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Avatar f tn The only way to truly ease your mind is by being totally honest with him/her. I have liver damage and kidney damage due to drugs stage 2 liver stage 3 kidney.. if your liver were damaged and you had a flare your belly would be extended/pain upper right you would be lethargic/vomiting.. other symptoms but these being severe.. It is not fun and I would not wish it on anyone.. I contracted hep C from slamming and further continued the damage through pills/alcohol..
Avatar f tn I too drank while taking Vicodin and between the Tylenol and the booze it is a quick and sharp slide down hill in regards to health....Good luck with the doctor and you should start really thinking about taking the pills out of your diet....Good luck and God bless!
Avatar m tn I agree with Vickie. You seem to understand that alcohol and Vicodin are bad for your liver, but I'm not sure you understand that the Tylenol in the Vicodin combined with the alcohol is lethal. It's too late to try to taper down on things. This situation needs to be addressed immediately. You are abusing both alcohol and Vicodin. Just because you've read posts where others take more pills or drink more alcohol doesn't change your situation.
Avatar m tn At least no more than the alcohol will.If you want you could ask your doc for a liver profile and they take blood and test the enzymes.I really doubt that you have anything to worry about.
Avatar m tn My question relates to liver damage related to the use/abuse of pain medication. By pain medication I mean OTC(Tylenol/Advil) and of course, Vicodin and Percocet. The short version is: For the last 10 months I have struggled with lower back pain. I am 24 years old, 6'5'', 220lbs and generally healthy/athletic build. I started taking a lot of Tylenol(4g a day, but never more), sometimes mixed with Advil to curb my back pain. I then moved on to the doctor and go prescribed Vicodin.
Avatar f tn I took MASSIVE amounts of Tylenol for many years. I have been clean for 9 months and have had 2 liver function panels done recently. Both came back totally normal...I am incredibly lucky.
Avatar f tn I have been taking vicodin 7.5/750 for several months and all the tylonel is starting to upset my stomach. Does anyone know the different strengths of vicodin so I can try something different?
Avatar n tn using tylenol right now is probably fine as long as u have done no liver damage and u r taking reasonable amts of tylenol each day....a better choice to feed ur body right now would be the aminos in the thomas recipe..
Avatar f tn Vicodin can cause liver damage, but it's hard to say if this is the cause of the mass in the liver. The "habit" he has is life-threatening. The long-terms effects of a Vicodin habit are death. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Far worse that taking opiates alone. It's not the opiate that is lethal (although one can die from respiratory arrest if one takes a high dose). He needs to get into a drug treatment program.
Avatar f tn He said sometimes depending on the damage done that the liver can repair and some damage is permanent. So like you I am anxious to see what happens in a few months. It's very scary and I wish so many times I had paid attention to the side effects and not abused those pills like I did, but addiction is a disease, what can you do but try to stop ?
Avatar n tn For the past year I have been abusing pain meds ie... vicotin. I cant afford a biopsy and 3 months ago my liver functions were high normal. Do you think I am causing "major" damage or is the pain meds just passing thru my system ?
Avatar n tn I would talk with your doctor and tell him/her about you being a recovering alcoholic. Switching up addictions is very common and those vicodin will grab you by the short hairs and take you down....
771853 tn?1235326955 s doing alcohol and vicodin. However, if I started pounding the alcohol and vicodin with my stage 3+ liver disease wouldn't take long time before I was pushing up daisies and drinking and drugging would be my demise.
Avatar f tn I did have a period where I broke out, after I cut down my use the breakouts went away. Vicodin can cause things far worse then acne though, like liver damage, kidney damage, and death if abused.
Avatar n tn i also have not had any typical withdrawl symptoms from stopping the vicodin. i have degeneration of my t3 and t4 vertebre and spinal rotation and of course subluxation. i have had 2 diagnosises and both times the prognosis was long term chronic pain. i have blood work done every 3 mths and it has always been normal. i am worried that the tramadol and ibuprofen could damage my liver. i only take 7.5-750mg vicodin. wouldnt it be better to just take the vicodin again?
