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Avatar n tn I am a sustance abuse abuse councelor and have completed many courses and seminars on the subject of drug and alcohol abuse, and JB has said just about all the facts in brief on alcohol and the liver. Anyone that is in question about alcoholism should have a thorough blood survey to determine how much damage has been done to the vital organs.(liver,pancreas,heart, red blood cells etc.
1891710 tn?1323204561 Umm im JJ and im 19 and im addicted to vicodin and drinking alcohol. ive been doing this since i was 17 and just recently i was hospitalised for an overdose on it. i was wondering if there is any way to gradually stop this addiction because i dont want to go to rehab..
Avatar n tn then wake up at 9am and stumble to the liquor store to buy another 24...and pass out at noon...well after i got saved and i prayed alot to get free from alcohol...i now do not enjoy drinking just makes me feel tired and makes me depressed for a few days afterwards... i literally cannot drink anoymore because the false joy i got from it isnt there anymore...
1831920 tn?1320861357 Hawke - Depression runs on one side of my family and on the other side is alcoholism. I am completely off the Vicodin pills. No one knows but you and others on this board. I am amazed that I have been able to keep it secret. My husband suspected and I cut back once he started to suspect. Depression is still bad but not as bad as last evening. I almost caved last night and took 1/8 of a pill but didn't. Thank God I have Seroquel, it helps with the anxiety and sleep.
Avatar n tn I dont take them as they are supposed to (they have a time release coating which i remove) and compared to percocets and vicodin which are usually 5mg (hydrocodone) they are much stronger. So i end up doing much more opiate wise when i do the oxy's. For instance a 40mg oxycontin tablet would equal about 8 percs or vics. When i have the percs or vics I never do that many in a day. I usually will do about 3 or 4.
Avatar n tn I'm a mom of 2 and pregnant with #3, but earlier this year I decided to stop a pain management program cold turkey and I had been taking 5mg vicodin 3x a day for months, and pain medicine of different types and dosages pretty regularly before that. I had no abuse issues but like your daughter my body was hooked. I quit the same week that we closed on buying our house and had to move AND fix up the new house with paint and renovation...AND watch my 2-year-old and 9-month old by myself.
Avatar f tn I'm powerless over what other ppl do. Liquor stores, dope houses, drinking and drugging is everywhere. So I need to work on myself, not the outside world. I wasn't using to get buzzed, just used to get normal. And I've had enough. But I can't possibly do it alone. That's where my support groups save my life on a daily basis. This is a great site also. These ppl on here have really helped me. Keep getting better! Everyday will be better than the last.
4149717 tn?1389507161 I was having this conversation and wanted to know others thoughts. Do you think recovering addicts (not alcoholics) can casually drink (drink a glass or 2 at dinner, not trying to get drunk) and not relapse to their DOC? Also do you think its possible to stay a "casual" drinker and not turn alcohol in to a transferred addiction? Thanks for your input!
Avatar f tn LIVE fifth of all if you need a liver transplant and drink, you will not get one and die Those are the cold hard facts as I see it, GSDgirl
401095 tn?1351395370 Even AA doesn't claim that everyone's an alcoholic, and they don't begrudge those who can handle their liquor and stop when they've had enough. The problem with any intoxicant though is that it is so easy to use it to blunt the pain when we're going through that real **** called life, and stuff can get out of control really really quick.
494087 tn?1257796807 But I am doing my probation here and I recently did 100 hours of community service, while doing that I met a few people and started talking with them and now I can get oxys and and any pill I want. I started shooting up the oxys and taking 5 to 8 percocets a day and I have spent almost 2000.00 on drugs. I am now tapering off, I know what to expect but it is hard when the stuff is a phone call away. My husband does not know how bad I have gotten but he does know I have been taking pills.
Avatar f tn I LOVE thAt song! Now you're gonna make me go through my Willie Cd's and find it. I've got it and i will work on changing up some lyrics. Hey, are we having fun or what? Y'all crack me up. Off to AA in the a.m. Music in the park tomorrow night. Phoebe Snow, Jazz. I don't know who she is, but it is always fun over there.
Avatar n tn Also I have mild (like a bruise pain) but slowly increasing URQ and occasional back pain? Anybody have that? I'm on week 16 and its kicking my ass; I can't sleep, eat, I'm alsolutely sick of water. I was undectable less than 600 IU at week 14. I bumped my lab reults at the Janis HCV website...and my blood worrk is low but not to the point of extreme anemia. Friends Your thoughts?
Avatar n tn However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control. Remember, too, that acute co-morbid events, ie: coronary, pulmonary or spontaneous bleeding and clotting can occur at any time and hasten death Additionally, it is not uncommon for liver failure patients to wax and wane in terms of their mentation, confusion and overall state.
