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Avatar m tn As I was packing for our trip I found a small script bottle of vicodin in my briefcase that I use for vacation papers. It had been over 100 days since I took a vicodin and wasn’t sure if I should take them with me or flush them. Sometimes I have a lot of back pain when sleeping on beds other than my own and didn’t want to ruin the vacation. There were only 10 in the bottle so I thought that I would take them just in case.
Avatar n tn I understand that it is not good to mix drugs with alcohol, but I would like to know of experiences with mixing those two drugs, lexapro and Vicadin, alone.
Avatar f tn I've been on vicodin for fibromyalga for almost 4 yrs. I've tried anti-depressants over the yrs which never helped. I'm wanting to get off the vicodin but am a single mom and moving cross country soon (long story) but do need to get off of them as i'm only 40 and already increased to 6 10mg tabs a day. My son started on adderal a few weeks ago and he is so much more comfortable in his skin, polite focused, etc.
Avatar f tn is it true.....will vicodin and percs be pulled off the market? wow! that would really help me!
541953 tn?1262586226 Yes, this is very true and a very unfortunate thing for today's society.. (By the way I am new here)......I work in a hospital where I see tons of people who come in with prescription drug addictions and the internet is one of the first places they can go to now when their docs will no longer fill RXs. From vicodin, sleeping pills, Viagra, tylenol #3, oxycotin, weight loss pills, steroids, it's all readily available for anyone.
Avatar f tn I had brain tumor surgery in June and have been on Vicodin. In the last month i have been alternating (every 4 hrs) both Vicodin and Tramadol on a daily basis.I thought it would be a good way to decrease the Vicodin. I read the "precautions" for tramadol and it states "do not take with narcotics or other opioids". Then I realize that tramadol is just as addicting as vicodin. So why would a physician prescribe tramadol to try to get off the vicodin?
Avatar f tn s a lot of change and stress and yes I need to know what to do next? The vicodin was the trigger when I started thinking about how much I alter my moods.
Avatar m tn m off of it, it seems to almost nullify the effects of other drugs. I would have been 8 weeks off of the Vicodin as well because I stopped both these drugs at the same time, but I took Vicodin to ease withdrawal symptoms after 14 days off of all drugs, and to my surprise, I didn't feel ANY euphoria from the Vicodin. I still felt the depressing effects of it when I came down from it, but no euphoria AT ALL.
210982 tn?1280983895 I assume that one could die if drinking enough alcohol and Sub as what happens when narcs and other drugs are mixed is the synergetic effect. For example, of one was to say that one xanax equaled one beer, and you drank one beer, then you would have the effect of 2 beers. WRONG, you would have the effect of many beers. In the "stacking" world of pharms and alcohol, one plus one doesn't equal 2!
4939681 tn?1361299299 If you were to try vicodin or codeine, you run the risk of the nausea feeling again because they have similar reactions as the oxy and morphine. There are a couple other drugs you could try first before going to the higher potency drugs that may not make you feel so out of it. The first drug is actually used for fibromyalgia patients a lot and it is called Savella.
Avatar m tn I have been on vicodin for 1 year and want to stop. My psychological addiction is the worst. What can I do?
Avatar f tn the day i did not have any percocetts I just planned to wait and WD hit me and I realized this same type of flu hit me many other times and after taking a few pills never thougth about it much. I think that the WD scared me the most and that I to am an addict i know during sometimes in my adult life I too could be drug free cannot remember when that was though. it has not been easy. it's you call but the anxiety for me happened always when I was coming down and needed to take more.
890900 tn?1284577303 ADELPHI, Md. - Government experts say prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet that combine a popular painkiller with stronger narcotics should be eliminated because of their role in deadly overdoses. A Food and Drug Administration panel on Tuesday voted 20-17 that prescription drugs that combine acetaminophen with other painkilling ingredients should be pulled off the market.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 weeks pregnancy and have been on vicodin for 6 months.I take on most days 2 tabs 3-4times a day of the 5/500mg.I would like to know the effects of doing this.The docs are not being very helpful and they the one giving me this.I have pelvic symphanic.That where my pelvic bone separate too far and I can't walk.Any help would be helpful.
