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Avatar f tn Having some very bad lower back pain today that tylenol isn't touching. I was wondering about Skelaxin. I have some and have taken it in the past...but don't even remember side effects or how I felt taking it or anything. Is this addictive?Anybody know anything about it? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I am prescribed Celebrex and skelaxin. I have a question about the skelaxin. Well my job is physically demanding I work in a hospital I do patient care I "boost" patients, transport patients, help very unsteady patients get out of bed and walk. So quite often I need to take my skelaxin. My lower back tightens up and I just need some relief. I have been taking it a bit more often than I did say 6 months ago.
Avatar m tn im on vicodin 500 4 x a day flexiril 2x a day and xanax to sleep. it ***** i cant get into ortho dr, till april but i guess he is a good dr, does yours flair up at night that when mine hurrts the worse. the thing that really helps is a hot bath. are you gona have surgery? i hope i dont but probaly will. im only 45 and that *****....
Avatar m tn Skelaxin 3600 mg daily Gabapentin 1800 mg daily Vicodin (as needed) Maxsalt (as needed) The pain in my neck is constant/achy and worsens with left to right movement, and up and down movement. My headaches are daily and are manageable for about 90% of the time, the other 10% is debilitating and takes me out of work. Any help or recommendations are appreciated.
Avatar n tn I don't think that amount of wine alone would elevate you enzymes but with the drugs you're taking I really don't know. I believe that Skelaxin may be associated with elevated liver enzymes is some people but again, I am not sure of this. I would Google all of the drugs you're taking with the word "liver" or "hepatic" eg "Skelaxin Liver".
Avatar f tn oh and broke down and took a muscle relaxer. skelaxin. this shouldn't be a problem right? found an old script. ibuprofen was not cutting it.
Avatar f tn t take during the day,as I have small kids and it made me VERY sleepy!) Then I was put on Skelaxin and I feel like that does nothing( 800mg. 3x day) I could take 2 at one time and still...nothing? I think I'm going to ask to go back on Flexeril(for bed time) to reduce my pain and spasms) Thanks!
Avatar m tn So he just said take the hydro because your not taking that many (only 3 a day 7.5) and try this Skelaxin and let me know in 3 months how your doing. I have really tried to cut back on the hydro but my back hurts so bad it wakes me up (when I can sleep). Please let me know if any of you have had any experence with this for back spasms. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Well I just got back from seeing my dr about the myleogram I had and they pretty much just said I had from L-1 to S-1 messed up and not much they can do. Take the pills and try the therapy and message for awhile and then let us know how your doing. I had got down to 1 1/2 a day through my weening process but my back was hurting the whole time. I think I am still going to try to keep cutting back and see if I can quit when I can take a few days off work.
450140 tn?1317947304 Want to send tons of ((HUGS)) to you Beth and I'm sorry that you are dealing with such pain and not able to find relief. I know nothing about SKELAXIN, so I can't give you any advice about that. Hopefully, someone here will be able to help. I hope the Neuro Psych appt goes well. Stick to your guns and get that plan of action!! I know it's so frustrating not knowing what to do or where to go next. Especially, since you are going through all of this pain.
Avatar m tn Thanks LazyMoose, gosh, I took a quarter pill(800mg) of Skelaxin and it was a yummy feeling and that's what scared me. I felt really goooooood. But yeah the other day I could not sleep at all cause I had really really strong muscle spasm/twitch. Not sure what the difference is since all this is new happenings. But yeah I might do a quarter skelaxin once or twice a week here and there to help me sleep, I deserve a break I think. hehe. ordered a theracane from
Avatar f tn My dad was taking Skelaxin and when he would take it he would be a little messed up. My dad quickly stopped taking it and they put him on Effexor which caused some side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, and upper respiratory problems. Never taken them personally, but that is what I have heard. I would immagine those would also be addictive also, maybe not as bad, but still dependence would set in. GOOD LUCK ...
Avatar n tn I have had some kind of cold/flu, sinusitis (all in one) for about three weeks. Finally I went to the doctor she prescribes antibiotics, anticough medicine etc. I also developed somehow a muscle spams around my neck aparently due to excesive coughing. The pain became the worst ever to the point of tears. The doctor prescribed skelaxin 800mg, it didn't help, then I added 400mg Advil.. The pain somehow got better, but still there. So Went for Motrin 800mg with Skelaxin, didn't help.