Avatar n tn I went through the combo treatment two years ago and the only stipualtion was that I refrain from all alcohol because it nullifies the effect of the Interferon and Ribivirin. At that time I was prescibed Vicodin for pain but limited to 20 mg hydrocodone and 1300 mg Tylenol per day. I thought that the opiods had little effect on the liver. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
1742220 tn?1331360327 I drove to the Heroin Boys. I was crying. I drove to the jolly jug or whatever the liquor store is, I got my atm card and my fone and my keys and took off my button down shirt I had on this thin as fukk white tee shirt you can see everything. I walked three blocks down the street where I remembered Jesse Laughter lived and then I finally found the building I knew that was it. there was sort of a gallery in the parking lot behind the building but I did not go in there.
Avatar n tn - After burping nearly nonstop for 2-3 hours bloating starts to decline - Doctor has prescribed Baclofen (muscle relaxor) and Vicodin (Hydrocodone/narcotic) Per episode I take 15-30MG of Hydrocodone and 20-40MG of Baclofen I start out with 10MG hydrocodone and add 10MG per hour until I reach a maximum of 30 MG, and start out with 20MG of baclofen and add 10MG per hour until I reach a maximum of 40MG. I do not take more for safety concerns.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. Brand new! I am a 31 year old married male. I have a son, he is 3. I've battled addiction for probably close to 10-12 years now. Mostly alcohol...some marijuana...and recently vicodin/percocet. I "stopped" drinking about 3 or 4 months ago (drinking regularly that is) and started taking vicodin then percocet. A few years ago, I went to AA for about4 months...didnt drink, did well on it but I didnt stick with it.
Avatar n tn I'm familliar with alcohol addiction also because my mom and dad are alcoholics. That's why I stayed away from it. However, I'm addicted to vicodin. And xanax.
Avatar m tn If i had of left that center and went back to my apt where i was surrounded by pain killers ranging from Vicodin 10's to fentanyl patches and a pocket full of money with the liquor store down the street,i'd be dead.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that I also used vicodin previously and a few time have taken the 4000mg of acetametaphin in a single dose or in two seperate doses. I am not sure if the few nights I drank heavy did some acute liver damage or not. Or it could be an ulcer. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/235354'>liver worries and bloating</a>.
8323481 tn?1405709254 I had a busy day, and full of anxiety. I was accessible to go to the liquor store but just kept asking for help to not go, and I didn't. I even went to work, and am going again today. When I look back just last week, when I was mixing vodka with perks, I shouldn't be here. I was able to be present with hubby last night and not pass out on him. Planning to c/t Monday if not before.
1214523 tn?1266375920 you gave me EVERYTHING and i can't stop putting everything into my mouth or lungs or arms. i miss you so much i miss the BEFORE years when you and me and Joe and dad would watch cartoons on Saturday morning and eat breakfast and be lazy and sit in the warm house while it rained outside!!! i just want you mommies to know how sorry we are. how many junkies are there at any given moment saying how goddamn sorry they are? is there any way to find humor in this blackest of tragedies?
Avatar m tn I do have a major concern though that got my anxiety up so bad last night I couln't sleep and is still worrying me the past when I was out of the vicodin and was hurting really bad I've gone to the ER and gotten a shot of anti-inflamatory/larazopam or a shot of morphean and I would get a script for the vicodin or percocet enough til I could get mine filled usually 10-20...I've had to do this several times the last 5 years or so....
341953 tn?1209485491 well it just occured to me that i don't really have a background on here about myself.... i am a 25 freelance artist with a huge heart and love helping people. i always think about how others feel in certain situations, and ususally do my best to avoid making people feel hurt....if that makes sense. well i have had stomach problems since i was about 8, but my family always thought i was just faking it.
Avatar f tn I was referred to a new Dr as mine was retiring and this Dr doesnt believe in Narcotics so I was taken off the vicodin--cold turkey. this Dr would not even give me enough to taper off. The only thing that works for the pain but what was worse was the withdrawls for 3 days. Needless to say I am seeing a new Dr this week. To me there is a diffference between head pain where your whole head hurts to touch and a 24/7 headache (sometimes cluster headaches).
1742220 tn?1331360327 oh god i told someone else this but it beares repeating like member when Noni got caught in the mall here in ellay woopay she was jacking a bunch of clothes she could afford ten x over and she had a purse full of vicodin and valium???? ohmigrill so bomb i just love that girl. she's the best. stealing s**t she could so afford with a bag of dope!!! yes!!! you go girl. so i was saying ... what? oh that cool kan ye song is on he's like AHHH get outta my head ... oh yeah love that song.
Avatar n tn sometimes i wonder if the ecstacy altered my mindstate...and the vicodin, alcohol and weed topped it all off...or i do have HIV and the symptoms just took a lil while longer to get to me...are the symptoms supposed to crash on me all at once??...or do i have a mental problem and whatever my mind tells me my body has begins to change the way i feel?? why is my vision blurry sometimes??i could'nt feel my testicles again last night after drinking the night head feels numb...