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Avatar f tn They have years of education and training that focus on almost entirely on medications and their interactions and side effects. In my opinion they are more knowledgeable in that area than your average physician. You need not even make a trip to see you pharmacist. They are only a phone call away but be sure to consult with the pharmacy that you where you purchase all your medications. They will have your history on file. If I sound like an ad for them I apologize.
Avatar f tn If i took my last dose for the day too early i would wake up around 2-3 am and be sweating and in full wds. I sometimes had to take another smaller dose just to stop the wds.
Avatar n tn It has been eight months and i am still on vicodin. Now i am on vicodin es. I tried to stop for two days and never experienced anything like the pain i went through. My doctor is trying to wein me off but it is very hard to stay on target. I am scared and worried what will follow. Is ther hope. SINGER.
Avatar n tn This drug is worse than heroin because it is legal. All anyone has to do is go to a doctor and tell them they have a headache and they ask for vicodin and no problem, here is your prescription. I know this for a fact from all the times I have driven her around to the different doctors as well as from all the bills we receive. We have been in Hawaii, Northern California, Southern California. In every case she has been able to get vicodin. Why hasn't the FDA done something.
Avatar m tn I take propranolo Vicodin paxil depakote mirtazapine lorazapam and cant figure which medication is causing low blood sugar and excessive sweating
547354 tn?1215435056 I need to know why I am still sweating under my arms, it is gross and I am putting deoderant on all the time. It just makes me so uncomfortable...any ideas to get it to stop? The only other little thing is that sometimes I feel like I need an energy boost in the late afternoon. I don't really crave the drug anymore I just crave that energy and euphoria that is gave. It is not everyday, and I can definetly deal with it...just wondering if anybody had any ideas...
Avatar n tn he did inform me today that he also ran out of his flexeril a week ago and this is when the sweating started Duh hope you and deb are doing good keep coming back love to all cindi
1844616 tn?1318902261 i quit taking them 9 days ago, worst part of WD's are over but im still gettin the goosebumps, sweating during the day and at night, the sweating isnt as bad as it was but its still there, i am also still having to use the bathroom everytime i eat something and still craving vicodin. How long will the sweating and all that last? im doing pretty good for myself but just wondering when i will be normal again.
Avatar n tn I'm on day nine and I still feel Sick. The first 7 or so days are the worst. You'll get through it. I am and I was taking 15+ 10/325 a day and quit CT. I still have diarrhea, bad anxiety, and sleepless nights. I hope my symptoms go away soon because I don't like feeling like this. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn It doesn't eat your body away but it has some bad side effects like excess sweating, nodding, severe constipation and more. It is much stronger than hydrocodone and stronger than oxy too. If you want something that gives you a good high and kills pain, try oxycodone or heroin.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately tapering doesn't stop them. Everything you are feeling is normal esp the anxiety, jitters and sweating. This wont completely go away until you have taken your last pill. Stick to your taper-adjust as you need to. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. The mental part will always be with you. Be prepared for that as well. Once the physical withdrawals are completely gone that's when the mental can really kick in. Just a friendly warning.
Avatar n tn So I was taking 1 vicodin and 2 ultracets in the morning, 3 ulracets in the afternoon, 1 vicodin 2 ultracets in the evening and 3 ultracets in the night! I did that everyday, the first time i tried quitting i was going through a nervous scared depressed feeling. so my doc put me on anti-depressants and xanex. then i started my pill popping 5 days later. Well today is day 2 of no pills but my xanex to help me sleep and my lexapro. im sweating, then im cold, I got the runs!
Avatar n tn Hi I'm Bill and I'm a vicodin addict. I snort them to get high I have no prescription and no insurance. I really want to get off them as they r ruining my life. I've already lost my girlfriend who.I loved very much and its a constant drain on my wallet I don't have a high paying job and I work very hard for what money I do have. Which is say between 50 and 70 percent of that goes to my addiction.
513243 tn?1213710970 Hi, I have been taking Vicodin and then Norco on and off for almost 3 years. I was involved in a really bad auto accident and at first needed them for the pain. At first I would take 1/2 a pill 2x a day. Now I am really not having that much pain and am taking 9 or 10 a day. I really want to be off them because I have 2 wonderful children and I know I will have to keep upping my dose like I have been.
Avatar n tn I'm 27 but have been doing drugs since I was 14 and the last three years I have been a major vicodin and lorcet popper. In those years getting on and off and on and off you know. I get right to the point when i feel really good like back to myself, and then I go back into the depths. I never give myself a chance. The most sobriety I have ever acheived is three months. sometimes I feel like the way I view the world as an addicted human will never change. the bleakness and darkness.
Avatar n tn The Doc perscribed me Penicilin and Vicodin and I was soooo nervous to take my meds. Now I feel more confident and mabey just mabey I'll be able to sleep tonight! Thank You!
