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5164523 tn?1366525959 so for awhile when i missed the lyrica, i thought oh, i have vicodin...but as Vicodin off, more and more the lyrica helped.....but when I missed doses of everything..., It was by my wife keeping a diary, that I realized I was missing so many just a few days or even one...the Oh! went on... And now I have taken 3yrs without feeling the sick,sweaty feeling I felt when I missed dose.. I did not gain weight ..
Avatar n tn In addition, the vicodin only works for about 2 hours, and then I have wait another 2 hours before I can take it again. I see my doc this week, and want to ask him about medications for nerve pain (Neurontin or Lyrica). It seems like everybody on this forum is taking narcotics for pain, but I want a different option. Can anyone give me advice?
Avatar m tn Rich - I took Lyrica for one week. I had to stop taking it because it made me feel like I was walking sideways like a crab and the world felt tilted. Plus a severe headache... And a Flu type feeling. It made me feel nervous. It wasn't pleasant for me. BUT --- I must keep telling folks --- I react differently to medications than others. I am super sensitive to some - and not sensitive at all to others. For example: Ritalin makes me fall asleep and makes me very hungry.
394774 tn?1235070839 You can get addicted to lyrica, it is a controlled substance. but if they work for you and take away the pain and you know you are gonna have to take them the rest of your life, who care.
Avatar f tn I am taking 200mg Lyrica daily, plus 20mg Prozac, and Vicodin 5/500 as needed. I am miserable today - hurt all over I have a dr appt tomorrow morning but today is still long. I'm out of Vicodin and I have had a few 8 mg Dilaudid hanging around for awhile because a friend gave them to me. Has anyone had this combination of drugs? I need something but I am afraid the Lyrica and Prozac might interact with Dilaudid. Has anyone used Dilaudid to manage Fibro pain?
Avatar n tn Thanks. I don't work and my husband was unemployed for 2 yrs. and we went thru our 401k and maxed credit cards. Now that he has a job we probably won't qualify, but I will definitely check out this possibility. I feel guilty considering we now have an income, but on the edge of bankruptcy... Who isn't now? Thanks for the info!
Avatar m tn Right now I'm seeing a neurologist. I was referred to him by my Primary Care Dr. here. My Primary Care Dr. in my other state before we moved started me out on tylenol 3 and that didn't work then she put me on vicodin, and it worked fine. Being military and moving and switching Dr.'s is stressful, because everyone has an opinion on how you should be treated. It's not fair to me! I'm afraid to just tell my neuro. this for some reason. When I have Dr.
Avatar f tn I have reoccurring grade 1 isthmic spondylolisthesis for the last 6 years. Flare-up's are now occurring 2x/year, lasting 2/3 months at a time. My PCP recently referred me to a physiatrist for pain management. After a brief consult the physiatrist switched my PT, stopped my rx for vicodin, and prescribed Lyrica for sciatica. He inquired about the vicodin I was taking. I explained that I'm allergic to aspirin and all NSAID's and it was the only form of relief I had for pain.
Avatar m tn m taking is lyrica b-12 vitamin-c and veggie pills.. I eat chicken broth and grapes bananas and apples and progressive soup and recently tuna on cracker... I drink nothing but water Gatorade and this V8 fusion juice. Days 6 and 7 and 8 were horrible no sleep at all so that why I took a triazolam (I was about to blow my brains out if I went 4 days without sleep) though I don't have any anymore so I won't be taking it again back to just the lyrica and lyrica only..
1378325 tn?1285346625 Have you tried the fibro meds like Lyrica, Cymbalta or Savella? I have had a lot of relief from Lyrica and did not sleep well until I started it. D-Ribose (only when I remember to take it) really helps. An excellent multi-vitamin, vitamin D, C0Q10, selenium and fish oil may also help. Not sure what pain relievers you have tried but do be aware that Tramadol doesn't work for everyone. It does nothing for me. I take ibuprofen and Tylenol 3's as needed. I hope you find some relief.
Avatar f tn I was on percocet lyrica and cymbalta. Once the nerve damage got better I stopped the lyrica and cymbalta. After going back to work after surgery, I was afraid of taking percocet (im a teacher) so the dr gave me tramadol. 2 weeks ago I had steroidal injections in my pelvis and asked for something stronger because the tramadol wasnt working. I only take the vicodin at night, but it doesnt get rid of the pain.
