Vicodin and nightmares

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967168 tn?1477584489 t know why it would cause me nightmares when I take it at 7am and go to bed normally around 9-10 pm? I have taken Vicodin before after another surgery and never had this problem, so I'm stumped why this is happening. Anyone else have this happen?
Avatar f tn Also, it is common for people to have issues with sleeping while taking narcotics like vicoden; and the nightmares could also have alot to do with the trauma you've suffered. Having anxiety attacks while weaning down is also common - your body goes through a withdrawal process as does the mind.
Avatar f tn My pain management doctor recently switched me to hydrocodone 10-500 due to pharmacy crack downs and I am itching like crazy and having bad nightmares and don't sleep well and grind my teeth bad. I must be having an allergic reaction? I'm not allergic to anything but this now. I'm suffering in pain cause I can't take these side effects! I was on Oxycodone 10-325 and didn't have any problems.
Avatar f tn Remember that your body is healing while you sleep and while the nightmares can be scary and traumatizing it is proof that your body is working to heal is is recovering! You'll continue to mend and it will get better, little by little. Do you talk to a counselor or any other type of professional? I know you've had some big bumps in the past and maybe finding someone to help you would be a good thing (if you haven't already)!
967168 tn?1477584489 this is ridiculous how can I take a 500mg Vicodin that has a little pain relief for 3 hours and it make me have nightmares 10 or 12 hours later? Last night I had nightmares about my upcoming GYN appt. I've had so many appt's with this dr since 1997 I can't even count them all, and I trusted him enough when other dr's couldn't find what was wrong to dx and cure me - have surgery in 2005 yet here I am scared to death of going to see him!
1096641 tn?1271707225 OMG! what a nightmare...just yesterday I posted about coming up on my 10 year clean-a-versary for crack cocaine...last night I had a dream that I was using...binging in fact. it was a very detailed dream about powder and rock cocaine and I actually got 'high' in the dream. Even in the dream I said "damn...I just posted about coming up on 10 years, I can't believe I'm doing this" but continued to do it anyway... then I woke up...
1374564 tn?1295059520 On Tuesday I had the worst migraine I have had in a very long time and I could not get in to see my doctor so I caved and went to my sister for some Vicodin. She gave me two 10/325's of which I took one immediately. While it did alleviate the pain almost immediately, it made me feel queasy, floaty and completely out of control. I hated the sensation! I had constant dry mouth and often was startled awake by my own gagging.
Avatar f tn I don't have nightmares, but I do have very weird dreams. And it's the same time every night! I wake up every morning about 4:30 and when I go back to sleep, that's when I have them.
Avatar m tn As has happened in the past after quitting Paxil my sleep is interrupted with such stressful nightmares. I mean I wake up and I am either screaming and my heart rate goes sky high. I am a about 3 days from when i can get another refill. I don't think i can make it and have so much to do this week during the day. When I call my doctors office and especially on call, they go berzerk.
Avatar f tn I've been having nightmares for days and waking up crying and sweating. I can't sleep at night, so I end up going to bed around 3am and waking up around noon. I'm on vacations now so it doesn't actually affect my daily schedule, but I feel I don't seize the day waking up so late. Any natural alternatives to sleeping pills? I'm not very fond of sleeping drugs...
Avatar f tn If you eat food with sugar right before bed they may trigger nightmares. Try to drink hot tea and light a candle and relax before bed. Find some relaxation music to listen too while you drink hot tea with honey.
396099 tn?1216254986 last night it was my friend giving me some vicodin for a migraine, but i took the pills and like, let them dissolve in my mouth or something....and it was so much that i almost began to choke, yet i still tried to eat them. it was disgusting. i hate the taste of ANY pill in my mouth, let alone vicodin. the one before that i was actually snorting them. it is strange for me because i never chewed them, or snorted's like my dreams are way too extreme. i don't like it.
600857 tn?1230057770 watch out and tread lightly, percocet and neurontin are not your friends. They are MUCH stronger than the vicodin and will bring you down in the end. I hope you have a good pain management doc on your side. Look beyond the opiates for help if you possibly can.... I know that's not always possible, but if it is, go there. Take it from someone who knows first-hand. I deal with constant pain rather than opiates. They will ruin your life just like the pain will.