Avatar n tn I am hoping the Doc or others might have further info for me on what to expect now that I've officially left detox from Vicodin and have 7 days under my belt. Today my nerves were wrecked and was so jittery and antsy. I finally asked the nurse for clonopine so i took one a couple hours ago and that seems to have helped. Will this go on for some time or will I start to notice a difference in a week or so?
Avatar n tn the mental part i will get too late, i need to quit sweating and etc, how many days will they for real be out of my system. i am 44 and have grandkids and hell i missed out on the last 6yrs of my kids lives and i dont want to be out of it for grandbabies. thank you, of all the sites i have read on this one is the one that got my attention.
Avatar f tn Couldnt tell a difference, felt fine anyway.(except for twice a day or so getting pale, sweating, chills and being dizzy...) Now day five is it possible to JUST now be getting the worst w/d? I am sick . Super sick. Wondering if its the flu or w/d. I just took a Seboxin so i guess if i feel better, it wasn't the flu. Please let me know if anyone had this experience. I want to go back to work, Cant do hair when get dizzy and sick all the time!
Avatar f tn Like most people I started on Vicodin for back pain. Herniated discs and severe muscle spasms. I have been dealing with two doctors and getting two different scripts a month. The pharmacist called to report me to one of the doctors yesterday letting her know I was getting scripts from another doctor. It may have been a blessing because I was already tired of living month to month making sure I had enough pills and if I didn't then I was not a nice person.
1862785 tn?1325706016 So on New years evening, I took my last 5 pills, and went to bed. Woke up New Years day and felt horrible. I was hot, then cold, sweating, then chills.I slept off and on but would wake up with a horrible headache, and of course any OTC stuff wouldnt work. I was helpless. All I wanted to do was sleep the day away in hopes the next one would be better. Well, it just got worst. Last night my head hurt so bad, it was a full blown migraine.
Avatar f tn My friend is "supposively" recovering from 7+ years of vicodin abuse. She "says" she is detoxing herself and doesn't need rehabilitation treatment, nor can she afford such treatment. She does not have insurance... She doesn't even have her own bank account. She is married and her husband confronted me the other day saying he thinks she is high again. She had left and when she came back while I was speaking to her she was falling asleep.
251667 tn?1189759431 I just work, take vicodin, work out, take vicodin, come home, and take vicodin. Maybe some shopping in there. One of my favorite things in the world is to take vicodin and go shopping. I need some advice on how to help kick this thing at home. With my job there would be no way I could go to a rehab with out everyone in the world finding out and losing my job. I like my job. Please someone give me some advice.
Avatar f tn I really thought I was dying. My heart was pounding and I was sweating and couldn't sleep! I have also been having a stabbing pain at the bottom right side of my skull. My physical therapist said it could be from the hydro wd. But, I have not seen this symptom listed here by anyone. So that is my question. Has anyone experienced stabbing pain in lower right side on the back of head as a symptom of wd?
Avatar n tn So in the hospital they gave me morphine and vicodin for the pain. Then the doc gave me a RX for the vicodin. well it was hydrocodone, not sure if that makes a difference. But anyway, I had taken vicodins in the past, starting out for my endo pains (my friends mom has an RX and would just give them away) and then I started taking them when I didn't have pain. This was about 6 months ago. So when I got the rx I was aware of what it was and all that, and I didn't exceed more than 4 a day.
Avatar n tn Pain killer addiction treatment Pain killer addiction and recovery Addiction to prescription painkillers is a disease that has become increasingly prevalent in the United States and elsewhere. Opiate, or narcotic pain medications such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Norco, and Hydrocodone are commonly prescribed by physicians to treat pain. Often, patients continue taking their medication as prescribed and become physically dependent upon the drug.
Avatar f tn Ive been taking Vicodin off and on for the last 6 years. I'm up to about 3 a day which doesn't seem like a lot, but when I go too long, my face gets hot and I sweat. How do I quit without major withdrawals? Vicodin makes me happy and I feel very depressed without it. Sad thing is, I'm beautiful, huge house and great life. I just suffer from depression and want to start a clean 2014!
Avatar n tn Another thing is you could ask your dr for Clonodine i think thats how its spelled and that will help with some of the withdrawal to especially all the sweating and it is not a benzo or anything its a blood pressure med.
Avatar n tn This is why I made the decision to go to my doctor. I have three people I buy from and they only deal with vicodin, xanax (sp?) and a few other things I never even heard of. Someone asked why I didn't just get soboxone (sp?) from them, but I can't. So I'm about to get ready to get out of here and go see my doc and spill my guts and pray for the best. If I'm up to it, I'll log back on later and let you know what happened. I'm so scared.........
Avatar n tn Right now I don't even feel like showering or eating or anything! Cann't sleep at night, is horrible. And my husband asks me why I am so depressed. I don't want to lie anymore. I just want to beat this and start over.