558096 tn?1255887002 It's an anti-psychotic that some people use in small doses for sleep. If it's prescribed to a person who actually needs an anti-psychotic, it usually doesn't knock them out like it does to others. If it's being used only for sleep, a small amount goes a long way. If too much is taken, one can be asleep for days. I've had it happen to me and several other people I've known. I took 200 mg and was asleep for 32 hours.
Avatar m tn This may be a bit off topic for this forum, but with the number of people that have back pain and have resorted to drugs to ease the pain, me included, I thought that I ask here as well as the back pain forum. I just listened to the book "Healing Back Pain" by Dr John Sarno and was wondering if anyone has tried his technique? If so does it help? What he says really makes sense and describes some of my pain very well.
Avatar n tn He was on Vicoden for a broken bone a while before and swears upside down and sideways he had not taken anything other than the Vicoden. What else would show up as Morphine? Where can we find info on this? Am I being strung alone or does this have any merit?
Avatar f tn ll get a separate breakout for Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Vicoden, Morphine, Codeine, Oxymorphone, Heroine, Opium, Hydromorphone, Cocaine, Demerol, and several other Opiates/Opioid drugs; Along with their concentration levels (ng/ml) in your bloodstream.
Avatar n tn I was sober off everything during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Lately, I have been abusing 1000 mg vicodin and I take about 3 a day. I am in pain, but it has turned into recreational and possibly physical addiction. I also take an occasional xanax as well. Have I hurt any aspect of the baby's development. I feel like I hate myself and I need help. I'm also on 60 mg of prozac a day, which the doctor told me was ok, and he monitors my meds.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome.First,the pain in your nose is definately from the tylenol in the vicodin.Try straight saline solution (nasal spray) to rehydrate the nasal cavity.It will work miracles!Give your nose time to heal...stop snorting's not worth it.How long have you been snorting vicodin?Good luck to you and keep uis posted!!
Avatar f tn I can't speak for all people but I can say it (Webutrin) has helped me. There are other drugs that help too like Clonidine and crazy as it sounds Seroquel helped me allot! Do not under any cirumstances let anyone give you Suboxone to help with the the w/d's from Darvocet. That's like killing a fly with a shotgun. Sub is a horrible drug and they gave that to me to get off Vicodin. The Sub was way worse than the Vicodin was.
Avatar m tn I have a question about the difference between oxy and vicodin are these two drugs seperate addictions for instance I am on day 7 (yippee) without and oxy's I have been taking some small doses of vicodin for the last 7 days to keep myself from going completely off the deep end although there have been many many times where I thought I was going to absolutly lose it, I have been through this once before my main issue with detox is anxiety is by far is my worst symptom I can deal with the lack
Avatar f tn Basically, I was a junkie. I loved taking vicodin along with any other drug I could get my junkie hands on. Vicodin and lortab were my vices. I started my addiction in 2007 and it lasted 3 years until early 2010. All things considered I never really went overboard with them. I think the most I ever took on a given day never exceeded 7. It wasn't until around December of 2008 when I did the stupidest thig anyone could ever do.... I combined alcohol and acetaminophen. And I did it alot.
Avatar f tn she said out of all the hard core drugs shes done all her life that was the most phsycially difficult one she ever detoxed from was vicodin have no doubt I can do this an I hope the pain is almost over I have done everything possible naturally except I started out with valium ,does nothing for me ,nuyquill works the best for the body pain I wish it made me sleep I am smoking alittle pot it helps to and I dont usually smoke pot really need to sleep tonigt I have some xanax it has alwas worked
350801 tn?1201924763 And along with that he gave me 2 other meds, Nortriptyline 10mg. and Relefan. I am hesitant to start the Vicodin again, I have been feeling so good without it (Mentally) but I do have intense pain. I fugure I will use the other 2, and he says it's not addictive. If anyone has experience with these 2 new drugs, I would love to hear about them. They work very well, but I feel pretty darn loopy. He told me to stay home for the next 5 days until my body adjust to them. Any help appreciated.
Avatar m tn It's possible. Other drugs generally don't help with withdrawal, and some believe that when we get long withdrawals from an ssri or snri taking anything that targets serotonin will just prolong the withdrawal because it prevents the brain from completing its adaptation back to working naturally. Others find that using certain drugs do help with withdrawal. It depends on the person and the severity of the withdrawal probably.