Avatar n tn The following is from my surgical notes: I recently had a shoulder surgery (2 months ago), in which I had Impingement Syndrome with limited space for the rotator cuff beneath the anterolateral acromial margin and Labral Detachment. Shoulder Capsule was repaired and two sutures were placed in my shoulder towards the superior apex. I was told that the decompression was successful.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking Skelaxin several weeks ago and am now in the process of discontinuing the Hydrocodone. I took the last Soma and 1/2 of a 5 mg tablet several nights ago. This is my second round with trying to get off this med. The problem is the insomnia or sleeplessness that occurs in the middle of the night. As I type this it is 3:45 and I've been up since 2:15. I am having difficulty functioning at work because I am exhausted.
402205 tn?1230481005 I currently take 800mg 3xday of Skelaxin and there are no dependence issues at all, so I think you would be fairly safe not relapsing. I have read posts on here regarding soma which is a muscle relaxer and apparently it is addicting. You can also take upto 800mgs of IBprofen 3xday which really helps with muscle and joint pain. I'm not telling you to do this, just a recommendation, check with your doctor first.
Avatar m tn Felt bump and determined was musculoskeletal. Prescribed anti-inflammatory (Naproxen) and muscle relaxer (Skelaxin). Told me to take as needed (didn’t have to take the full bottle). Took prescriptions for 4 days, Skelaxin caused stomach cramping even when taken as directed. Urine test came back cloudy with high white blood cell count. Concluded was very dehydrated and sent off for tests to determine if infection was present. Also had me go in for blood tests.
Avatar n tn I have been directed to take all of these every day, but unlike the pain pills, I took daypro only when I had a flare up, it brought be back down in 4-7 days, to the level of pain I was used to and then I would stop and just continue with the vicodin regiment. Since the loss of the vicodin, I have been taking the anti inflamatories (3 a day instead of the prescribed 2, still petrified of a flare up).
684012 tn?1227990456 I have been seeing this neruro dr for about 5 months now she did diagnoise me with fibromyalgia, cfs, & neuropathy. We are trying to find ways to control the pain. When I take the Ultram, it makes my face break out with little bumps on my checks. Has this happenned to anyone else? My current meds are really not working, I have to go between Ultram & Vicodin, and Skelaxin for a muscle relaxer. I use Lyrica but is causes my ankles and hands to swell.
Avatar f tn Presented with severe headache/eye pain and loss of vision and hot/stiff neck. Was also involved in auto accident day before ER presentation. Was given prednisone for 2 1/2 months along with large doses of Skelaxin. MRI was negative for any lesions, cancer, etc.
Avatar f tn Have your doc try this for you, and yes I know it is a blood pressure med. My blood pressure was 117/60 before and after taking. Trust me it worked.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.
176495 tn?1301280412 Last night the pain in back reached a point where I just needed some relief..alleive, etc wasn't touching it..wound up in the ER..Same ER I'd gone to in Sept when I needed help getting off of vics. (they gave me clonidine at the time which helped immensely)..I wasn't going looking for opiates..just *something* that would give me some relief..
747493 tn?1249589956 I am taking Cymbalta 60mgs twice daily, Lyrica 75mg twice daily, Skelaxin three times a day, Vicodin three times a day and AmbienCR 12.5mg at bedtime. The only problem now is keeping the IBS down which requires cleaning out the colon every few days. Ruthy66, Maybe this could help for you to try some of the above meds. Everything doesn't work for everybody but it may be worth a try. I hope everything works out for you.
Avatar f tn My doc has given me skelaxin (3x day) and vimovo(2x day) as well as neurotin(3x daily) to take orally. He also had me putting 10 drops of pennsaid on my elbow 3x a day and lidoderm patches(which never stay on) but yesturday he switched it to the voltaren gel and told me I should get a cortisone shot. At last my question, is the shot going to help? I have been taking all these drugs and putting on all this oil/gel and I am still in pain.
Avatar f tn For example, Vicodin can be 5mg of hydro and 500mg of tylenol as can Lortab. Or Vicodin can be 10mg of hydro and 325 mg of tylenol and so can Lortab. So they only way one will be stronger than the other as if the Vicodin was 5/500 and the Lortab is 10/325. I hope I have been clear in anwsering your question. If I haven't been please let me know.
Avatar m tn It was added to the controlled substance list because it is deemed to be addictive and your prescribed directions should be followed as imperfectly as possible and never double up on a missed dose! I have been on Soma 350 twice a day for years and it still works for me.
Avatar m tn I have taken muscle relaxers, migraine meds, prednisone (6 days) and more and more Skelaxin. I started seeing a neurologist two weeks ago and he put me on the prednisone and skelaxin he also did a MRI (w/o contrast) that came back negative.