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Avatar f tn "Pump and dump" is a myth and a waste of liquid gold. It isn't an effective way to get alcohol out of your system or your supply - only metabolism will do that. If you plan to breastfeed, talk to a lactation consultant. The rule of moderation applies pretty strictly here but alcohol is processed through your system at about the same rate whether you are nursing or not.
684658 tn?1239384954 m wondering if after all these years, will just drinking beer (or beer and hard liquor, like whiskey or vodka) cause someone to behave in bizarre manners, hallucinate, or become extremely violent? He says he quit doing drugs about 1982-1983, but with the way he acts/behaves, I don't believe him.
Avatar n tn Impression shows that there is subcutaneous edema in the abdominal wall and scalp - (Hydrops )of the fetus. Also Amniotic fluid volume is excess.(AFI-23.3 cm). What is the reason and give me suggestions in above case.
Avatar m tn i work in a liquor store and i sold a lot of beer and liquor to many ppl , I feel the guilty now.
384150 tn?1399904816 For instance, some oenophiles enjoy healthier food than nondrinkers and beer or liquor drinkers. They also are more likely to be of average weight, and practice healthier lifestyle habits. The wine drinkers were less likely to smoke; smoking has been shown to prolong time to conception. Other confounding factors such as caffeine consumption, partner’s age and frequency of intercourse were not evaluated.
8323481 tn?1405705654 I had a busy day, and full of anxiety. I was accessible to go to the liquor store but just kept asking for help to not go, and I didn't. I even went to work, and am going again today. When I look back just last week, when I was mixing vodka with perks, I shouldn't be here. I was able to be present with hubby last night and not pass out on him. Planning to c/t Monday if not before.
Avatar n tn you know when you drink liquor you urinate alot, and powerful yesterday it was my first time drinkin in couple months. and when i was urinating it came out really slow and weak could this be a symptom of a std?
Avatar f tn Today I had my 35th week scan and Dr.said liquor volume is 8cm. Is it normal? How can I iincrease it?
Avatar n tn as most teenager, i love to go out with my friends and drink(liquor).. i drink hard alcohol, wines, etc.. but everytime i drink i get these red spots and it's really really itchy! even if i drink coolers(less percent alcohol) i still get this red spots... my mom told me that im allergic to alcohol and that i need to stop drinking... she told me that i might get this anapylactic shock and die!
Avatar m tn HI , From past couple of days whenever I am trying to consume Liquor in the form of Scotch ;i am not able to consume more then 30ml pack and the result is severe headache & pain in my palms which was never a case earlier. Kindly suggest.
Avatar n tn Liquor itself will lower your blood sugar (liquor is all 0g of sugar, including liquors like rum which are based from sugar cane), but if you pair it with a sweet mixer (juice, soda, etc.) it will raise and lower your blood sugar. I usually find that when I drink, the mixers raise it first and the alcohol lowers it later. As for insulin, I use an insulin pump with a 1 unit / 11g of carb ratio.
Avatar m tn I had a TIF procedure and Hernia repair. I have been on a liquid and soft food diet which will end on the 20th of this month. What do I do after this is over, can't find anything on this. Can I eat anything? How much can I eat? Cant I exercise? Can I drink liquor? etc. What else should I do and what should I not?
675923 tn?1296238011 All movements are sore at first. Then I move til I drop. Very fortunate, get by with Aleve, and liquor.....
Avatar n tn In due 2nd of April 34 weeks and I'm mesuaring 36 but my midwifes not worried!
1891710 tn?1323200961 Umm im JJ and im 19 and im addicted to vicodin and drinking alcohol. ive been doing this since i was 17 and just recently i was hospitalised for an overdose on it. i was wondering if there is any way to gradually stop this addiction because i dont want to go to rehab..
Avatar f tn Is it fine? She also says the baby activity and the functioning kidney and placenta is normal. Even liquor level is normal. Please let me know if anybody knows about it and can anything be done to increase the weight...
Avatar f tn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stefanski, 29, was driving with his 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old and 5-year-old sons, along with Jessica Clark and her 7-year-old daughter, when they stopped at a liquor store on Monday afternoon, according to the Journal Gazette.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.
Avatar f tn For example, Vicodin can be 5mg of hydro and 500mg of tylenol as can Lortab. Or Vicodin can be 10mg of hydro and 325 mg of tylenol and so can Lortab. So they only way one will be stronger than the other as if the Vicodin was 5/500 and the Lortab is 10/325. I hope I have been clear in anwsering your question. If I haven't been please let me know.
8110498 tn?1397344782 Liquor store*
766068 tn?1237587833 (..I have no family and no support so im here and im reaching out...If anyone is willing to be a ear for me please!!!!!
766068 tn?1237587833 (..I have no family and no support so im here and im reaching out...If anyone is willing to be a ear for me please!!!!!
Avatar m tn For withdrawing you need to detox under medical supervision.That's the safest and best way to quit.A 21 day program wont work unless you really have sober family to go to after graduating from a rehab.I been to so many treatment centers and hospitals for detox from both alcohol and pain killers.My last round of partying almost killed me,so even 2 yrs ago after graduating again from a center here in NY,i went and moved in with my parents.I was 37 now i'll be 39 in Nov.
4958267 tn?1372585989 I was clean from Alcohol/Xanax for almost 2 months and recently relapsed for about 4 days drinking liquor and taking xanax bars throughout the day/night and it's been 2 days since I've had a drink or taken Xanax and would like some input on what I should do?Should I take a very low dose of Xanax alone?
Avatar m tn If you still get swelling you can try a beer like Redbridge which is gluten free and made from sorgum. Also there is always liquor if all else fails.
Avatar f tn I just had mine last Sat and we had liquor and beer! I love to drink but obviously can't so I let everyone have a good time and the hubby had is diaper party the same day and the drank till the sun came up! Lol it was fun! And everyone had a good time but the kind of people we are everyone knew there would be drinking!
Avatar n tn Sir, My husband 29 yrs old he recently was tested for his liver functions , his SGOT level is 70 & SGPT is 156 which is abnormal as shown in the reports the normal range is <40 ; he is a frequent drinker & a chain smoker too , he consumes too much of liquor daily & takes about 22 cigarette a day. Now sometimes during consuming liquor he vomits blood .