Avatar f tn I am 22 weeks pregnant and I have been having horrible nightmares. These nightmares feel so real, that sometimes I wake up and have to convince myself that its not true. And it has come to the point where I am feeling hatred towards my husband over past experiences between us. Things we have already worked through. Is this normal and how do I deal with it. I don't want to lose my husband over stupid dreams.
Avatar f tn i've been having dreams and nightmares for a week solid. Can't get into my doctor for another 12 says. They are going from adandoment, which will never happen. To creepy, to things that make little sense. Waking me up, I don't feel rested. I'm scared to sleep, and I don't know what to do. Other then try and escape reality, or close off from everyone. I'm going crazy, and honestly I don't know what to do anymore.
Avatar f tn Try not to eat or drink anything (other than water) an hour before you go to sleep it should help with the nightmares and with the other part of not being able to sleep my body pillow has become my best friend I can put it under parts that ache
219241 tn?1413537765 aside from that, just had TT, RAI treatment, am sleeping 18 hours a day and having horrible nightmares. whoooopppeeeee......and to think everyone I tell I have thyroid cancer always says, if you have to have cancer that's the best one to have...............oh yeah. anyway, commiserations on your situation; i am hoping you will have sweet dreams soon.
513504 tn?1214171994 i find them very disturbing as they are always in color and and involve family members who are living and dead. i dont think ive had one night where i didnt dream atleast 4 nightmares in a row. can these nightmares be because of my bi polar ? or am i just cracking up? ive tried talking to shrinks in past. and its not for me ive always felt worse when i leave than when i got there. is my past and troubling childhood and life showing itself in my dreams?
710513 tn?1247522479 Have you tried L-theanine and 5htp they are amino acids and have worked wonders for me,I am on day 35 of xanax w/d and sleep was non exsistant for me not even 2 hrs until I started the amino acids last night I slept 7.5 hours like a baby no nightmares no nothin just blessed sleep!
Avatar f tn I use to have nightmares as well and for some reason they were more intense than regular nightmares i had but then I stopped having them and now i have weird stupid dreams and im also having problems sleeping as well im 39 weeks and i cant sleep for nothing!
Avatar m tn I am on Trileptal, Lamictal, and Luvox. The only reason why I am really confused is because we haven't made any medication changes for quite a while now. I was very stable for a while, and still am emotionally, but these nightmares and sweats are getting a bit concerning. I just don't like not knowing what is going on with my body. Can your medication start giving you side effects even after being on them for a long time.
414776 tn?1202738690 I am sure that was an error))))) No unfortunantly it wasnt an error and im not having any liver problems, im just a timebomb ready to go off if it causes liver damage, i was feeling good on them, im also a drinker and taking the vicodin and drinking i have alot of blackouts...
Avatar f tn Thank you bmdad for your post! I need some more ecouragement today. I had a horrible sleep last night with terrible nightmares, rls not bad but there and if I wasn't in a nightmare, I was restless and awake. I'm exhausted and would really like a vicodin, but I won't take one like I said until 2:00pm. I don't even think I could sleep now either, and I have begun sneezing insesantly (sp?).
Avatar f tn When I think that I have a disease I will have nightmares about it. Seriously before i was so scared I had cancer I was having nightmares that I had it... I have not heard voices in my head, You will be fine. seek help from a doctor if you feel like you truly need to. Maybe try CBT therapy, meds, meditation, etc.
Avatar f tn I have seven days left and my midwife told me that most women suffer from nightmares now and that they can be really weird like a baby born with two heads etc.
Avatar f tn Well when your pregnant the hormones rise and it causes you to have worries and nightmares. Trust me its just the hormones i had scary nightmares about losing my baby all the way till my second trimester and i never miscarried so theres nothing to worry about unless your bleeding. GOODLUCK AND LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm not sure but I remember when I was on Lamictal it caused disturbed sleep and nightmares. I've been on Klonopin 10 years and it actually helps adjust sleep. It would more likely be the Lamictal but speak to your psychiatrist about it. Unless the Lamictal is sedating perhaps you could ask them if the time when you take it could be adjusted so it was earlier so it would not interrupt sleep.
Avatar f tn ve had them with all 3 pregnancies. And same with the cracking back. I sit up and mine cracks. I asked my OB and he said as long as it isn't extremely painful, its ok.