Avatar n tn Oh I so feel for you! I don't have fibro but I have two disc herniations and nerve damage into my right leg from a car accident. I was never able to tolerate Vicodin (It made me feel very depressed and scary and dark) so I can't imagine being dependant on it. Undertsand that dependance is such a different issue than addiction. You're using a drug to help you with a real medical conition, to help you cope with the pain. Not recreationally to get high.
Avatar f tn Hi i take medication for pain I would like to quit them I took lyrica amptriptilina and victan somebody can help me please??
217229 tn?1192762404 It only makes you tired? Does it stop any of the pains associated with Fibro? Or any muscle aches/pains? Any other side effects?
Avatar n tn who says these are all symptoms of Fibro.. He has prescribed provigil, plaquinil, voltaren and just recently lyrica. They seem to help take the edge off ... I hope this helps you!
Avatar f tn I was on Lyrica and gained about 40 pounds, also made my hands and feet swell. I have heard it works wonders for some just not me. Still trying to lose the weight and it has been about a year. I have never taken Suboxone so can't tell you about it..good luck. there are alot of wonderful people here that can help you more.
1380526 tn?1292839385 I have severe facial nerve pain on the right side that won't go away...had it on the left side before my Chairi Decompression in 2009. My GP prescribed Lyrica...Gabapentin, Nortriptyline, Vicodin, etc weren't working...Been on the Lyrica for almost a week now and doesn't seem to be working either. Should I be seeing some results by now, or is it too soon? Anyone else had Lyrica for nerve pain like this? Or has something else helped? It is a horrible pain several times a day...
Avatar n tn I have Fibro and it differs from day to day. Actually it differs from person to person, which is why it is so hard to find something that works for everyone. I tried Lyrica twice, but had to stop due to "blurry vision" on reading. (This is one of the side effects) It is very hard not knowing from day to day just how miserable one might feel. Get support from others who have this problem. I just found this forum a few days ago and it appears to be very good.
Avatar f tn I had been up to 4 Vicodin a day because of the pain,and with the lyrica as a side RX my pain med dosage went down. My pain decreased. I was taking 50mg, I was feeling so good I stopped taking the Lyrica, but my pain was too much, had to go back on it. The side effects I have were sleepiness and weight gain. So I take it before bedtime, and I work out as much as possible, this also helps with depression I might get due to having a chronic pain disease.
Avatar f tn I am currently on Lyrica and take an occassional Vicodin for the pain. What kind of exercise can I do that will not increase any damage or pain in my thigh? I want to lose some weight and would like to know what you would recommend.
Avatar f tn Okay... I've been off vicodin for about a month now, but I've faced the facts and I've GOT to have something for pain! My doc prescribed Ultram ER for me. I know what to expect from the vicodin withdrawals but I have no idea what to expect from ultram. Im not sure that I even want to try it (depending on the responses that I get here). I don't want to put myself through anything worse than the vicodin withdrawals but as I said, Ive got to have a pain med...
1689696 tn?1305819097 I am currently taking 6/ 5-500 vicodin a day 2 /150mg lyrica and use a 5% lidocaine 12 hour patch for very bad back pain . I want to stop taking the vicodin but when I do I have severe sleep problems and restless leg problems.What is the best way to wean myself off of the vicodin? I have 20 left will the patch help me at night my biggest problem is the restless legs!!
Avatar f tn The numbness is almost constant in both feet and my right arm and hand. The pain in my neck and shoulders (cape area) is horrible and I have to take narcotics daily, and am still in pain. The pressure in my head is much worse, and is now in the front and top of my head. And my eyes are very painful...I can't really look to the side, up, or down without a lot of pain and discomfort. Only straight ahead.
Avatar f tn Will medical marijuana help me with early stages of scolosis, fibromalgia and chronic lower back pain that cymbalta and 20 mg of vicodin has not helped for the past 2 and 1/2 years? I also have chronic athritis in both hands.
Avatar f tn I still have the headaches, I can work through them, but by about mid-day I notice a tenseness and ache around the top of my head. I take Vicodin about 2-3 times a week, but I don't like that due to the addiction potential.