in my 4rt day of the meds.
Avatar f tn She has been having incontinence problems after her pregnancy and asked her OBGYN about it. They took a urine sample for culture and maybe urinalysis. Both came back negative for infection. I was wondering: urine cultures check for bacteria growth and once they find bacteria they do further tests. Now I understand that they don't detect certain infections from the cultures and that they only detect bacteria growth.
Avatar m tn After about 18 hours i started feeling a burning sensation in my penis...i freaked out and went to the ER and was given 1g azithromycine for chlamydia... When i returned back home a week later I visited the doctor who gave me 500mg ceftriaxone injection for gonorrhea and I'm also taking 200mg vibramycine daily for syphilis (finished one week and have one more week to go) before any tests because of my insistence and signs i'm getting into depression....