Vicodin and restless leg syndrome

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501163 tn?1218076238 I rubbed it a little on the arms and left leg and made sure it was touching my leg when I went to sleep. It helped a little at first, then after 3 days it gave a lot of relief. I made sure it was about half way in the bed when I made it. I used dial gold but I think you can use any brand. I am extremely skeptical about off the wall suggestions, however, desperate times called for desperate measures. Haahaahaa...
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. Restless leg syndrome is a common cause of painful legs. Restless leg syndrome also features worsening of symptoms during the early evening or later at night. The characteristic nighttime worsening of symptoms in persons with restless legs syndrome frequency leads to insomnia. The cause of restless leg syndrome is unknown in most patients.
643019 tn?1223417333 The leg pain of restless leg syndrome typically eases with motion of the legs and becomes more noticeable at rest. Restless leg syndrome also features worsening of symptoms during the early evening or later at night. The characteristic nighttime worsening of symptoms in persons with restless legs syndrome frequency leads to insomnia. If you are receiving pain medications I assume you have had some kind of a work up with a physician.
Avatar m tn Hi I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome back in 2004. After giving birth and having 2 surgeries on my neck. Second one was successful c4/5 fusion. However that is when my RLS came out with a vengeance!! When you have trauma to ur body it could have been dormant until then, I also had low iron . It’s 2021 now and I still have RLS but controlled with Pramipexole. I saw a neurologist sleep specialist.
Avatar f tn Not sure but restless leg syndrome or neuropathy comes to mind
1542096 tn?1293162924 Hi, restless leg syndrome (RLS) can be treated by underlying illness, if known. For example, a search for iron deficiency by blood testing to reveal underlying iron deficiency anemia by supplying iron. Elimination of caffeine, smoking and alcohol can be very helpful. Getting better sleep and exercise can help some persons affected by restless legs. Drugs include carbidopa-levodopa, opioids , tramadol for intermittent symptoms, carbamazepine, clonazepam, diazepam, triazolam, and clonidine.
305180 tn?1279716747 Anyone know what I can do to help with restless leg syndrome. They get restless and jerky off and on throught the day and evening, and it doesnt seem to matter how I am sitting or laying. Any ideas of anything that can help with this?
Avatar f tn Hey there, thankfully I don't have restless leg syndrome this time round! I had it before and OH MY GOD! it was annoying! I also suffer from insomnia at the moment too though so I am with you there, I am also just over 9 weeks! (hopefully) Anyways, I used to try a hot water bottle and things like that, right on your skin or a heat blanket, just for your legs though. The reason being, the restless leg syndrome is usually a sign of bad circulation!
304653 tn?1217001302 does anyone here experience restless leg syndrome? If you do or have, what can you do to stop it? I had it bad the first trimester but then it stoped. but the last few nights its come back. eeeeek what an uncorfortable feeling!!
329994 tn?1301663248 Does anyone on here have Restless Leg Syndrome and are they being treated for it? and could you please list your symptoms, what it feels like. I don't believe that I have it, but my doctor put me on Klonopin to see if that helps. What I have our leg aches, ankle aches, basically all day long but they are worse after exercise and at night. They ache so much, they drive me crazy. But I don't get that creepy crawly feeling everyone talks about.
Avatar n tn Any other moms out there suffering from restless leg syndrome? I'm 33 weeks pregnant and miserable at night!!! What have you done to ease the discomfort? Any tricks that work? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I am unable to walk for long periods of time, the pain is not lessening even though i am currently taking myropex on a daily basis. I have had testing for restless leg syndrome, arthritis, had an mri, etc and am tired of not being able to get any relief from this because no one knows whats wrong. This has been ongoing for over 10 years and is progressively getting worse to the point I had to quit my job because I was not able to function normally. Any help would be appreciated.
1493518 tn?1291783682 Are any of you suffering from restless leg syndrome? I'm 30 weeks, and this problem first appeared for me about a month ago and has been driving me crazy at night ever since. Any advice or tips on how to alleviate this? Thanks!
5898464 tn?1376680563 Ive dealt with this since 20 weeks and warm bath followef by leg massage and sleeping pantsless (tmi) has helped
Cat I developed what I think is restless leg syndrome 3 months after knee replacement surgery. In talking to a friend today, I found that she has had the same issues and she is taking the same antidepressant, citalopram. Has anyone ever heard of this drug causing these symptoms? I have been on citalopram for several years, and have not had many side effects until now. The symptoms are bad enough to interrupt my sleep.
1936550 tn?1348360208 I have the Restless Leg Syndrome really bad :( I can't sleep because I can't lay still. I'll be sitting class and start moving my legs and the people who sit around me get so annoyed. I also have the heartburn really bad too. I take tums for it and it seems to help.
Avatar f tn I have recently started experiencing restless leg syndrome during the any of you experience this and what do you to help it?if you have any suggestions please share.
689327 tn?1240229164 Does anyone have restless leg syndrome and if so what do doctors recommend to take so you can sleep? No matter what position I am in it hurts which it makes it hard for me to sleep I am so tired so any ideas would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn She has been taking carbidopa/levadopa and had probably increased the amount she takes as she seems to have the leg and arm continuously. At the onset, she is suffering a lot of pain and discomfort. She is wondering if the arm problem has started because of the carbidopa. She has had to sleep on the floor because of her discomfort. Soma seems to relax her a bit. I guess my question is this. Is this all connected, arms and legs, or is it a symptom of something else.
Avatar f tn Rls is where your legs are restless and to me feels like creepy crawlies up and down my legs. It doesn't really hurts but its super uncomfortable . and feels like you have to move your legs or they are gonna fall off.
8569750 tn?1407460883 Has anyone had restless leg syndrome with their pregnancy? Along with not being able to sleep my legs bother me at night. Any suggestions?