Avatar m tn So i had been using vicodin of all different doses randomly for about 2 years. I know the max daily dose was 4,000mg of acetaminophen and i made sure i never went past that. However, i would take sometimes up to 2,500 mg at one time. I've read about liver damage due to acetaminophen and a lot of the symptoms like jaundice "yellowing of the eyes and skin" ive never had. I don't think i have any symptoms of liver damage when i look into it.
1268301 tn?1270348507 I have done my research on the damage that Tylenol can inflict on your Liver. I have been abusing Percocet and Vicodin for the better part of two years. I have NEVER gone over the 4,000 mg. limit in 24 hours. I think I may have went a bit over a couple of times but it was only by like a couple of hours. I also have not been eating right, and I have been smoking a lot of Tobacco during my addiction which I know can add to the danger of Liver damage.
771853 tn?1235326955 I have flexor tendon and median nerve damage in my left hand do to a severe injury to my wrist, I want to know if you have any advise for me that may help me out. this happened about 3 months ago and I can't feel half my ring finger, all my middle and index fingers and half my thumb, also I cant move my index finger. I have gone to a surgeon and was told I need to have surgery done. the thing is I am having a hard time getting coverage for the surgery, My question to you is...
Avatar m tn t had any now for a month and I feel fine. But after researching the sites the effects it has on the liver and kidneys is kind of scary.
Avatar m tn Are you trying to quit the pills, or just wondering if you can continue taking your dose and not kill yourself via liver damage? You really need to stop taking them because sooner or later somethings gotta give.
Avatar f tn I think you should be ok as far as the liver goes. Thats about what I was taking and all my liver tests came back good, you can ask them to run a liver test if you want its only a blood test. Thats great that you got down to 3 what helped me was cutting them in 1/2.
Avatar m tn Hi, I took vicodin for several years and before going CT, I took it every day for close to 2 years at 10/325 with upwards of 8 pills a day and I have some liver damage. I am lucky in that it can be corrected over time and through healthy diet and clean living but if I hadn't gotten the tests done or stopped the pills, who knows. Go get tested and please think about quitting the Vics if you haven't already.
Avatar f tn Tinnitus can be caused by numerous drugs , and numerous outside influences. Other cases can be caused by exposure to loud noises that can & do often cause damage to the nerve center of hearing. One single exposure to a loud noise can cause irreversible hearing damage that is nerve damage & irreversible. One time only shooting a gun or hearing a gunshot in close range can cause this.
Avatar f tn years but said that this is the worst it has ever been. I wondered if it could be the extended use vicodin and made a point of telling him what is considered the lethal amount of acetaminophen and that it equals out to anything over 5 of his meds but I would think that extended use of even a lower dose could be dangerous. Since he wont admit to me that he is taking more than just 2 a day I thought I might be able to scare him into wanting to talk to me about it or try to quit.
Avatar f tn I took about 20 7.5/500 vicodin in just shy of 24 hours. I had some nauseau the first several hours after the last dose, but never threw up. I have been reading a lot about liver failure symptoms hitting you 24-72 hours after the dose. I am feeling OK today and am over 24 hours out now. But I am still scared to death. I've used vicodin on and off for the past several years and am ready to be done. I threw the rest of the pills away.
Avatar f tn Never take Tylenol while taking Vicodin though, because you may ovedose on acetominophen and damage your liver further. You should not have much withdrawal on the dose you are on, so don't worry about it. Go0d luck to you and feel well.
Avatar n tn i do not think these overdoses affected his liver nor has left him with any chronic liver damage. if he returns to drinking it can predispose him to liver failure with another such overdose. probably no liver transplant center would offer him a transplant if he really needed one, in light of this history.
53833 tn?1234996629 Thanks for your input and I know you are right about not compromising my liver. When I began treating for Hep C my doc told me my liver damage was between 1 & 2 on a scale of 5. And I do believe the interferon does help repair some of that damage while you're taking it. Question - wouldn't my liver tests show increased enzymes if my liver was in distress? My ALT and AST are always in the low end of normal range and doc tested my hep c again to make sure that didn't flare back up.
Avatar f tn I think anyone taking 25 or 30 vicodin a day is doing serious damage to thier body. And I was one of those people. I did it...and I can tell you first hand that it's horrible on your body. The body cannot handle or break down that much chemical at one time. Prolonged, heavy use like this can and will cause major, permanant damage to your liver and other organs.