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Avatar f tn He also gave me Flexeril( a muscle relaxer) and Restoril mild sleeping pill. My internist put me on Zoloft 150mg a day and he also put me on Norco for the break through pain. I do use Lidoderm patches also for my lower back and knees. Give your meds a couple of days to get into your system, sometimes it's hit and miss until they find the right combination that works for you.
Avatar f tn Hey well I'm in day 7- I had no rls -no diarehia-just some anxiety until I got clonazepam and catapres and lomotil and paxil from my dr-all one time scripts except the paxil he wants me to stay on paxil and add buspar next week when clonazepam script is over-he thinks since I've managed to never do drugs till I was 29- then only did heroin a year and got clean -then 3years later got methadone for a year from where I worked-then got my head straight and quit cold turkey from 150-200 mg a
Avatar f tn I took Restoril last month and it was ok.I went to sleep fine,but I would wake up every morning around 2 am.It wasn't a gradual wake up either.Kind of like someone had just hit me and I was wide awake.Very wierd.When I quit taking it,I experienced insomnia again and sweating.I guess withdrawls.
1580703 tn?1651904887 my EEG, sleep study shows I am getting 0% stage 3/4 sleep- will Restoril or another drug help me? I've tried zolpidem and it helps my insomnia but I am still have low O2 about 70% I think with my sleep apnea This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1309262'>Ambien effects</a>.
Avatar f tn He said I would get a restoril hangover in the am and just get up.and get moving and I would be okay. well I laid there til 1very restless. I think it was unwise for me to try this medicine on shot night. Tonight I will be taking half the dose. If I dont like it after this weekend I am going back to benedryl. benedryl was no magic pill but it got me through the first 10 weeks, if all is good it should get me the rest of the way!
Avatar f tn Hello there. I need to find out how to get some help. Although, I don't feel that I've been abusing Ultram and Restoril, I do feel that I've gotten a drug dependence on both of them. I want to stop them, but I'm afraid of the withrdrawal process without medical supervision. I have always taken the prescribed amount. On the Ultram, that amount is 1- 50mg tablet per day, or I am allowed to take a second one if needed when I have more pain.
903604 tn?1274717574 HCV did bring all this to a head so started on vicodin 5 mg and take maybe two or three a day if needed xanex very little now as I am on Lexapro I have not abused them and take very small amounts seems to work I have tried anti inflamitory drugs cannot take those i was dx last year with HCV up until that point no doctor could ever find out what was wrong ???
Avatar n tn The next morning I looked up ambien symptoms and found a couple of things. The angel on my shoulder told me to look up restoril withdrawals and I found the real problem. I tried giving him only 2/3 of a dose after missing two days and the day was miserable. The doctor suggested dropping him to 7.5mg and I told him that wasn't possible. Can you help?
243614 tn?1266197537 yes the restoril is in the benzo class and nowhere did i see precautions/warnings for chem dependent folks and most have this in their product literature.Diff meds work diff for diff folks what works for one will not always work 4 another!A month is long enuf 2 c if something will work.......hang in u will chance upon one that will.....its just the getting there!
Avatar n tn i have been on .5mg xanx 2 to 3 a day for 10 years ..and one 30 mg restoril at night...went to dr put me on zoloft at 50mg going to get it up to 200 mg .. HATE IT ..took me off restoril.. put me one 3 xanx a day ... all i want to just get off all medication.. with out going on anything at all to get off the xanx and restoril..
Avatar f tn Restoril is in the benzo family...and u know how benzos are girl...dalmane is also in the benzo family but both are designed for sleep verses mother is on dalmane and has been for years...she is not an abuser but had encephalitis and extreme vertigo...sleeping sicknes for a while..then it turned into not being able to sleep..she is 74, has Rhuematoid arthritis and i really dont care if she takes a dalmane every night to get good sleep..but she is addicted to them..
Avatar m tn I have almost always used to help me sleep and the RLS that drives me crazy at night. About 7 years ago, I tried to quit and by the 3rd day I thought I was going mad. I was so tired and sleepy but could not go to sleep because of the restlessnes. I was at a friends house who was in AA and I had intrusted him with my pills. He lives in Alabama and I live in Georgia. He finally gave them back to me but it was such a horrible experience I have been afraid every since.
Avatar n tn I am 75 years old and take Restoril 30mg for sleep at night and have been taking Ativan 1mg along with the restoril about an hour or 30 minutes beforehand. I have noticed I have a rash under my armpits and experiencing itching on my neck and behind my ears on my head. Could this be caused by the Ativan? If so could I switch to Xanax .5mg and take with the Restoril. It seems I have to take a combination to be able to sleep.
Avatar f tn I also take an occasional xanax and at night take restoril. Should I be spacing them out?
744415 tn?1243953376 I feel like a baby sometimes with my sleep patterns. I want to stay up all night and sleep all day, but this routine is sucking so bad! I work a full-time day job and I have a teenage son, so when I get home from work, it's time to help with homework and get dinner cooked, etc... I have a really hard time falling asleep at night, it takes forever, if at all.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much. I did take restoril last night and fell asleep at midnight after going to bed at 10 p.m. I feel much better today but not fully recovered. I am going take it easy again this morning and see how I feel after I take a morning nap. thanks for all your help.
Avatar n tn I can find no drug with the name "restyl." Do you perhaps mean "RESTORIL," which is a sedative-hypnotic in the benzodiazepine, (antianxiety) class of meds? There is also the possibility you meant "RESYL." a trade name for guaifenesin, which is an expectorant. If you've been taking RESYL for a cough for the past 6 MONTHS, you need to see your doctor inmediately. The med probably won't hurt you, but a cough lasting 6 months needs looking into.
1580703 tn?1651904887 I found these drugs that could possibly help. I use zolpidem and it seems to help and am trying to get restoril. This disease is destroying my career and life. Thanks very much! Acetazolamide (Diamox): Acetazolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor that causes bicarbaturia and metabolic acidosis, which presumably shifts the apneic threshold of PaCO2 to a lower level.
Avatar m tn Other than lack of sleep the past two days, I have actually felt somewhat better, not being as irritable and in a better overall mood. I see alot of good and bad reviews of restoril, but finding little info in the way of anyone changing from trazodone to restoril, with the results I have experienced with both to this point.
Avatar n tn I would suggest not to detox off the xanax and restoril at the same time as the pain pills. Your dose of morphine (oral) and oxy aren't that high and you could cut 15% of the dose every other day . The detox from the benzos (temazapan-restoril and xanax-aprolazam) can be much more difficult and needs medical supervision.
Avatar m tn ALSO, Pleae be very careful with the valium (diazepam) and restoril that you were given. Both are benzos, and trust me you don't want to get yourself hooked on those, worst withdrawals ever. I would just take the valium during the day while going through the worst part of detox and take the restoril at night about an hour before you want to go to sleep, and maybe add a tylenol pm in there as well.
Avatar n tn These are often combined, though usually for reduced sex drive. But if any medication makes you worse, still another medication is the wrong way to go, in my opinion. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant, whereas Paxil is an ssri and helps with both depression and anxiety, when it works.
Avatar f tn I just can't fall asleep at all. I've tried lunesta, ambien, restoril and risperdal, Trazadone and serequel. Thinking about asking for remeron.. Any ideas of what might work?
Avatar n tn I currently take Klonopin and Restoril to sleep and for anxiety. Recently I took Vicodin and found that to be more effective in releiving my anxiety and depression. I sone more addictive than the other and is it unheard of to use Vicodin for this off label use?
1201433 tn?1328997637 Bless your heart! I can totally relate to the insomnia! My doctor has me on 7.5 mg of Restoril at this point. It doesn't help me fall asleep but it will help keep me asleep. My sleep schedule is to go to bed around midnight. Lie there for an hour and a half to three hours trying to fall asleep. Then I sleep till 6:30 - get up, take meds, stumble back to bed and sleep until around noon. I nap in the afternoon if I can.